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About Tugbro.com

Most of his time is spent as his alter ego of the mild mannered middle class average Joe, but when the sun goes down Tugger the Tugbro does everything in his power to ensure everyone can live to tug another day.

There’s no job too big or to small for this mighty man, some would consider him the conductor of the Tug Train while enemies of a good tuggin’ tremble in fear at his very mention. He is committed to spreading strength across the internet with this website to make a strong TugNation that knows what it’s up to.

Tugger takes his position as a role model seriously. Everything from sexual nuances to how to be the best gentleman in public is Tugbro’s purview, someday that he does it for the community.

As hard as it may be to believe, Tugger lets us know that there’s someone out there ready to risk it all to keep on tuggin’.

If you’d like to get ahold of Tugger, you can use our contact form or email him directly at [email protected]