Hey guys in his sex toy review, I’ll be covering EVERYTHING you need to know about the Autumn Falls Fleshlight, INCLUDING my own personal opinion based on my actual experience with this lovely male masturbator. 😏

So if you’re on the fence about whether or not this Fleshlight made in the honor of the most gorgeous Puerto Rican pornstar alive is for you or not, you’ve come to the right place.

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Autumn Falls Fleshlight Sleeves

Well, the first thing I’ll tell you that I love about the Autumn Falls Fleshlight is the gorgeous tan color (uh… can you tell I did Latinas? 😆), but let’s be real, when it really comes down to it, appearances are great but it’s all about the experience using the sex toy that really matters, right? This really comes down to the sleeves. 😎

The Autumn Falls Fleshlight comes with two different sleeve options:

  • The Autumn Falls Lady (vagina) Sleeve, whose texture is called “Cream”:

  • The Autumn Falls Butt (anal) sleeve, whose texture is called Peaches:

Autumn Falls Vagina (Lady) Sleeve – “Cream”

Let’s dig deeper (uh, pun intended?) into the “Lady” Sleeve first shall we? I personally like the Lady sleeve much more than Butt sleeve in the case of the Autumn Falls Male Masturbator. This isn’t always the case, but the Autumn Falls Lady Sleeve is REALLY SOMETHING ELSE…

The Inside Of The Lady (Vagina) Sleeve

When I describe to you how masturbating with this particular sleeve felt, you’re going to fully understand why it’s my favorite, but first, let’s talk about what’s actually creating all that pleasure as you enter the sleeve chamber by chamber (section by section).

  • 1st Chamber: (when you first enter the sleeve): Consists of “bumpy beads” or “bumps” that feel so good you might wanna “wiggle” the tip of your penis at the entry for a while as I did.
  • 2nd Chamber: Intermittent “tight spots” (more on this in a minute).
  • 3rd Chamber: At the end, your penis is introduced to these waffle-like “grids” that feel FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

Autumn Falls Butt/Anal Sleeve – “Peaches”

Now, let’s talk about Autumn’s anal Fleshlight.

Being the assman that I am (and I’m sure many of you are), I couldn’t help but wonder whether the Peaches would be as tasty as the Cream (excuse my horrible pun)…

The Inside Of The Butt (Anal) Sleeve

The Autumn Falls Butt sleeve feels amazing and actually happens to be a favorite of a good friend of mines for a reason. It’s probably one of the most complex Butt sleeves of any Fleshlight male masturbator, but again let’s check this out wave by wave:

  • 1st Chamber: (when you first enter the sleeve): And what a TIGHT entry it is… Your penis will first meet some “ridges” that are quite pointy and cause nice friction-like stimulation on the tip of your penis… muy bueno. 😋
  • 2nd Chamber: Bumps that have slight indentations, causing a nice massaging sensation.
  • 3rd Chamber: Oval-shaped “beads” that are unbelievably soft (tip: give a “back and forth” twist to the fleshlight when you’re fully inside for a nice added bit of pleasure 😉).

Why The Lady Sleeve Is My Favorite

I have not one bad thing to say about the Autumn Falls Butt Sleeve, but we all our preferences, am I right? Different strokes for different folks (pun TOTALLY intended there 😂), but… and I told you I’d get back to this…

Masturbating with the Autumn Fall Lady sleeve reminded me of having sex with an EX of mine who was a trained belly dancer (yea, I know… should have held onto that one), and I believe it’s those amazing “intermittent tight spots” combined with the “waffle-like” stimulation that caused this oh so hot reminder.

My ex had so much control of her pelvic region that she could “tighten” her vagina almost at will while she was riding me and THAT my friends is how I personally would describe how the Autumn Falls Lady sleeve feels. In short: UN-FUCKING-REAL.

Why I Still Like The Butt Sleeve

For those of you who may be writing off the Autumn Falls Butt sleeve, hold your horses just a minute… there a few reasons I STILL love and would recommend the butt sleeve:

  • It provides an overall tighter feel
  • Compared to other Fleshlight Girls masturbators, this one has much more variety of stimulation because of the design of the inside of the sleeve
  • Would probably be the better choice for guys who have smaller penises

Should You Buy It?

By now you know enough about the Autumn Falls Fleshlight to be able to make a very informed decision. However, if you are still on the fence at all, I can help you out. Maybe you’re on a really tight budget? Maybe you’re worried your nosy roommate will see what you purchased when she gets the mail? Or maybe it’s your first time buying a male masturbator and you want to make a PERFECT CHOICE?

These little factoids may help:

  1. Fleshlight’s shipping AND billing are completely discreet.
  2.  Fleshlight offers the option of paying in four NO-INTEREST payments using a service called Sezzle (I’ve used it… SUPER CONVENIENT).
  3. There is no PERFECT purchase in this area. It takes experimentation with different sex toys to find what you like best. Poor you… guess you just gotta keep experimenting. 😉

(use coupon code “TUGBRO10” at checkout)

I hope you found this review helpful in the pursuit of your next sexy fun time toy, and I’ll see you in the next one friends!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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