Fleshlight has tons of luxurious pocket pussies available, but the Anikka Albrite sleeves are the most popular and one of their top best-sellers. The names “Goddess” and “Siren” for these sleeves are truly fitting to this piece as the delicate openings are modeled realistically after Anikka’s gorgeous vaginal lips and anus which are made from Fleshlight’s Real Feel SuperSkin. 

It should be no surprise that Anikka’s husband, and fellow porn star, Mick Blue, has also worked with Fleshlight to create his own sleeve in the popular FleshJack Boys line of Dildos. He, along with several other porn actors, are some of the few people lucky enough to have a pornstar all to themselves off the set.

These sleeves are the closest most of us will ever get to having sex with Anikka, and honestly, it feels amazing. If this is the closest I’ll ever get, I can certainly live with that.

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Who Is Anikka Albrite?

Jessica Drake Holding Fleshlight

Before her debut in 2011, Anikka Albrite spent most of her life in the Western United States. But she was the fresh-faced, bombshell knockout that the porn industry needed, and she didn’t let us down.

Don’t be fooled though, she isn’t just a pretty face. Anikka Albrite is also a college graduate with a double major in business and molecular biology. You read that right: molecular biology. She has more than enough smarts to balance out that rockin’ bod.

She spent some time working as a lab technician in a health clinic, before gracing us on the adult silver screen, but still keeps up with the advances in molecular biology in her spare time and remains a huge fan of science fiction.

As of today, she has more than 200 films under her belt, including “Sleeping Beauty,” and a superhero parody, “Deadpool XXX.” Her acting career doesn’t end there, she’s also stood behind the camera and directed no fewer than four films, including “Mick Loves Anikka,” “Anikka’s Bootycise,” and a television series called “Evil Angel.” The fact that Anikka’s career has evolved so much speaks volumes not only for her talents when it comes to adult films but her knowledge of the film industry as a whole.

She has won various prestigious awards within the adult entertainment industry, including “Best Tease Performance,” “Female Performer of the Year,” and “Best Sex Scene in a Feature Release.” She has also received more than 40 nominations and her future continues to look exceedingly bright. It’s no wonder why Fleshlight had to have a replica of her vaginal lips and anus added to their collection!

Anikka Albrite’s Fleshlights

First off, it’s worth mentioning that Anikka Albrite, like most Fleshlight Girls, has two different sleeves. Fleshlight offers both a replica vaginal (lady) sleeve, as well as an anal sleeve as well.

I’ll start by going over the vaginal sleeve, or as Fleshlight calls it the “Goddess” sleeve.

The Goddess – (Vaginal/Lady Sleeve)


The outside of this sleeve is modeled after Anikka’s own pussy lips and looks good enough to bury my face in, but I resisted and buried another body part between those luscious lips instead… Before plunging in, I did take some time to admire the beauty that Fleshlight was able to capture. The clit isn’t nearly as prominent as the one featured on the well-known Alexis Texas Fleshlight, but the lips feature every curve and crevice that I’ve noticed in each of Anikka’s videos.

Just inside the opening of the vaginal sleeve, there is a series of nubs that create curves and valleys, massaging the head as I entered and then the shaft when things started heating up. Then there is a separator and a second chamber where the sleeve continues with nubs and squeezes and creates suction that pulled me even further into the toy. Finally, there is a third area that consists of ridges that stimulate my head when I push that far into the toy. 

This pocket pussy, designed after Anikka Albrite lives up the name “Goddess” and has given me more than a deeply sensuous orgasm, and it always leaves me gasping for more. The edges are rounded and the texture of the sleeve is incredibly comfortable and soft. The entrance to this sleeve is fairly tight, but that first chamber widens out more and gave me a bit more room. The pressure from the bumps can be felt immediately. Personally, I found the first few inches to be the most invigorating. The next set of nubs are almost too stimulating and if I go at it too hard in that section, I find that I’ll cum much faster than I’d like to.

All in all, the Anikka Albrite Goddess Fleshlight is fantastic! I have found myself reaching for this one whenever I want a slow and intense head stimulation. 

Learn more about the Goddess sleeve at the official store!

The Siren – (Anal/Butt Sleeve)


As I mentioned before, Anikka also has another sleeve on Fleshlight modeled after her booty-hole, The Siren. She is arguably most famous for her shapely rear end, making this another popular choice on the Fleshlight website. It features her petite rosebud and creates a realistically tight opening before introducing the textures. I found that it was so tight that I had to use quite a bit of lubricant, as one would with actual anal sex.

After the initial entrance, there is a series of nubs, cones, and other titillating protrusions. Then there is a separator and a second chamber that features more cones and a narrowing entrance that leads to the third, and final, chamber. This final chamber is a series of cone-like rings that squeeze as I plunged deeper into the sleeve, giving my head a nice tight feeling. 

Learn more about the Siren sleeve at the official store.

Which Sleeve Is Better?

Anikka Albrite Goddess
Anikka Albrite Siren

Both sleeves provide a look into what Mick Blue gets to go home to every night, and it is a wild ride from beginning to end. I added in some of Fleshlight’s warming lubricant to give myself an even more realistic feeling and heighten my senses. I experienced intense orgasms with both the Lady and Butt sleeves in this collection and found myself having trouble deciding between the two.

If I absolutely had to choose, I would, of course, go with the beautifully designed Goddess Fleshlight. It isn’t nearly as tight as it’s rear end counterpart and the textures aren’t as intense. 

Where To Buy These Fleshlights

Interested in trying out Anikka’s line of Fleshlight for yourself? One thing I can’t ever stress enough is that if you decide to buy this product, be sure to buy directly from the official Fleshlight store.

Read More User Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it.

There’s plenty more real user reviews over at Fleshlight from hundreds of satisfied customers like myself. Click here to go straight to Anikka’s homepage and navigate to the review section. There’s no better resource for finding out what your fellow consumers have to say about these products. Going straight to the manufacturer ensures that you’ll only see feedback from real, satisfied customers.

Final Thoughts

Both Anikka Albrite’s Goddess and Siren are both treats to behold. I am more than happy to add them to my permanent collection of evergrowing male-masturbators. They both provide high intensity and a tight squeeze from start to finish and every use ends with a bang. I enjoy pairing Anikka’s Fleshlight line with her porn. Matching my strokes to what I see on TV provides an experience as close to the real thing as I’ll ever experience.

Let us know what you think of these products if you decide to try them out for yourself. Remember to check out our ever-growing homepage for more TugTips and Fleshlight Girl reviews.

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