Have you ever wanted to release your sexual inhibitions regardless of your location? Whether it be on your break at work, on the train or just need a quick, discreet release at home, then we have the toy for you…

Although this toy is perfect for use while on the go, it should go without saying that you should always avoid masturbating in a place or situation that might get you in trouble, stay safe TugBros. With that in mind, let’s take a look at one of Fleshlight’s most popular and discreet toys that you can use almost anywhere.

You may be familiar with Fleshlight’s Sex In A Can sleeves, that disguise your Fleshlight as a can of beer. Their goal with this line of concealed sex toys was to make them innocuous if you placed it on your desk or locker. An obvious advantage with these Fleshlights was that they were compact and as a result — much tighter than usual.

Unfortunately, these beer cans tend to draw too much attention since because people began to enquire about the drink. In particular, this was because the naming and branding of these cans often arose a different sort of suspicion. In no time, the Sex In A Can line was almost completely discontinued.

After learning from their mistakes, Fleshlight has debuted once again with an unlikely partnership with the infamous alcoholic beverage maker: Four Loko. And thus, the revolutionary Four Loko Fleshlight was born and breathed new life into the Sex In A Can line of toys.

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Four Loko Fleshlight

The product just released a couple of days ago has thus far, flown under the radar. Fleshlight chose the popular Four Loko beverages as their new disguise. Fleshlight is known to collaborate with other huge brands such as Kiiroo in the male sex-toy game, starting a  partnership with a huge beverage company like Four Loko for their discreet Fleshlights was only a matter of time. The Four Loko Fleshlight comes in a red camouflage pattern that resembles their standard can of fruit punch.

Size & Shape

The cylinder is 9.75 inches long, upon unscrewing the top of the cylinder you find an 8.5-inch pink, fleshy orifice. The orifice features the popular, high-quality Mini-Lotus sleeve.

Since the toy is designed to be compact and is modeled after a standard Four Loko can, the sleeve is quite thin, making it tighter than a standard Fleshlight Girl. Therefore, if you tend to get bored with a regular sleeve in terms of tightness, this may just be the toy you’ve searched for.

I found the toy very simple to use and since the inherent benefit is its discretion, it made traveling and carrying it around with me feel so casual and anxiety-free. It was a very liberating experience.


The secret to the sleekness and comfort of this toy’s interior is that it is fact, a copy of one of my favorite sleeves, the Mini-Lotus. The popular Lotus texture was also prominently featured in the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight, and its appeal is undeniable. The Lotus texture is notable for its distinctive seven pleasure chambers comprised of extreme peaks and valleys that introduce a new, distinct pleasure with every new chamber.

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Lotus Chamber

Fleshlight Four Loko – Appearance

Four Loko is a popular alcoholic beverage which used to, but longer includes caffeine. Onto our topic of interest, as far as the overall quality of the outer appearance of this is concerned, it (obviously) takes the appearance of a canned beverage. The outside casing is made of high-quality aluminum that is built to last, it also comes with a cap to seal out any dubious smells and allows you to conceal the toy’s interior. 

Upon screwing off the cap, you’ll discover a Lady orifice calling out for you to slide it out. As always, I poured in some of Fleshlight’s Male Lubricant into the sleeve, and in no time, my sleeve was perfectly saturated and ready for entry…

My initial experience with my Four Loko Fleshlight was very tight… as expected. The chamber clutched my member more tightly than any Fleshlight had done before. This was a little uncomfortable at first, but thankfully, my lube helped me ease my way into the sleeve, and the stimulation was unimaginable.

The tightness of the sleeve’s entrance always kept a tight grip on my willy, which was useful, since I wanted this to be a long session and the tightness helps you last much longer. The scandalous thoughts I had concerning this toy helped me enjoy the Lotus texture even more. 

Where To Buy & Prices

If you want to try it yourself, then you can get one from the official Fleshlight store.

At the moment the market is flooded with fake Fleshlights, and you would be avoiding any sort of risk by visiting the official site directly. Additionally, Fleshlight has many offers to save you money on your male sex-toy needs and provides free shipping.


Once you’re finished with your new, discreet toy, TugBro recommends you clean your sleeve thoroughly after every use. We recommend using a mixture of hot water & FleshWash to clean and rinse your sleeve properly, then allow 20-40 minutes for it to dry. Afterward, you can sprinkle some of Fleshlight’s Renewal Powder to ensure your sleeve feels brand new and comfortable after every use.

For all your male sex-toy cleaning needs, we recommend you check out Fleshlight’s own Product Care Kit. *20% off right now!*

This kit comes with the two most crucial maintenance products you need to start your Fleshlight journey, all these products are made specifically with Fleshlights in mind.

Final Thoughts

Although the Fleshlight Four Loko is scaled down in size, the pleasure from this sex toy is the exact opposite — scaled to perfection. This toy will be invaluable to anyone who’s looking for a quick, satisfying release on the go.

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Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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