With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to do a review of the Freaks Zombie Lady – Undead by Fleshlight. The Freaks line features many crazy horror and sci-fi themed Fleshlights and dildos.

Some are fairly straightforward while others have details that beat anything else they have to offer. After trying a few, I thought I was ready for the Fleshlight Zombie Lady, but I was shocked a bit when I finally had it in my hands.

While this lovely Fleshlight doesn’t want to eat your brains, you may find yourself screwing them out with it. The Fleshlight Freaks Zombie Lady is made of green-colored SuperSkin (but you CAN get it in the pink flesh color) and has a rotting flesh look to it.

The texture just outside of the sleeve is rather unusual, but I’ll try anything once. The texture shows the typical labia, they created it in such a way to make it look as if the flesh has rotten and fallen off. It’s rather impressive… and frightening.

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Fleshlight Freaks Series

The Freaks series has been discontinued since I got mine, but I still wanted to do something that fits with the mood of the season. When they stopped producing them, there were nine in total.

I have tried the Alien, Drac, and Frankenstein sleeves. They have all been great with a fantastic novelty quality to the bright colors and fantastical themes. They also had Cyborg, Bigfoot, Bigfoot Lady, Predator, Reaper, and Zombie Mouth. The Zombie’s mouth looks hella fun, but I didn’t get my hands on it in time.

Click here to check out what’s left of the Freaks line.

The green “rotting” flesh is incredibly realistic and creates a vaginal opening like none I’ve ever seen before.

It is convincingly zombie-like in appearance. All of the Fleshlights in the Freak’s line is convincing, making them perfect for sci-fi nerds like myself. Where it really counts, however, the texture within the Zombie sleeve (and all the Freak’s sleeves) it’s not rotting, and I was shocked to find my favorite texture within the rotting folds.

Inside Zombie Fleshlight Freak

Click here for more info on the Zombie Fleshlight

Inside the Zombie, I found the ever-popular texture: Lotus Node. The entrance is a tight fit, and just past it begins a ring of irregular bumps. The bumps are followed by a tight canal lined with three gentle ribs. 

Following that, the convex-concave texture of the Lotus Node presents you with another four gentle ribs. This is followed by the final section which is 4.5 inches long. This part of the canal is smooth and shaped like a wave.

The wavy texture provides alternative pressing from below and above, creating a contrasting pressure. While I love the Lotus Node, I found the wave to be my favorite part of this sleeve.

The texture within the Zombie Lady Fleshlight is unique and feels great. As I said before, she may not eat your brains, but you’ll screw your own out with her. Since we are on the topic, let’s go ahead and move into how she feels…

How Does It Feel?…

As I have already said, I really enjoy the Lotus Node and wave textures that are in this sleeve. All in all, it is rather tight from start to finish – which is great. The first set of bumps provide a great tease as soon as I enter the sleeve and the rings that follow only add to this initial stimulation.

Usually, the Lotus Node is a constricting tunnel that ends with a satisfying popping sensation. Since I am rather used to using the Lotus Node, I was expecting that with this sleeve, but due to the tightness and density of the walls, I did not experience this.

Instead, it felt more as if a larger chamber momentarily opened around my penis before the walls narrowed again. It feels similar to the Nodes in the Lotus Garden Sleeve rather than the standard Lotus sleeves.

The next section of ribs moved quickly over my now very sensitive head and provided a clearly defined stimulation before I reached the gentle waves. The waves are the last part of the sleeve and provide an undulating pressure that is unmatched!

While not anything exciting or tense, the Zombie Lady texture is stimulating enough to be enjoyable. Compared to other sleeves, the only thing this one has different is the outer texture. Otherwise, it is rather average. 

Cleaning Process

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Any sleeve with the Lotus Node is going to be more difficult to clean than any other texture. The bumps at the beginning of the Freaks Zombie provide a place where lube builds up.

It’s best to insert a finger when cleaning this one to ensure that everything gets cleaned thoroughly. And of course, as always, let it dry completely before putting the caps back on it.

Final Thoughts

The Zombie Lady Freaks Fleshlight is a stimulating texture paired with a tightness that isn’t found with this much stimulation. It’s definitely worth the money for merely the novelty effect.

If it’s new and exciting stimulation you’re looking for, I recommend checking out the Fleshlight Girls, otherwise, this is a fantastic sleeve!

Considering that this one has been discontinued, I highly recommend the Eva Lovia Spice if it’s tightness with a ribbed entrance that you’re looking for. The Eva Lovia Spice not only looks more… normal, t also is much tighter within the first couple of inches. I am happy to have gotten my hands on the Fleshlight Freaks Zombie Lady sleeve, and I hate that they discontinued the Freak’s line as it had some amazing products.

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