Fleshlights: not just vaginas anymore! There’s a sprawling list of anally inspired Fleshlights out there available for bringing out nothing short of the most hedonistic of pleasures at the drop of a hat.

Maybe I’m embellishing a bit. Once I figured out there’s more or less an anal double for every FL girl’s sleeves out there, I realized my work was far from over with Fleshlight.

Many days and many butts later, I exited the Tug Cave privy to a whole other set of knowledge that I absolutely must share. Buttholes people. Butt. Holes.

In this article, you’ll find anal Fleshlight reviews on all of my favorite butt Fleshlights.

At this point, I’ve stuck my manhood inside practically the entire Fleshlight Girls line (both vagina and anal sleeves). Needless to say, I’m probably one of the most qualified men in the entire world to be writing this article.

But I digress, let’s get to it.

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Now, for the reason you came here.

These are the best anal fleshlights I’ve tried…

The Best Anal Fleshlight Sleeves

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to bum Fleshlights. All the big-name Pornstars have their own anal Fleshlight model to go along with their vaginal model.

Without wasting any more time, here are my favorite anal Fleshlights:


Our Top PickOur Top PickRiley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight


  • Ultra-Tight Interior
  • Best-Seller
  • Signed by Riley Reid
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TUGBRO10 (10% off)
Riley Steele LIT Fleshlight


  • Intricate Sleeve Design
  • Lubricant Required
  • Signed by Riley Steele
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TUGBRO10 (10% off)

Lisa Ann Savage Fleshlight


  • Best for Small-Medium Endowment
  • Signed by Lisa Ann
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TUGBRO10 (10% off)

Stoya Epic Fleshlight


  • Hyper Intensive Stimulation
  • Best for Experienced Users
  • Signed by Stoya
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TUGBRO10 (10% off)

Annika Albrite Siren Fleshlight


  • Annika Albrite: Anal Queen
  • Medium Tightness Good for Every Size
  • Signed by Annika Albrite
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TUGBRO10 (10% off)

Alexis Texas Tornado Fleshlight


  • Soft Grooves for Easy Insertion
  • #1 Realistic Anal Fleshlight
  • Signed by Alexis Texas
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TUGBRO10 (10% off)

Nikki Benz Reign Fleshlight


  • Complex Sleeve Design
  • Modest Tightness
  • Signed by Nikki Benz
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TUGBRO10 (10% off)

Adriana Chechik Next Level Fleshlight


  • Unique Design with Spikes, Nubs, Ridges
  • Experimental Sleeve
  • Signed by Adriana Chechik
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Now, let’s go over all of the sleeves in detail:

#1 – Riley Reid – The “Euphoria” Sleeve

Fortunes were good, having received this anal Fleshlight first. All there is to say is that I knew there was very little chance that I would be saving best for last. Lo and behold, it was the best of them all.

Fleshlight finally weaponized the concept of the Chinese finger trap for the greater good with this perfectly shaped sleeve. It’s accommodating to enter and gives very little reason to ever want to exit. At no point is the sleeve ever vague or difficult to feel.

A Tug above the rest, Euphoria lives up to its name impeccably.

There’s a reason I’ve chosen this Fleshlight as the #1 anal fleshlight. It’s the best butt fleshlight, in my opinion, both feeling and tightness wise.

The suction like feeling that this unique sleeve provides is unmatched and while I’ve only ever personally had sex with 3 different real human buttholes (that I can remember at least), this toy does a great job at mimicking the ones I’ve gotten acquainted with, both in look and in feel.

I found the inner texture of this sleeve to be extremely pleasurable.

Beside’s the inside, Riley’s perfect little bum made for the perfect butt Fleshlight on the outside as well.

It’s a very visually appealing anus fleshlight sleeve, in my professional opinion.

I also happen to be quite a big fan of Riley’s work, although that wasn’t really taken into consideration in choosing this one as my top pick.

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#2 – Riley Steele – The “LIT” Sleeve

Say what you want about the slang term “Lit”, this anal Fleshlight was also named very appropriately. Riley Steele’s party-girl persona is perfectly captured by this anal sleeve, the chamber starts with some small bumps to get the party started. Once you get closer to the more intricate textures at the middle and final chambers, you’ll start to feel the party go full circle and before you know it… you’ll experience orgasms more debaucherous than even Riley herself could have provided.

The simplest way for me to describe the sleeve is that the intricate and diverse stimulation associated with these complex butt sleeves managed to shoot all the way up to 11! It’s visibly one of the busiest sleeves internally, gracefully managing to tie all different compartments together for a smooth and unique experience.

Even the times where I went I little too far with how much lube I added, it always paid off in the end in some way or another. Thanks to the non-toxic, water-based lube that Fleshlight provided us, my sleeve can always be lubed up to perfection, without worrying about compromising its condition.


#3 – Lisa Ann – The “Savage” Sleeve

Just about anything porn-related has something connected to Lisa Ann. She rightfully sat among PornHub royalty at #1 for the longest time. She parodied Sarah Palin, it’s hard not to include her after all her hard work and the profound effect shes had on the adult industry as a whole. Although this legendary porn queen has retired, everyone can still get a chance to feel what it’s like to be with this experienced, mature beauty, thanks to Fleshlight’s “Savage” sleeve!


It’s on the tighter side, that’s for certain. Those of extreme endowment should steer clear and elect for other options on the list, but those who fall around average will benefit greatly. Buttholes are supposed to be tight, so why wouldn’t we expect the same from our anal Fleshlights?

One large textured bump follows the length of the sleeve which has a few textured ridges waiting diligently. This is most certainly the go-to option for small-medium sized TugBros. Solid job for a solid Tug.


#4 – Stoya – The “Epic” Sleeve

The Stoya Destroya is one of the most talked-about vaginal Fleshlights of all time, so it makes sense that they couldn’t skimp out on the anal counterpart. For most, the name Stoya brings on a whirlwind of attraction and her hardcore performances on-screen can make even the most experienced TugBros feel weak in the knees. 

The same trademark intensity and variation of the Destroya are present in the Epic sleeve with similar results. It is also a good choice for those well-endowed Tug Bros, as it is far from constraining. Explore the bumps and ridges at your leisure for an experience more unconventional and super-effective than ever before. I say unconventional because it definitely isn’t pushing hard for tightness, the sleeve does all of the work here.

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#5 – Anikka Albrite – The “Siren” Sleeve

Pornstars that specialize in anal sex make for noteworthy anal toys, time and time again. It is their forte, after all, they can’t settle for something that isn’t memorable, this is their brand after all. Just thinking about Annika’s anal performances on-screen made my time with this sleeve truly special. I find myself wondering what the going price is for the rights to plaster cast & sell a famous porn star’s lady parts…


In ancient mythology, Sirens were mythical creatures that slightly resembled mermaids and dotted the coasts of shores frequented by sailors. It was said that their songs and beauty were so captivating men would jump ship to their deaths just to try and get closer to them. While the Siren doesn’t literally call out for me in the night, the week I was testing it the toy dictated when it would be used, not me.

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#6 – Alexis Texas – The “Tornado” Sleeve

The grooves are much softer on the Tornado, but I suppose real damage from real tornados isn’t blunt force trauma, is it?

It is a very consistent sleeve that is more or less rifled for the sake of pleasure. It works to great effect, as a middle of the road anal Fleshlight that marries tightness and sensation in a way that ends up working out beautifully. I’d even go as far as to call it one of the most realistic of the anal Fleshlight Girl sleeves for the reasons stated above.


Use the pictures of this sleeve to compare against the intensity of the rest, as it is a very Goldilocks kind of toy, in size and feel. This sleeve is sure to captivate you and draw you in, just as much as a mythological Siren. Perfect for intermediate Fleshlight users who want a new, realistic feeling anal sleeve!

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#7 – Nikki Benz – The “Reign” Sleeve

Petite porn bombshell Nikki Benz was kind enough to lend us her behind for long enough for us for former Disney model makers to immortalize it forever in glorious TPE. Now that Nikki’s huge, proportional booty is available, I can finally hold this penthouse pet in the palm of my hands!

Entrance-wise, it’s a very reasonable amount of effort required, simply stick your tug muscle inside and let this complex toy do all the work!


The Reign is one of the most intrinsically complex sleeves that Fleshlight has to offer. While not as in your face and intense as many of the other options on this list, the last thing I’d consider it is boring. The simple design and easy access make it the ideal choice for beginners or those with well-endowed tug-muscles!

The end of the toy makes for little chance pf any unfortunate messes as well, as it captures a lot of the aftermath. I do love me a Tug with an easy clean-up.

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#8 – Adriana Chechik – The “Next Level” Sleeve

Adriana Chechik must have been alright with how experimental her sleeve would be, as it incorporates a lot of ideas that Fleshlight is still trying to perfect. Expect lots of compartments and funky spikes, sponges, and corkscrews.

While it may be experimental, many new sleeves are now incorporating the innovation that Fleshlight tried out with this toy. The new generation of anal sleeves began with the appropriately named “Next Level”. You’re in the right place if you want to see where it all began!


I personally wish the entrance was a pinch tighter or made for a more invigorating feeling, but I can’t say that they only picked bad choices on this one. I enjoy how the compartments empty and close to make for varied tightness consistently. It isn’t predictable, it isn’t consistent.

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If you do end up purchasing one of these Fleshlights (or any Fleshlight for that matter) make sure you use code: “TUGBRO10” at checkout to save 10% off sitewide!


All in all, each of these sleeves suits different needs and accommodate a wide variety of TugBros. Hopefully, this article helped you decide what the best anal sleeve is for you!

See our complete collection of Fleshlight reviews right here!

Well, guys, that’s all I got for you today. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

Until next time, happy tuggin’!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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