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The Fleshlight “Go” Sleeves (Torque & Surge)

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The only complaint that nearly all Flesh-users share is that their product is heavy and cumbersome. As with most complaints that we’ve voiced, Fleshlight heard us and came out with the Go line. This is a line of Fleshlights that are noticeably smaller than their main line of products. While smaller, this line features just as complex inner texture.

While they have since expanded their line of Go products, the Torque and Surge sleeves were the first in the line, and I want to take some time to tell our loyal readers about them today. These two toys have of the best textures I’ve had the pleasure of playing with.

Fleshlight “Go” – Surge

Out of the two, this one is more realistic. It comes in the classic flashlight-shaped Fleshlight container, just smaller and lighter. The casing of the Go is 8.5 inches long and 2.1 inches wide (3.1 inches at its widest point).

Full-sized Fleshlights are typically 9.8 inches long with a width of 2.4 inches (3.7 inches at the widest point). This may not seem like a big difference, but when you’ve been holding onto it for an hour, trying to get the most out of a wank session, it makes a huge difference.

The Surge comes with the standard, original pink Lady opening. Once inside, the difference between the Go and a standard Fleshlight is minimal. As with all Fleshlight products, this one is made with Real Feel SuperSkin and has a texture unique to its name.

Just inside the sleeve are sets blocks made up of three ribs that line the entire first third of the sleeve. The blocks sit at a 90-degree angle and create diagonal ribs that tease and titillate. This is on both ends of the sleeve separated by another texture.

The other texture featured in the Go Surge is difficult to explain, but I’ll try. There are two rings of pointed bumps that sit on either side of a narrow part of the sleeve. The narrow part of the sleeve is lined with three rings of much smaller, very subtle bumps. 

How Does The Surge Feel?

Entering the Go Surge for the first time was quite a treat. The crisscross ribbing creates a unique pushing and pulling that creates a tingling along the shaft of my penis. While this was very pleasurable, the pinpoint stimulation of the pointed domes in the center really pushes the texture over the edge. It also pushed me over the edge, much faster than I had planned!

This texture isn’t nearly as stimulating as some others I have tried by Fleshlight, but the layout of the different channels is refreshing. The large domes in the middle add enough intensity (more than enough intensity) to make it stand out.

Another thing I was thoroughly surprised by was the amount of suction it produced. The suction is impressive for the size of this sleeve. Combined with the texture, the Go Surge had me blowing in no time. It’s incredibly intense without being uncomfortable and small enough that using it for long periods of time isn’t as exhausting as it is with standard-sized Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Go – Torque

The biggest difference between the Torque and the Surge is that the Torque is also part of the Fleshlight Ice collection. In other words, the sleeve is completely transparent, which means I was able to watch my penis as I slide through it. The visual side of this sleeve is incredibly stimulating – especially when using it with a partner.

The texture of the Torque is essentially a smaller and tighter version of the Ice Crystal Sleeve. It has a non-anatomical swirl shape for the opening and just past the opening is a ring of small bumps. Following the bumps, its walls are lined with ribs, it is incredibly tight.

The third chamber has “sharp” edged ribs that massage your willy, similar to the way the ridges do in the Go Surge. The fourth chamber has more ribs, followed by an open chamber that has three evenly-spaced ribs, and finally, the last chamber features even more ribs.

How Does The Torque Feel?

Clear Real Feel SuperSkin feels different from the normal sleeves, it’s a little sticky at first but isn’t noticeable once the lube is added. Other than the slightly sticky feeling, it’s as soft and yielding as usual.

The tackiness is a small price to pay in order to watch myself slip in and out of this beautifully designed Fleshlight Go sleeve. Remember to only buy your lube straight from the Fleshlight Store since their lube is designed specifically to maximize your Fleshlight experience!

The sensation just past the opening is mind-blowing. I was met with a set of long bumps that massaged the head of my penis. This first section is pleasantly tight and is pleasurable to push through. This is only my experience with the first part of the Go Torque, and it only got better from here.

There is a ton of variety in this sleeve and I spent a lot of time slowly moving from one section to the next, just to enjoy the different textures. The fourth chamber, the second bit with round nubs, is my favorite part. The wider bumps offer a great massage while the next section constricts around my penis.

The changing ribs kept the texture interesting and the portions of the sleeve that tightened and widened were additional stimulation. Overall, the Torque Fleshlight has a lot to offer, and frankly, is my favorite out of the two.

How Easy Are They To Clean?

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Both of these Fleshlights are much smaller than the average sleeve, and due to the smaller, heavily textured canals of the Torque, it needs extra TLC when cleaning it. There are tons of places where lube and bodily fluids can get trapped, so I recommend only using water-soluble lube with this sleeve. When it comes time to clean you should insert two fingers and wipe soap around the inside until you’re sure you’ve gotten everything. Then run fresh water from end to end until it runs clean.

Again, due to the texture of the Torque, I recommend letting it dry in a warm spot for several hours to prevent mold growing inside the sleeve. This one will take longer than usual and needs to be completely dry before you pack it away.

The Go Surge, on the other hand, has minimal texture – minus the bumps in the center. This one is much easier to clean. You can clean it the same way, I recommended cleaning the Torque, but drying will take a considerably shorter amount of time. 

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Comparing Sleeve Sizes 

As I previously mentioned, the Fleshlight Go series’ cases are much smaller than full-sized Fleshlights. What I didn’t mention is that the sleeve is only one inch shorter than the full-sized sleeves, making it very accommodating for most penises. The biggest surprise came when I put these sleeves side by side and found that the only real difference is near the orifice. The inner channel is the same width.

The Go does feel a little narrower when compared to the Original Fleshlight but is slightly wider than the Kayden Kross Bookworm Fleshlight. If you’re looking just for tightness, there are different models to consider – such as the STU. But if your main concern is size, the Fleshlight Go series is great!

If you need some more guidance in picking your Fleshlight, check out our complete buyers guide here

Fleshlight Go Vs. Fleshlight Flight 

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The Fleshlight Flight is another Fleshlight designed to be smaller than the standard Fleshlights, and the casing of the Flight is smaller than the Go, while the width is comparable. When inserting a finger into the two, the Flight is much tighter. It is also an inch short, making the Flight a great option for smaller guys who those who would like something tighter.

Fleshlight Go vs. Quickshot 

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It’s unfair to compare the Quickshot to any closed Fleshlight. The Quickshot series provides an open-ended sleeve that provides a completely different experience. It’s much smaller than any of the other sleeves I’ve mentioned thus far and is perfect for quickly cleaning, long jerk off sessions, and traveling. I find that the Quickshots are a bit tight with the case on, but it’s more of a novelty item when compared to something like the Go.

Is The Fleshlight “Go” Right For You?

I would recommend the Go sleeves to anyone looking at getting a Fleshlight. They’re cheaper and smaller than the standard models, making them great for guys who wanna go for long periods of time or who are on a budget. That being said, the Go textures are some of the best I have ever tried. Of course, only you can decide if a Go sleeve or a standard sleeve is right for you. 

If you’re average or smaller than average, the Go sleeves are a fantastic option! There isn’t really any need for the extra length of the standard-sized Fleshlights. If you’re an average guy, you aren’t going to be able to reach all the texture anyway, which means you’re missing out! Even with just the two textures, I highly recommend giving them a shot over the regular Fleshlight lines.

Guys who are sporting a length of 7 inches or more may find that regular sleeves suit their needs better. The width of the Go sleeves are similar to the standard-sized Fleshlights, and girthier guys shouldn’t have any problems. I also recommend the standard sleeves if you’re looking to buy several textures, as the options with the Go line are limited.

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Final Thoughts

I love this line because it is lighter and I can reach every inch of the texture. The Surge is great for subtle texture and explosive orgasm. While the Torque is intense all the way through and great for watching myself get off. Both lead to extremely satisfying orgasms and come highly recommended by TugBro.

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