Ah, Alexis Texas… the blonde-haired vixen of my wet dreams. I’m sure that anyone who watches porn has come across scenes involving her and her tight little body. She is a fantastic porn star who’s paired up with the ever-popular Fleshlight Girls line to create a fan favorite, must-have pocket pussy. Her scenes have led to many tug sessions where I fantasize about what being inside her might feel like.

While I highly doubt the inside of her vagina has spiraling nubs in two separate chambers, I know that the Alexis Texas Outlaw lotus texture Fleshlight is the closest I’ll ever get to the real deal. Even though it’s not the real thing and the inside does not feel exactly like a real vagina, it remains a fantastic option!

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Why Choose Alexis Texas?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably, at the very least, heard of Alexis Texas. She is 145 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches of pure, unadulterated sex. She has won many well-deserved awards in the adult film industry. If you haven’t already guessed, she is a porn star who began her career with Shane’s World College Amateur Tour in her home town in Texas.

She has made her mark and will go down in history as one of the hottest porn stars known to man. She has ass for days and she sports 34C tits. She has been in countless adult films and her co-stars have only had great things to say about this tug-worthy blonde bombshell.

The Alexis Texas Outlaw Sleeve

How Does It Feel?

The Alexis Texas Outlaw Fleshlight is made from the company’s trademarked skin-like material, Cyberskin, and a little warm water running through it before use warms it up enough to feel real. The lips are modeled after Alexis’ and are detailed to perfection. The inner lips are splayed wide with a large, beautiful clit. The opening between the lips is wide and inviting. When I stuck a finger inside, before getting down to business, I could feel some flaps in a small opening and then nubs in a larger area. I could only get my finger into the first flap of the second separator.

Just inside the relaxed-looking opening, there is a sphincter that squeezed me as I entered it, but the first portion is more relaxed than the tighter, deeper parts of the masturbator. Just past the opening are incredible nubs and twists for maximum pleasure. While the outside of the Fleshlight is modeled after Alexis’ lips, the inside features unnatural sphincters, nubs, and twists for a unique and pleasurable time.

These different sections feature different types of sensations, but combining the two different types of textures creates a flawless and fantastic feeling. The Alexis Texas fleshlight texture is modeled after the popular lotus texture, knowing that speaks volumes for the quality of this product.

As I said, there are two chambers in this Fleshlight, both two inches long. The chambers are separated by long connectors, that provide flaps to stimulate the penis. The nubs are in a twisting pattern that feels great rubbing against the shaft. The first sensation is the squeezing caused by the first connector, then there is the light feeling of the first set of nubs. Next, I felt the second connector and the second, tighter canal with nubs. The second set of nubs are more noticeable due to the tighter canal. The most notable sensation is the tightness caused by the difference in the canals and separators.

My Experience Using It

I do think that those on the smaller side may not find this Fleshlight to be stimulating enough because it is rather loose. For averaged sized men, they will be able to feel the textures, but may also find it to not tight enough. While others, with more girth, may find it to be the perfect size – tight, but not uncomfortably so. This Fleshlight is not well suited for quick orgasms and I find that I reach for this one when I want a slower build-up than normal. The build-up with this Fleshlight is fantastic and worth taking my time to enjoy every stroke.

Remember TugBros, it’s always recommended to wash your pocket pussy after every use. Check out the product care combo at the official Fleshlight website to help maximize your cleaning process. Simply mix your Fleshwash with hot water and let it sit for 20-40 minutes. Once it’s squeaky clean, apply your renewing powder to make sure your sleeve feels brand new, every time.

This Fleshlight is 100% TugBro approved. The realism and likeness of the labia to Alexis Texas is enough to get me off visually and the texture, while light, is enough to build up an awesome orgasm and push me over the edge. If this is as close as I ever get to being with this blonde bombshell, I am very pleased with what Fleshlight has come up with. That being said, it tugs.. and it tugs well.

Alexis Texas “Tornado” (Anal Orifice)

So now that we’ve learned everything there is to know about Alexis’ Outlaw model (lady), let’s take a quick look at the anal version: The Alexis Texas Tornado. Ah, the forbidden fruit, anal sex is no longer the taboo that it once was, so why not take this chance to finally explore the other side of the Fleshlights we know and love.

If this is your first time trying out an anal orifice, why not start with one of the most well-known booties in porn? After all, that huge round booty is what helped Alexis gain so much fame in the first place.

The Outlaw comes with a uniquely designed canal that contains three hollows which face each other in the middle of each chamber. What this means is that the diameter of the entire inner canal is extremely changeable, ranging from 0.5 inches in the tighter, constricted area to 0.7 inches inside the chambers.

To check out what your fellow consumers think about these TugWorthy sleeves, click here and navigate to the user reviews section of this page. Only real buyers are allowed to leave these reviews here so you’re guaranteed to get genuine reviews from satisfied customers.

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Alexis Texas Outlaw Fleshlight. The texture is subtle and provides a slow build-up to an amazing orgasm. The two nubbed and twisted canals, with the distinct separators between them, provides more than enough pleasure and stimulation. There are varied feelings of tightness throughout the entire sleeve, and this paired with the realistic look and feel of Alexis herself. Overall, it provides a great structure with a natural “fleshy” feel and stimulation.

This Fleshlight is a fantastic addition to Fleshlight’s porn star line-up. It has excellent quality and is a fantastic addition to my collection. The intensity is only moderately stimulating, but there is variety between the bumps, ridges, and twists. Penetrating this Fleshlight feels amazing and never fails to lead me to an amazing orgasm. It has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. If you’re interested in purchasing this product for yourself, click here to go straight to the official Fleshlight store, here you can check the price and decide for yourself. Going straight to the geniuses at Fleshlight will ensure that you always get the real thing at the best price.

I would love to hear if you guys have tried the Outlaw or Tornado and what your thoughts may be on it. Thanks for reading TugBros, check out our homepage for more product reviews and TugTips.

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