Lana Rhoades is one of the brightest new stars in the porn industry, starting out in 2016 and maintaining a meteoric rise to popularity as a beautiful nymphette ever since then. 

Every clip she made, she compelled everyone to reach down and start tuggin’ with her just thicc enough booty. It wasn’t long before Fleshlight realized her potential and charted this dark-haired babe’s nether regions for two separate toys – anal and vaginal sleeves! 

But, before we get into that, let’s find out who this babe really is!

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Lana Rhoades: Thiccer Than Cold Peanut Butter

As Deon Cole would say, that shit will tear your bread up. 

Lana Rhoades first became a porn actress at age 20 and quickly rose to stardom the following year, she was named Hottest Debutante at the AVN awards and won Porn’s Next Superstar at the SpankBank Awards.

Today she has over 5 million followers on Instagram and is currently the #1 model on PornHub. 

You don’t get credentials like that for just anything! This babe is so delicious that people haven’t been able to get enough of her for years and she’s still making content even though she’s gone independent since 2018. 

Lana has said she wants to be a judge after being in porn and I really want to see her in that robe, hammer in hand. Nevertheless, videos with Lana Rhoades in them have had over 400 million views so far, making her one of the most popular porn stars ever!

Lana Rhoades’ Fleshlights

The Destiny – Lady/Vaginal Sleeve


The vaginal Lana Rhoades Fleshlight is one of their best-selling toys and of course, it has her gentle pussy lips on the front, along with her signature. 

On the inside, this toy bears the Destiny sleeve, aptly named for anyone hopelessly in love with tuggin’ to big, thicc booties. The sleeve is medium-width, so it will inevitably have some spaces that won’t fit with perfectly snug, but others will rock your world. The sleeve begins with a half-inch smooth entrance before continuing into a three-inch-long and one-inch wide section. 

The walls of the next section of the canal are covered with pressure cubes and both vertical and horizontal ribs. Next, the canal has three consecutively smaller rings where the width shrinks to about half an inch and then two more where it expands into a larger chamber again. This section has angled squares pointing in the direction of your thrusting rod before coming to a two-inch chamber with three-ring protrusions inside. 

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The Karma – Butt/Anal Sleeve


Lana Rhoades’ Butt Fleshlight is equipped with the Karma sleeve, which Fleshlight claims to simulate the true experience of anal sex as realistically as possible. 

This sleeve begins with a half-inch wide entrance, after which you’ll have to push through three rings before coming to a chamber with pressure balls on it. All of this happens in the first three inches of the sleeve, giving you plenty to look forward to while tuggin’!

Next, the canal contracts into a half-inch length covered in tiny but sensitive scales, after which it contracts again after three consecutively smaller rings. The second half of the 9.5-inch sleeve contracts even further, after going through one expansion and the same pressure ball-scales setup as before – only this time it reduces its width to just over half an inch, making for a very tight fit around your tugger! 

Finally, the sleeve has three more shrinking rings and one more pressure ball area before reaching its end. This is an extra-tight Fleshlight so you’ll want a lot of lube – personally, I like Fleshlight’s own product care kit.

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Cleaning Process


The vaginal version of the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight can be cleaned with relative ease by just pouring some running water into it, along with some Fleshwash which you can get from the company itself

Scrape any leftover lube or man juice off the rings on the back end of it and you should be golden! 


Unfortunately, the anal model of the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight is a bit harder to clean than its vaginal buddy but that’s to be expected since it’s also much tighter. You’ll need to scoop up any remaining lube or cum from all the ring patterns as they’re designed to provide suction and will get filled up quickly. 

Put it under some running water, Fleshwash and leave it out to dry. Just don’t put soap in there – it’ll ruin your toy. 


My Rating Of Both Sleeves

Now we’re going to grade these Fleshlight sleeves on four different scales to ensure maximum truthfulness and insight for our loyal readers.


Both sleeves: 5/5

Fleshlight says that the anal Lana Rhoades toy simulates the perfect anal experience and they don’t say that for any other product of theirs, so I’m inclined to believe them! 

After trying them out, my belief was justified and so I’m giving this toy a 5/5! The vaginal version gets a 5/5 too because of all the suction and blissful feelings that I thought you could only get with a real woman!


The Destiny Sleeve (Vaginal): 4/5

The Karma Sleeve (Butt): 5/5

Both of these Fleshlights are very tight but the anal one is tighter. That’s why that one gets a 5/5 and the vaginal Fleshlight gets a tiny bit less at 4/5.


The Destiny Sleeve (Vaginal): 4/5

The Karma Sleeve (Butt): 5/5

Both the anal and the vaginal Lana Rhoades Fleshlights are incredibly intense, but again – the anal one takes the cake. Scores – same as above – 5/5 for the anal version, 4/5 for the vaginal version.

Ease Of Cleaning – 3/5, 4/5

The Destiny Sleeve (Vaginal): 3/5

The Karma Sleeve (Butt): 4/5

The vaginal version of the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight is significantly easier to clean and maintain than the anal version. This is why that one gets a 4/5 and the anal toy gets a 3/5.

Overall Rating

Both sleeves: 4/5

Overall, both of these Fleshlights get a 4/5, noting that the only drawback to the anal one is its less-than-ideal cleaning. 


Final Thoughts

Do you wanna tug like a pro? Do you wanna tug as you’ve never tugged before? Then yes, these are especially for you. If your tugger is under 4 inches you may wanna look at the anal version only, but if you’re thicker or longer, whichever one you choose will bring you endless sweaty, grunting nights. If you wanna buy one, always go to the manufacturer, avoid third-party sites!

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