While not the only male pleasure company on the market, Fleshlight is the biggest male masturbator manufacturer in the world, thanks to their innovation and dedication to constantly producing new toys of the highest quality.

Typically a Fleshlight consists of a Real Feel SuperSkin sleeve (patented), a large plastic case that looks like a flashlight, and two caps – one for each end. The opening can look like a vagina, ass, or mouth, sometimes these are modeled after porn stars. 

The idea behind a Fleshlight is to create a product that can be discreetly stored, hence the flashlight look. Since then they have come out with other discreet casings, such as Sex In a Can and Quickshot.

Apart from the original line, the SIAC design, and the more compact versions, they also have the Fleshlight Girls line, inspired by popular porn stars, the Go, Flight, and Ice collections are also incredibly popular.

I have heard many people refer to all male masturbators as “Fleshlight”, using it as a generic term. However, not all masturbation sleeves are Fleshlights. There are imitations, but they are inferior to the real thing and differences can easily be felt when using one.

Fleshlight’s popularity comes from the quality and constant flow of new products they provide consumers. They have the most variety and highest quality products currently available for male masturbation. Their sleeves are soft and yielding and when warmed and lubed up, they feel as close to the real thing as money can buy.

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Most of their sleeves are made to resemble natural skin colors and some are made to mimic the skin tones of the girls they model them after.

There are also blue, green, gold, clear, and grey sleeves. The orifices are either pussy, mouth, ass or nondescript. The Fleshjack offers a ‘cheeks’ design, meant to replicate a small mounded butt. ​

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Fleshlight: A Brief History

In 1995 Steve Shubin’s wife had a high-risk pregnancy, and not allowed to engage in intercourse. This drove him to begin developing a product to relieve sexual frustration for men. Two years later, production started and the Fleshlight was born.

In 2003, they introduced the Sex in a Can line.


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In 2005, Fleshlight began working on textures like Super Tight, Wonder Wave, Super Ribbed, Ultra Tight, and Speed Bump.

By 2006, the Fleshlight STU was introduced, making Fleshlight a self-improvement item as well as a relief for sexual frustration. The STU (Stamina Training Unit) was designed to train men to last longer in the sack.

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In 2008, my personal favorite: Fleshlight Girls were introduced. They began with stars like Puma Swede and Sandee Westgate, these were only available in the Wonder Wave texture. They also introduced the Ice sleeves, which allow the user to watch as their dick slips in and out of the sleeve.

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In the same year, they introduced the Fleshjack Line, which is geared towards men with a preference for… men.

You can read all of my thoughts in my full Fleshjack review

In 2010 they introduced Stoya, Tera Patrick, Eva Angelina, and more, and Fleshlight Girl specific textures like The Wall, 69, Caliber, Gauntlet, Love Humps, and more. They also introduced now incredibly popular textures like the Lotus, Swallow, Forbidden, and Primal. 

In 2011 they introduced the Alien, which paved the way for the Freaks Line in 2012 (now discontinued). Also during this year, they came out with a nondescript orifice. In the following year, 2012, they modeled more Fleshlights after our favorite porn stars, like Lisa Ann, Tori Black, and more. They also came out with the Fleshlight Blade and Flight.

In 2013 we were blessed with the shower mount and VStroker that brought us interactive porn through our Fleshlights. Then even more girls were added to the porn star line up, these included Asa Akira, Alexis Texas, and others.

Fleshlight added the compact Fleshlight Go, which was even smaller than the Quickshot, and the legendary sleeve warmer to their store in 2015.

In 2016 they became known as the largest male masturbator company in the world and hired even more models for the “Girls” lineup.

In 2017 they came out with the Fleshlight Launch which has vastly improved the sex lives of millions of men.

Fleshlight Features

Parts Of A Fleshlight


The standard Fleshlight is composed of four parts: case, sleeve, cap, and end-cap. This style stands at almost 10 inches tall and is 3.7 inches wide. The size is a bit much, especially when I first started using them, but it has advantages to it. The size gives the sleeve room to move and allows it to accommodate nearly any penis size.

While some may say the end cap is the most important part of the Fleshlight, as this adjust tightness, the sleeve is actually the most important part of the masturbator! This is the soft, removable tube that sits inside the casing. The sleeve can be removed for cleaning or to swap with a different style.

The end cap I mentioned earlier can be tightened or loosened to increase or decrease suction within the sleeve. I recommend playing around with this to find your personal preference. It’s easy to maneuver and change the suction strength while using it.

The cap is also used to seal the sleeve and keep it clean and dry when not in use. Always make sure the sleeve is completely clean, dry, and powdered before securing the caps.

In my opinion, the sleeve is where the magic happens and also where most Fleshlights differ from one another.

Over 100+ Sleeve Textures

Fleshlight has more than one hundred unique textures. While some of these textures have sadly been discontinued, Fleshlight regularly introduces new sleeves, which ensures there will always be a huge variety. The textures range incredibly realistic to super intense. 

They often combine popular textures in one sleeve. For example, the Lotus Node appears in many sleeves, including Heavenly, Primal, and the discontinued Zombie Fleshlight.

The Lotus can be bought as a single texture with the Lotus and Lotus Garden sleeves. I also noticed that the Vortex can be found in the Bump N Grind and the discontinued Alien.

After trying a few Fleshlights, I have found textures that I enjoy more than others which helps when I look for sleeves with similar textures to explore. 

Available Fleshlight Designs

​Fleshlight Classics

As you have probably surmised by the name, the Classic is the original design that Fleshlight has based all of their designs after.

This one comes with a standard butt, pussy and mouth orifices. The walls are smooth and marketed for a good time, but I find these to be bland and disappointing, especially when there are so many other textures to explore.

Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight Girls collection is the largest collection of Fleshlights available. They are modeled after popular adult movie stars, such as Misty Stone and Anikka Albrite. Most of the models have at least one sleeve with a unique texture, others have two!


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The Go

Currently, there are two Fleshlight Go designs, the Surge, and the Torque. They are both 8.5 inches long and 3 inches wide, making them remarkably smaller than the standard Fleshlight. They’re available in the classic flesh design or the transparent “Ice” design.

The smaller size makes the Go products much easier to travel with and easier to handle. They don’t tire out the arm as easily when going one-handed and they are suitable for smaller to average size guys.


Click here to browse all buying options for the “Go” Fleshlight line or read our full review.

The Launch

Not only is this a hands-free toy, but Fleshlight partnered with Kiiroo to give us a fully interactive toy! This football-sized electronic motorized appliance takes two hours to charge and connects to your phone through a Bluetooth chip. The aim of the Fleshlight Launch is to provide a fully immersive experience. 


It’s compatible with all standard Fleshlights and can be used with VR. The base of the Launch is made of Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel SuperSkin and rests comfortably against my pubic bone. It’s easy to use and a great addition to my masturbation arsenal. 

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The Quickshot​

Ah the Quickshot, these Fleshlights are incomplete sleeves, more like a wide ring with both ends open. This allows users to play with the head of their penis or get oral while using the sleeve. This is a great option for men who need a bumper for oral or those who find stimulation of the head to be too intense. These are just 35 inches long but are much easier to clean and are cheaper than other Fleshlights.

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The Quickshot Launch


This allows you to use your Quickshot toys as you would a Fleshlight with a Launch. It doesn’t provide any interactivity, but this is a small issue. It has two handles to allow you to comfortably hold it while letting it do all the work and has a mount for a smartphone on the top. 

The battery lasts about an hour, but it can be used while plugged up, which I think is an interesting feature. The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch doesn’t come with a Quickshot, but these are the most affordable sleeves offered on the website. Another interesting feature is that it can provide up to 250 strokes a minute, that’s basically 4.1 strokes a second!

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The Flight

Fleshlight Flight is a series of compact sleeves that are great for travel and discreet storage. They are less than 8 inches tall and 3.1 inches wide. These are also great for smaller to average-sized guys and easier to use. At this time there are only three Flight textures available, the Pilot, the Instructor, and the Aviator.

You can read my full Fleshlight Flight review to learn more.

Or click here to browse all buying options for the Flight line.


Sex in a Can

This series of Fleshlight products are modeled after beer cans. The SIAC sleeves are designed to be hidden in plain sight, but with names like “Vampire Succu Dry” and “Sukit Draft,” it’s unlikely they’ll go unnoticed.

They are smaller than the previous models, the inner canal just under 7 inches long. There are currently four textures in this series,  the aforementioned Sukit Draft and Vampire Succu Dry, as well as the Lady Lager, and O’Doyle’s Stout.

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​Fleshlight Freaks

The Freaks line was created for adventurous fantasy lovers. They had a collection of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror-related Fleshlights that were perfect for any lover of the creepy and unknown. Made with the Real Feel SuperSkin, these colorful Fleshlights and dildos were something to see!

Unfortunately, this line was discontinued in North America.

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The STU, or Stamina Training Unit, was created to help men increase their endurance in bed. It comes with a training manual to help you ease into getting used to it and upping your usage time. This is an intense texture and I don’t recommend it for the weak of heart. But if you’re looking for something that will help you last longer, the STU is the perfect Fleshlight. 

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​The Ice

Wanting to appeal to voyeurs, Fleshlight came out with the ice series. These transparent sleeves come in a transparent case so you can watch yourself thrust in and out of it. These are great for people who enjoy watching, as you can see every detail of what’s going on. 

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The Turbo

This Fleshlight comes in two different textures, the Ignition, and the Thrust.

These sleeves are also offered in Ice or Chrome color. These are meant to feel like oral sex and boy do they come close! They are designed with a unique three points of initial insertion. The mind-blowing sensations are like nothing else!

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Fleshlight Accessories

The Sleeve Warmer

I highly recommend warming any Fleshlight before using it, even at room temperature, FLs are still cold and unrealistic. I used to soak mine in warm water, but this can be incredibly messy. It takes about 10-15 minutes to heat them this way and isn’t practical if you share a bathroom. 

Luckily, the makers of Fleshlight have heard the pleas for an alternative from their fan base and blessed us with the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, which is marketed to warm your sleeve up to a ‘sensual temperature’ before use. The warmer is a simple rod that can be inserted into the sleeve and then plugged into the wall.

Click here to browse all of Fleshlight’s available sleeve warmers!


The Shower Mount 

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is the perfect accessory for guys who want to take their Fleshlight into the bathroom for some water play. It has a suction cup fixed firmly to the bottom that can attach to any bath or shower wall. It is designed to hold a standard Fleshlight but there is an adaptor so that it can be used with “Flight” and “Go” toys. 

It attaches strongly enough that I have 0 concerns when thrusting into it. It’s simple to use and can easily be stored out of sight. Using my Fleshlight in the shower not only makes cleaning so much easier, but it also increases the rate at which it warms up.

Click here to browse all shower mounts & hands-free accessories!


The On A Mission Fleshlight Mount by Liberator

This is a Fleshlight mount made by Liberator and allows the user to thrust into their Fleshlight in missionary style. It’s rather bulky, measuring about 27”x9”x10”, and it is made of thick, cushiony foam. It is rather large and has a sturdy base allowing for hands-free masturbation. Due to its size, I don’t recommend this for people who have a shared living space.

The Liberator – On a Mission makes using a Fleshlight feel more like real sex and is easy and comfortable to use. It’s easy to control the thrusts and I last longer when I use this mount. It’s a fantastic option for guys looking for something manual & hands-free.

Click here for more info on the On a Mission Fleshlight mount


The Top Dog Fleshlight Mount by Liberator

As the name implies, this Liberator mount is mean to simulate doggy-style sex. Like the previous mount, it is rather large and requires the consumer to have adequate storage space. It’s less sturdy than the previous mount and needs to be placed on a firm surface, such as the floor. I have noticed that men who may be shorter might want to use a pillow to get in line with the Liberator Top Dog Fleshlight Mount.

Click here for more info on the Top Dog Fleshlight mount

DIY Fleshlight Mount

If you’re on a budget, it’s easy to make your own mounts with a couple of pillows and a belt to secure them together. You can also wedge the Fleshlight between the box spring and mattress or couch cushions for a handsfree experience. It can take some work to find an angle that works well for you with these DIY mounts, but they’re worth it if you don’t want to buy any of the others. 

The Launchpad

The concept of the Launchpad is to pair your iPad with your Fleshlight to enable you to watch porn and stroke all with one hand. The iPad is meant to be put into the top, facing upwards and angled toward your body, while the Fleshlight is gripped firmly below it. There are handles on either side to help the user control the thrust and angle. 

Sadly, this product comes off more as a novelty than anything else. Stroking and watching with the same devices creates a shaky viewing experience. You can use your hips to thrust into the device, but this can get really tiring. It sounds cool, but it’s really impractical. 

Fleshlight Tips & Tricks


Preparation Is Key

Tip#1: Warm it up

​The soft, fleshy material of the Fleshlight feels incredibly real, but it lacks the warmth that skin usually has. Warming it up before using it can make a huge difference in just how real it feels. There are a couple of ways to heat up a Fleshlight, and no, a microwave is not suggested. 

I used to warm mine up in the sink. I’d fill it about half full of hot water and let it soak for about 15 minutes, this heats it all the way through but can be messy. The other way to heat it is to get a sleeve warmer. This heats it in a shorter amount of time and does so thoroughly. 

Tip #2: Use Fleshlube Lubricant

Another way to increase the realism when using a Fleshlight is to use a lubricant. Since the material used to create a Fleshlight can be porous, I recommend only using water-based lubes, such as Fleshlube. Depending on how intense the texture is, I recommend using a thicker texture to decrease the intensity or a thinner lube to increase the intensity. 

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Ways To Use A Fleshlight

Stroking by Hand

The most obvious way to use a Fleshlight is to stroke by hand. Simply enter the Fleshlight and move the device along your shaft by hand or thrust into it while holding it in place.

It mimics normal masturbation and allows you to control the speed, movement, length of strokes, angle, etc. The drawback of this method, as you can imagine, is how large and bulky the Fleshlights are. After a bit of use, they can become heavy and uncomfortable to continue using. 

Fleshlight Hands-Free Equipment

Using the Fleshlight hands-free is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. There are several mounts and Fleshlight specific devices to provide that experience.

Some worth mentioning are the Fleshlight Launch, Quickshot Launch, and the shower mount, as well as the Liberator On a Mission and the Liberator Top Dog. There are even some dolls that are made to accommodate a sleeve for added realism. 


Keeping Your Fleshlight Clean

Cleaning your Fleshlight is incredibly simple. Just remove the sleeve and clean the casing. I set the casing aside, over an upturned fan, to dry while I clean the sleeve. Depending on how much texture the sleeve has, it determines how much time I spend cleaning it. 

I use Fleshwash to ensure it gets a good cleaning and I make sure I get into every cranny of the texture. Before putting back into the now dry case, I make sure I get all the soap out of the sleeve. Once back in the sleeve I set it back above the fan to dry.

Drying can take a long time depending on how textured the sleeve is, but it’s important to ensure it’s completely dry before using Fleshlight Renewing Powder on it and putting the caps back on. Proper care of the Fleshlight can ensure many uses!


Click here for my in-depth Fleshlight cleaning guide


Where’s The Best Place To Get A Fleshlight?

The absolute only place I’d ever recommend you buy any Fleshlight product is directly from the official Fleshlight website.

The number of fake Fleshlight products available for purchase online from sellers on Amazon and other shady retailers never ceases to amaze me. I literally have gotten the same complaint from at least 3 readers now, who have all told me about their experiences buying knock-off Fleshlights from what appeared to be reputable sellers.

The only place you can buy a Fleshlight online that is guaranteed going to send you a legitimate product is the Fleshlight store.

Fleshlight has a vast collection of textures, orifices, cases, and skin tones. They also have non-standard options, such as Flight, Sex in a Can, Go, Vibro and the transparent Ice line.

They’ve expanded their product options to even include a good range of accessories, such as the shower mount, a sleeve warmer and the Launch, which syncs with VR porn. Most of these products are only available on their official website

The official Fleshlight website is also the only place where you will find exactly what you want and you can be sure you’re getting the real thing.


It’s also the only place to take advantage of their buy 2 and get 1 free deal!


Other Online Sex Shops

Most sex stores don’t carry the full range of Fleshlights, and often have a very limited choice of sleeves.

Usually, the prices are more than what you’d find on the Fleshlight website. I don’t recommend buying from Amazon, as the sex toys on Amazon aren’t regulated and you may find yourself with a fake.


Again, this is why we recommend you only buy directly from the official store.


How To Get A Good Deal

Fleshlight usually has some sort of special going. The maximum discount usually found on the website is around 30%, and bigger discounts found around Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Usually, discounts range around 20%. They also usually offer a buy 2 sleeves get 1 free. If you already have a case, this is a tug-tastic deal. I’ve almost never found Fleshlight’s discounted on other websites.

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Final Thoughts

Fleshlight is one of my favorite companies. They produce high-quality products and offer all the accessories you could possibly want. Their customer service is as great as their products.

I firmly believe that every penis should have the pleasure of being nestled inside the walls of a Real Feel Super Skin Fleshlight. There isn’t anything comparable. 

Be sure to stay tuned for even more Fleshlight product reviews!

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