Being hung like a horse isn’t as desirable as one might think, but having stamina like a horse is just about the best thing a man could ask for.

Enough sensitivity to keep things fresh but not so much that you aren’t able to stick around for a little bit. Kind of like conditioning your Johnson. That saying allegedly can be traced back to Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th president of the United States Of America and a definite historical Tugbro. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete unless he also named his member “Jumbo” so you can be sure there was some pride involved.

Back on track, what this next toy does will be pretty obvious once you see the insides. It’s meant to acclimate yourself to very pleasant, consistent movements which enables any budding Tugbro to last longer and longer every session.

Stamina Training Unit Fast Facts

Built strong and built tough, the Fleshlight STU is all about concentrated pleasure and a tug like no other.

They managed to overpower me, the great Tugbro, with this little end cap that adjusts the amount of suction on the toy. It’s tight and those repeating little nodules make for pretty much the best sleeve design you could make. There are a lot of different Fleshlights for a lot of different moods, but the STU will always take home the unequivocal position of being the best Fleshlight sleeve

Will The STU Work?

Of course, I had to put this to the Tug Test. Penis enhancing toys? Not slipping by Tugbro, I tell you that much.

After dedicated research and testing at TugLab, it seems that all of the scientific evidence checks out. It’ll definitely work to desensitize the penis in a manageable and discreet way that translates well to real sexual encounters if you put yourself back into the same frame of mind.

I say it’s Tug time well spent, it’s long enough to accommodate even the most supernaturally gifted, it’ll fit in anybody’s TugGym swimmingly.

What can I say? More Tug time is always welcome.

Where To Buy One?

The only place I’d ever recommend anybody ever buy any Fleshlight product is the official Fleshlight website.

They offer the best price available on all of their products and the STU is no exception.


So there you have it, regular use of an STU can translate to more time intimate time with whoever is lucky enough to be bedding you that particular night. That’s something any aspiring Tugbro can get behind.