What do you get when you pair a well-known porn actress and a luxury brand name male masturbator? You get a next-level orgasm, with the lips of your favorite porn star. I’ve reviewed a ton of Fleshlights from the “Fleshlight Girls” line, and the Misty Stone Lady really stands out. While her butt sleeve is great, it’s a bit overshadowed by the beautiful lips and texture of the Lady. 

Not only does Misty Stone’s Fleshlight come in an exclusive mocha color that only a select few Fleshlights come in, but it also has the exclusive “Bump N Grind” texture.

This Fleshlight comes with two exclusive features that you won’t see in the majority of Fleshlight sleeves. And that is incredible, considering that it is also exclusively modeled after Misty Stone and is the only Fleshlight on the market with her delectable pussy lips sitting front and center. 

Misty Stone is well known for her role in the porn parody of “The Cosby Show”. She didn’t intend to become a porn star, but once she began, she gave it her all and has climbed the ranks to being named a top porn star. She made that dream come true when she got the honor of becoming a Fleshlight Girl!

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Who Is Misty Stone?

Misty Stone started her sex entertainment career in 2006, but has since branched into more mainstream entertainment, such as “Co-Ed Confidential” and “Sons of Anarchy.” She has even done voice-overs in GTA-V. Her sex drive is comparable to her work-ethic, both are hardcore and focused, with outstanding results. She is an outspoken advocate for adult entertainment performers of color. 

She has become a well-known porn star in her career as a performer, she has over 300 adult movies and has been nominated for over 35 awards within the adult industry, winning five of them.

No matter what Misty puts her mind to, she accomplishes and does the best she can, whether that is winning the “Urban X Porn Star of the Year”, or making all your fantasies come true. Her perky breasts and tug-tastic ass are favorites of many Penthouse Fans, making her “Pet of the Month” in 2014.

She has flawless caramel skin, an unforgettable beautiful face, and a fit, tight little body. I consider those who have the luxury of enjoying her body lucky and I was excited to give the Bump N’ Grind a try. Even more excited than she was to be invited to be a Fleshlight Girl. 

Misty Stone’s Fleshlight Sleeve & Texture

Bump N’ Grind – (Lady/Vaginal Sleeve) 


The opening of the canal leads to a series of bumps and ribs that are stimulating enough to elicit a moan right off the bat. There are three rows of ribs and bumps that lead to a grinding vortex. Hence the name, Bump N Grind.

Past the grinding vortex, there is another set of bumps in an extra-tight canal and another incredible grinding vortex. Finally, there is a larger set of bumps that tease the head. 

As with any Fleshlight, I was able to control the amount of suction and pressure I get with each use by twisting the end cap of the plastic casing. The Bump N’ Grind is customizable for any of my pleasure needs and the texture is intense enough to drive me to powerful orgasms.

The vortex chambers are designed to provide deep pleasure when driving towards the end of an intense masturbation session. I imagine that you’d get the same intense and diverse pleasure from actually having sex with Misty herself.

It’s like a nine and a half-inch roller coaster of pleasure for your Johnson with a beautiful and inviting opening. It offers a firm grip around the head and shaft, I recommend a ton of lube to decrease the chance of chafing your precious tug-muscle.

Paired with Fleshlight’s Water-Based Lube, the Bump N’ Grind feels almost flesh-like.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Not only is the Misty Stone Fleshlight a pleasure investment, but it also an investment in the amount of time it takes to keep it clean. With proper care, this Fleshlight can last you a lifetime. Due to the texture found within the folds of this Fleshlight, it does take time and effort to keep it clean, dry, and not sticky.

But every moment I put into taking care of my Fleshlight is totally worth it. I recommend only using Fleshlight’s Fleshlube, Fleshwash, and Renewing Powder in order to keep it supple and like new. Looking for a starter kit that includes everything you need to maintain your sleeve?


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My Experience Using Misty’s Sleeve

I love pairing my Misty Stone Fleshlight with the VStroker for a virtual reality experience that pushes the bounds of my imagination to its limit when getting off. Liberator’s Fleshlight Mount is a great way to experience thrusting into Misty. Imagining that I’m pounding her tight, textured pussy is a very enjoyable masturbation experience.

The Misty Stone Fleshlight sleeve has an insane amount of texture and stimulates every inch of my penis when in use. Due to the patterns of the texture, the sleeve is usable for any penis length but will feel tighter on girthier guys. Due to the clever arrangement of patterns, the Bump N’ Grind canal has a varied stimulation effect that creates cravings to use it more and more.

There are so many ways to experience Misty Stone, but only if I keep my Fleshlight in tip-top shape, and care for it properly. There are so many ways to experience this Fleshlight and I intend on keeping it in perfect shape so that I can continue to explore the textures and accessories for a long time.

I find the Misty Stone Fleshlight to be absolutely incredible. Everything from the beautiful creases in the lips to the bumps and ridges placed inside the canal calls to me on nights that I crave an intense stimulation.

Where Can You Get One?

The only place I’d recommend you purchase this Fleshlight (or any other Fleshlight for that matter) is directly from the official Fleshlight store (use coupon code “TUGBRO10” at checkout).

They offer the best price available, free shipping and you can also rest assured you’re going to receive a genuine Fleshlight sleeve. There’s plenty of knock off Fleshlights available on the internet, so be sure to only buy from reputable stores.

Final Thoughts

Misty Stone is a dedicated professional and works hard on perfecting her brand and doing the best at whatever she does. With talent, beauty, and brains, she stars in porn films, has her own production company, has starred in mainstream media, and has her own line of organic beauty products. She is the complete package and portrays that in her Fleshlight.

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