Sometimes, the manual act of masturbation can be a burdening task… what if you wanted a more luxurious, immersive and exciting private party? Your nights don’t have to be so dull anymore. Fleshlight Launch has become the epitome of multi-purpose male sex toys. 

For the uninitiated, the Fleshlight Launch is a venture between Kiiroo and Fleshlight, is a men’s interactive, fully-automated robotic Fleshlight sex-toy. The Fleshlight Launch is a football-sized electronic motorized device that is designed to give you an unprecedented amount of strokes per minute. Its effect will literally… and figuratively make your head spin. 

Fleshlight has, since the rise of male sex-toys, been renowned for creating some of the most enthralling sex toys for men. Their collaboration with the king of remote and electronic sex toys: Kiiroo lead to the creation of a more advanced device that perfectly captures the essence of both companies.

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What Is The Fleshlight Launch?

Combining Kiroo’s advanced teledildonic technology with Fleshlight’s high-quality, comfortable Fleshlight sleeves culminate in a completely new experience – thus, the Fleshlight Launch was born. The Launch can be used in conjunction with other teledildonic devices, it promises both interactive and manual options.

This device sounds amazing, right? After purchasing the Launch two months ago, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know. Does it live up to the hype? Allow me to break it down for you, shall we?

Fleshlight Launch: Should You Buy It?

Fleshlight Launch is a sex robot of sorts, with a movable holder, wireless Bluetooth connectivity which gives you the opportunity to create a fully automated Fleshlight experience upon syncing with adult movies or virtual reality goggles. 

To use it, simply insert your favorite Fleshlight sleeve, turn it on, insert your pecker and then control the rhythm of the thrusts with a set of buttons. But first things first, ensure the device is fully charged to avoid the possibility of your session being cut short prematurely. You can also sync it to certain websites wirelessly and it can thrust with the rhythm of the videos.

Below are some of the reasons why you should make a point of giving this new advanced technology a try:

  1. It is compatible with a huge variety of Fleshlight products that you may or may not already possess
  2. It is relatively quiet, discreet and refined for an electromechanical product moving vertically against friction
  3. It has arrived in conjunction with VR becoming more affordable and widely available 

Fleshlight has since released a new version of the Launch called the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch, which I’ve also tested and reviewed.

Unboxing The Launch

As expected from Fleshlight, my delivery was packed in plain, discreet and inconspicuous packaging. Fleshlight always ensures that your package won’t raise eyebrows to the neighbors or mailman when your delivery arrives. 

Upon opening the box, the contents were minimal. I found the Fleshlight Launch’s box, it’s USB charging cable, and some informative booklets (a product manual, authenticity card ad warranty and a quick setup guide). You should note that the package did not include Fleshlight sleeve, you have to purchase those separately. I recommend the huge line of FleshlightGirls that hold a special place in the hearts of TugBros.

Check out our homepage to see tons of TugBro’s FleshlightGirl reviews to help you make your crucial decision.

Design And Appearance

Upon unboxing the sleeve, the most distinct feature of the Fleshlight Launch is the sheer size of this behemoth. It’s a classic black, smooth and sleek device that manages to look both minimalist and high-tech. 

Its base is a soft, hollow rubber ring along the edge, and therefore it’s pretty comfortable when you push your willy all the way in. Also, it has touch-sensitive black ridges and a silver strip around the middle. Popping in a Fleshlight sleeve is a quick and easy process where you take off the cap from the Launch and pop in your Fleshlight sleeve and spin it clockwise into position. 

Shape and Size

If you have ever used a Fleshlight sleeve, you are aware that they are a handful and therefore any device that can comfortably hold a full-sized Fleshlight sleeve is fairly chunky.

The Fleshlight Launch is 6 inches wide and a maximum length of 13 inches, the device weighs in at 3lbs. 

Sleeve Compatibility

The Fleshlight Launch is designed to hold almost any Fleshlight, with very few exceptions. Fleshjack Boys, standard and gold STU cases, and FleshlightGirls fit perfectly. Smaller Fleshlights such as Sex in a Can, The Go and Flight models, will not fit inside the Launch. The popular Turbo and Ice sleeves will not fit, but standard Fleshlight sleeves are easily interchangeable, therefore you only have to switch the inner sleeve if you have a well-fitting case.


As we had earlier seen, the Launch comes with a USB charger cable. You need only provide the wall-plug. Upon closer inspection, you will find the charging port with a small rubber cover which you can easily remove and push back in. When charging the Launch for 6-8 hours, the power button turns from red to green, indicating that it has been fully charged. A fully charged Launch can provide pleasure for up to two hours… two hours of pure ecstasy.


The buttons of the Fleshlight Launch are quite simple to use, in front of the device are two buttons. One is the Power button while the other is a Bluetooth button, used to switch between the interactive and manual modes. The other controls are on the sides of the device; one of the buttons controls the speed of the strokes while the other controls the length of a stroke.

Although it looks easy, the buttons are very close to each other, making the controls a bit clunky when using. You will find yourself accidentally touching the wrong buttons and can stop or change the rhythm unexpectedly. TugBros with bigger hands may have a harder time operating the controls.

The manuals help you in setting up the Launch controls. Also, there are other modes and functions that help you create a preset series of speeds and movements. 

Using Fleshlight Launch – Manual Mode

Fleshlight Launch allows for two different types of modes. Manual mode was my first choice. I could not wait to get started, I immediately plugged in my Fleshlight sleeve, lubed it up and switched it on. When adding the lube, ensure that you wipe off your hands before touching the outer of the Launch with the lubed hand. If everything gets slippery, it gets messy.

Remember to get your Male Lubricant straight from Fleshlight, these lubricants are made specifically with male sex-toys in mind.

The feeling is incredible as it eases you in with slow and short strokes. I was completely in control, and there is no gentle edging with the Launch. The thrusting went on and on, and I could not resist anymore. Within no time at all, I had climaxed more than three times.

At the fastest speed – 180 TPM (thrusts per minute), an utterly unique stimulation is experienced, it almost makes you feel like the Launch launching out of your grasp. The speeds are faster and less subtle than you might expect.

Anyhow my first experience with the Launch was impressive and became flawless with time. The feeling is like someone else is taking control over you, for once, you are the only one required to get intense sexual gratification. 

Using Fleshlight Launch – Interactive Mode

Manual mode gave me a feeling of what could be, but the interactive mode is the definitive Launch experience. It takes a little more time to set it, but it is well worth it. You can also connect your Fleshlight device to compatible adult content through apps such as FeelConnect phone app. To sync up your app, you download the app on your mobile device or tablet and follow the appropriate steps to connect it.

Upon setting it up, you can either chose to watch the content on your TV screen or your PC by connecting the app with a QR code. Currently, there are three main Fleshlight Launch interactive content providers. Those three are Feelme, Ufeel, and Pornhub.

Interactive Content On FeelMe

On the Feel free channel – select channels from the drop-down menu – you will find free content on FreeMe. There are a total of five free videos, and you can also pay subscription fees that can either last six months, one month or 24 hours. also has a section where you can interact with Camgirls, and another one has Virtual Reality videos. The possibilities that this device can open up are immeasurable.

Interactive Content On Pornhub & UfeelTV

Once you have connected your Fleshlight Launch with your phone’s apps, you can access videos from other links such as Pornhub gives you a vast mix of videos in both amateur genres and teaser trailers.

Upon getting everything ready, I inserted my Fleshlight sleeve, inserted my cock, and pressed play. My goodness, folks! The feeling is amazing. Following the action on the screen and controlling the unpredictable bursts of slow strokes, fast strokes, and pausing what came next was out of my hands.

Cleaning Your Fleshlight Launch

All Fleshlight sleeves require thorough rinsing to make sure that residue and excess lube is removed. The Launch, on the other hand, is easier to keep clean since the hard case can be easily wiped with a damp. This will remove any excess lube or bodily fluids.

As always, for cleaning your sleeve, we recommend Fleshlight’s must-have Product Care Kit.


The Fleshlight Launch introduces a whole new caliber of sex toy that certainly lives up to the hype. Though you pay a little extra, its versatile options and long shelf life makes adding it to your collection a no-brainer. I can’t stress how much enjoyment this device has given me but, don’t take my word for it.

Kiiroo: Click here and use code: KiirooTv to save 20% off of your launch!

Fleshlight: Click here to buy your launch from Fleshlight, you’ll pay a little bit less off the standard price and support the original Fleshlight creators that we know and love.

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Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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