Mia Malkova is an American adult film star of French Canadian, German, and Irish descent. She began her pornographic career in 2012 and was Twisty’s Treat of the Year in 2013. The focus of her career, thus far, has been a 2018 documentary film called “God, Sex and Truth.” This docu-film talks about the strength of women’s sexuality and beauty.

Malkova has admitted, in an interview, that she only got into porn “because she loves sex and the porn world is the safest and the best place to explore sex in all its forms.

Despite being in the porn scene (pun intended) for quite some time, her orifices were not added to the Fleshlight collection until late 2019, and I am excited to be one of the first to tell you about it!

Before we get into that, let’s find out a bit more about this blonde bombshell! 

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Why Choose Mia Malkova?

Mia Malkova was born on the 1st of July in 1992 in Palm Springs, California. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 123 lbs, with beautiful curves in all the right places. After starting her career in the adult entertainment field she quickly went from sweet and innocent to an amateur global porn sensation.

Due to her desire to explore sex in all its forms, Mia had a hard time settling down with her now ex-husband Danny Mountain. It has been very obvious in the porn industry, that the actresses who do the best and rise to the top the quickest, are those who are actually in the business simply because they enjoy sex so much in the first place!

As far as her career goes, Mia Malkova went about it in a very clever way that will, no doubt, benefit her in the long run. Rather than bouncing from agency to agency, she established a relationship and various contacts with the best porn producers in the business. This has helped to build up her continuity, with a large focus on quality, reliability, and longevity – which is exactly what her Fleshlight exemplifies.

In her free time, Mia Malkova enjoys having sex with her lovers, as well as indulge in some “safe for work” hobbies. Her non-sexual hobbies include hiking, yoga and plenty of swimming – which also helps to maintain her physique. She is also an avid gamer who enjoys streaming herself playing World of WarCraft as well as playing in parties with her fans.

Mia Malkova’s Lady Fleshlight: The “LVL UP”

The first Fleshlight sleeve available for Mia Malkova is the LVL UP lady sleeve, which is a vaginal orifice. The website lists this as their “Highest Selling” sleeve, and in all honesty, I’m not surprised in the slightest. The texture is intense and slipping into it never feels the same as the last time.

Fleshlight’s official product page says that this sleeve “opens with a brand-new beaded tentacle spiral design, followed by chambers of pleasure pockets and alternating tight and super-tight cavities.” “You’ll uncover new sensations with every inch as you plunge deeper inside Mia.”

The first section of this sleeve features a light ribbed bit that has tentacles over them – the tentacles are dotted and have suckers down their length, and they spiral around the first chamber. The second chamber features more ridges with texture laying over them, this texture contains large nubs. This is followed by tight and super-tight canals, broken up by small bumps. Finally, there is a checkered section that massages the head of the penis in the most unique way possible.

Mia Malkova’s Butt Fleshlight: “Boss Level”

Another new addition to the outstanding Fleshlight Girl arsenal is a replica of Mia’s anal orifice, known as Boss-Level.

If LVL UP makes you feel like you’re banging an adorably innocent gamer girl, then Boss-Level is like fucking a hard-core esports gamer gal who probably earns 6 figures and would kick your ass in Mortal Kombat…

Boss-Level has perhaps the most unique anal sleeve texture to date! Where LVL UP has a scintillating texture that expands and constricts around your tugger throughout the sleeve, Boss-Level has an ultra-tight design that twists and turns like no other Fleshlight before it!With a whopping 9-Inches of insertable length, Boss-Level is more than suitable for even the most well-endowed TugBro’s! Just look at the way the interior twists & turns throughout the length of the sleeve, all while remaining ultra-tight and oh, so satisfying.


More User Reviews

Here’s a couple of reviews straight from the Fleshlight website so you can see what your fellow TugBros have to say about Mia and her Fleshlight!

Best sleeve from the very best girl. Mia is a knockout, the texture of this sleeve is mind-blowing. It’s tighter than I expected, but you’ll hear no complaints from me.”

John F.

“Mia Malkova is my favorite pornstar, so I jumped at the chance to get her flashlight as soon as I heard it was coming out. It. Is. Awesome! It was my first experience with a fleshlight, and it definitely lives up to the hype. It feels soo good, it has changed the way a lot of my nights go…although my hand is still getting over a bit of jealousy… ;)”

Christopher W.

“A really nice sleeve. It has a very different feel compared to most other Fleshlights.”

Adam C.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the LVL UP lady Fleshlight sleeve does require a little more effort than less textured sleeves. I have found that anything but water-based lube gets trapped in the tentacles and ring patterns and needs a little rubbing to properly clean it. These two sections collect lube and fill up rather quickly.

I run clean, warm water through the chamber, rub excess lube or bodily fluids off of it and let it dry. I use Fleshwash, let it dry for about an hour, and then top it off with Fleshlight Renewing Powder. Please don’t use just any soap or baby powder as these can potentially ruin the Fleshlight.

Check out our Fleshlight Cleaning Guide for more in-depth instructions!

My Ratings

I want to quickly rank each of the features of this Fleshlight on four different scales, just to help further break down the pros and cons of this wonderful sleeve.

Realism: 4/5

While this Fleshlight doesn’t have realistic texture, it is textured enough and tight enough that it does provide a real feel.

Tightness: 4/5

While this Fleshlight sleeve is nowhere near STU level, it is rather tight and the “super tight” portions of the sleeve are incredible!

Intensity: 4/5

This new, highly textured sleeve is incredibly intense and made me blow my load quicker than I wanted the first time I used it!

Cleaning Difficulty: 3/5

This sleeve does require a bit more attention and cleaning than other sleeves. 

Overall Rating: 4/5

Overall, this sleeve is amazing! The only drawback of it is the cleaning, and for some, maybe the intense texture.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to tug like a pro, then this is the perfect way to treat yourself and it is 100% Tugbro approved! It is well textured, intense, and has a fantastic name. While the cleaning process is more involved than I prefer, it is completely worth it, in my opinion.

If you wanna buy one, always go to the manufacturer, and avoid third-party sites! And don’t forget that when you use our link and code, you can get 10% off your purchase.

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