When award season comes around, you can pretty much guarantee that Janice Griffith’s name will be in there somewhere. Janice has been blowing our minds on and off-screen since 2013, with her outstanding adult performances and writing talent.

Janice was born in New York and is of Hindi-South American descent. This unique mixture of ethnicities lends to her unique, foreign beauty that makes her such a beautiful delicacy.

With the first-ever medium skin toned Fleshlight, I was pumped for Tug Time and for getting a taste of Janice Griffiths pussy. If you’re looking for a sleeve with a unique, intricate texture and aesthetic, the Eden sleeve is perfect for you.

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The Janice Griffith “Eden” Fleshlight Sleeve

Janice has one Fleshlight sleeve available, a vaginal model called Eden.

As I already mentioned, it’s the first-ever fleshlight with a “medium” skin tone and the new design structure looks fantastic. The vagina orifice is a replica of Janice’s perfect pussy lips and the internal sleeve promises to be as tight as Janice herself. 

With a mix of highly arousing pleasure points, this Fleshlight promises to blow your mind with its rings, shafts and exciting new design that will leave you begging for more.

With a new Fleshlight Girl and new design, I was interested to see how the market would react to the Eden Fleshlight and so I did some official Tugbro research. 

And I’ve got to say, the reaction is overwhelmingly positive. 

You can read countless user reviews at Fleshlight to see what other people who bought it are saying about it.

Sleeve Design

The Eden – Vaginal Orifice


The design of “Eden” caught my attention immediately. 

Similar to most traditional lady sleeves, the Eden is made up of 5 different sections and as you enter Janice’s perfectly molded labia, you will arrive in chamber 1.


Chamber 1

As you pass through Janice’s tight opening, you arrive in a 1.6-inch section completely covered in small, rounded nubs.

As you push through this section, the sleeve tightens and you start to get massage-like stroking along the penis from the wide selection of pleasure nubs. It’s not too intense but it feels good before the sleeve starts to widen again as you enter chamber 2. 

Chamber 2

Chamber 2 is 1.2 inches long and full of very large bumps that are split into three rings. 

The blocks are so big that the diameter dramatically reduces and the light stimulation you received in chamber 1 is quickly increased.

The chamber remains tight here as you move through the sleeve and begin to enter the next chamber. 

Chamber 3

Chamber 3 uses the famous lotus node design which was popular with many of the earlier Fleshlight models. With a 0.4-inch wide opening, this section remains very tight as you push into the wider part of the canal. Here there is a bow-like shape that adds a little resistance as you thrust. 

This chamber is relatively small but it feels great and being placed in the middle of the texture means that every man will be able to experience the fantastic stimulation it provides.

Chamber 4

Chamber 4 is 2.6 inches long and starts with a 0.4-inch wide canal before pushing through to three evenly spaced rings. These rings create a highly pleasurable experience as the head of the penis is stroked and teased, getting you ready to enter chamber 5. 

Chamber 5

The final chamber takes you from 6.6 inches to the end of the sleeve and is full of large rounded nubs that take up the majority of the space in this chamber. This creates an intense tightening experience that increases stimulation as the tip of the penis is stroked and pleasured from all angles. 

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Does It Tug?

I was laying back in TugHQ while enjoying my first play session with the Eden, I can confirm that this Fleshlight definitely tugs. As with many of the newer Fleshlights, they have clearly done their research because they managed to out-do themselves once again!

The Eden Fleshlight is fantastic and perfectly designed to give any tugger the experience they’ve been craving, especially if foreign beauty is something that tickles your fancy.

From the structure of the nodes to the placement of the chambers, the Eden Fleshlight is magnificent in every way and you won’t be disappointed when you try this out. 

I personally liked the design of the first two chambers as they feel great stroking the tip of the penis and offer a strong stimulating experience very early on. 

Where To Buy?

The important question now is how do you get your hands on Janice Griffith?

As always, we recommend you only buy directly from Fleshlight’s official store.

They not only offer the lowest price available as well as free shipping, but you can also rest assured you’re going to receive a legitimate Fleshlight product for the best price.


Once you do, it’s also worth mentioning how important it is to clean your sleeve regularly and keep it properly lubed up.

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This starter pack comes fully equipped with Fleshlube, Fleshwash and most importantly, Renewal Powder for keeping your Fleshlight feeling brand new every time. I’ve made the mistake of thinking I can make do without it in the past and… long story short, my Fleshlight quickly got nasty and unusable.

Final Thoughts

The Eden Fleshlight is simply fantastic. 

My time with Janice was a magical experience that I won’t forget any time soon and in fact, it made such a good impression that I can confidently say it is now my go-to tugger

The new color and innovative design left a lasting impression and when used with the Fleshlight Launch and synched up to some Janice Griffith scenes, the Eden Fleshlight will leave you feeling weak in the knees. 

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Well, fellas, that’s all I got for you this time. Be sure to leave a comment down below if you have any questions at all. I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

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