Asa Akira is a well known Japanese-American porn star and director who is well-known for her hardcore porn movies and high profile appearances in mainstream media. After seeing her tug-tastic ass in action and noticing that Fleshlight had sleeves designed after her, I simply had to try them out for myself!

She’s got over 20 adult industry awards under her belt and a total of 5 Fleshlights designed in her likeness.

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Asa Akira “Dragon” Sleeve

The Asa Akira “Dragon” Fleshlight may be the very best option available for men of a larger size, due to its simplistic design. The sleeve measures about 9.5 inches in length and ranges from 0.5 to 0.7 inches in width. The coveted “Dragon” sleeve is one of the best-sellers on the Fleshlight store and its design is a single chamber, running from opening to opening.

Unlike Asa’s original lady sleeve, this single chamber features texture. A nubbed spiral runs along the entire length, interrupted only by the raised ridges found under and between the spiral. The nubs on the spiral have a diameter of about 0.16 inches and provide intense pleasure directly to the shaft and head of the penis.

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Asa Akira “Asahole” Sleeve

On the other end, we have the “Asahole” Fleshlight, which is Asa Akira’s Butt Fleshlight. The texture of the Asahole is intense and tight, making it the perfect option for men who love anal sex and crazy textures. It has four chambers, all with their own unique, intense structure. I’m going to focus on the Dragon more than I will the Asahole, but I wanted to cover the Asahole a bit. Considering that double penetration and anal sex are some of Asa Akira’s favorite sex acts, I had to share my thoughts on the Asahole. It doesn’t hurt that I love the name of this Fleshlight and the intense textures provide quick, powerful orgasms. 

Asahole Chamber

Asahole Inner Chamber

The first chamber has a raised and dented checkerboard type texture. The second chamber has small, marble type raised bumps, they’re close and the chamber is tight. The third chamber starts with ridges that circle the chamber, then leads into a wider opening that has raised platforms to squeeze the shaft as the user thrusts into it. The final chamber features two large rings, one on each end, and in the middle are more ridges that circle the chamber and are much larger than the ones found in the third chamber.

Who Is Asa Akira?


She began her career in sex work at the age of 18 as a dominatrix and then went on to become a stripper. From stripping, she went straight into hardcore porn at the age of 20, and as of now has starred in over 500 adult films! She started appearing exclusively on girl-on-girl scenes, but quickly went on to participate in boy-girl scenes, giving Travis Knight the privilege of being the first male co-star to work with her.

As you probably already guessed, she is bisexual. At the time of writing this review, she is 33 years old (born January 3rd, 1986), which is hard to believe just by looking at her. She weighs around 105lbs and has perky 32C breasts. But she is best known for her supple ass and love of creating anal porn. She is also known as Akira, Akira Lee, Asa, and Tracy Han.

Not only does she star in porn, but is now trying her hand at writing – I came across one of her pieces on YourTango. While at first glance, (and second, and third) Asa Akira may be a pretty face (and ass, and labia), but she is so much more than that! A smart woman with a rockin’ body like hers is more than enough fap fodder, but I often find myself visiting her website, too.

How Do They Feel?

The sleeves match her orifices perfectly and making a choice between the Dragon and Asahole sleeves was impossible – so impossible that I wound up with both of them… The textures and unique patterns of these two sleeves do 95% of the work when in use, it can caress and grip my penis just like a real vagina would!

At first, the texture isn’t very noticeable. The ridges and bumps were subtle, but the more I thrust into the sleeve, the more noticeable the texture became. The spiral felt as if something was wrapped around my shaft and drawing me in. It creates a sort of “milking” sensation, but it isn’t as strong since the sleeve is a bit wider than others.

Thrusting into and out of the sleeve made the small bumps become more obvious and create an intense stimulation around the entire shaft and head. I found myself wanting a bit more pressure, but the light stimulation slowly builds up to a powerful orgasm. The closer I got to my climax, the more sensitive I was to the stimulation of the textures. 

As for the Asahole Fleshlight, the texture is more than intense and a bit overwhelming. I find that using this one is best when I want a lot of stimulation and a short, but sweet wank. This one is also more difficult to clean compared to other Fleshlights.

Between the two, I prefer the Dragon, but find myself reaching for the Asahole almost as much when I turn on Asa’s videos. I love watching her in action simultaneously as I make use of her Fleshlights. I actually tend to do this with every Fleshlight from the Fleshlight Girls Line – at least for the first tug. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Asa Akira’s Fleshlights are amazing. I love the simplistic texture in the Dragon and the intense design of the Asahole. I find myself giggling whenever the name of Asa’s anal Fleshlight pops in my head. Not only do I enjoy watching her in action, but matching my strokes with the Dragon creates a unique experience that I’m happy to recommend to any fan of hers.

As always, you can get yours directly from the official Fleshlight website.


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