We’ve all been there. You’re traveling, or even worse, on an airplane and you’re anxious that someone may see your Fleshlight – maybe even the people at the X-ray machine at the airport.

Luckily, Fleshlight has got you covered to prevent all of those guilty, dark fears from ever being realized.

Introducing: the Fleshlight Flight – the most discreet and versatile sex toy line for men that remains one of the most stimulating pleasure devices you’ll ever stick your tugger in!

This Fleshlight line offers two unique sleeve designs for you to choose from – the Aviator & Pilot sleeves. But which one’s better for you?… Let’s find out!

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Fleshlight FlightAviator

Click here for more info on the “Aviator” sleeve!

Fleshlight Flight’s Aviator sleeve is a unique one in the sense that it’s completely transparent and inconspicuous so that even airline security won’t know you plan to penetrate it later that evening…

The Flight Aviator has a total length of 8 inches, with 6 inches of penetrable tuggin’ space. So if you’re longer than that, don’t expect to fit it all inside.

However, for the vast majority of average and below-average men, this sleeve will do perfectly. 

Anyway, the sleeve has fifteen consecutive constrictions, each tighter than the last up until the last third of the length. This comes down to about half an inch in diameter in the middle of the sleeve, which is more than tight enough for anyone capable of reaching it. The entire sleeve only has these vertical ribs, but in the first couple of inches, there are some horizontal ones as well, making the sleeve wider but more intensive for those of us with shorter man meats. 

The last few ribs are expanding, meaning there’s more than enough space to accommodate your juice!

You can buy this toy from Fleshlight, but note that this is one of the tightest sleeves on the market (hence its extreme popularity!)

You’ll need plenty of lube to… finish your task. If you wanna get the very best lube to use with this toy, we always recommend Fleshlube from Fleshlight – it even comes in a combo for 15% off!

Also, when you order the sleeve from Fleshlight, you get the Flight Adapter to use with your shower mount, if you have one!

Fleshlight FlightPilot 

Click here for more info on the “Pilot” sleeve!

Unlike the Aviator, whose main characteristic is being completely clear, “Pilot” is completely opaque – but don’t think for a second that’s all this baby has to offer!

The Pilot is sleek, aerodynamic (not that it matters but it looks nice!) and very discreet – nobody will be able to tell what it is since it’s completely black and uniformly textured. Well, unless they read the inscription on the front. 

The Pilot, as with the Aviator, is eight inches long with six of those inches being reserved for your tugger. If you’re bigger than that, you’ll want to look at something else, but if you travel, there’s no better companion to keep by your side.

Determined to join the coveted Mile High club? This is the toy for you.

The Pilot’s sleeve begins with a transparent entrance neatly adapted to fit your cock and then transitions into an extremely tight first inch, ensuring that literally any man stick will be 100% stimulated from the get-go.

Afterward, there’s an expansion that may loosen its grip on you, though you’ll still feel every millimeter, as it has tiny little pleasure nubs designed to put exhilarating pressure on specific key points of your head.

To finish up, the sleeve constricts once again to about a quarter of an inch which will be the high point for many of its users as it provides maximum intensity. The remainder of the sleeve is one long section covered in a variety of textures and the deeper you go, the more intense they get!

The first texture is composed of a few rows of larger nubs pointing in your direction so all the laws of physics work together to help you get off.

Finally, there’s a row of concentric little balls that put even more pressure all-around your shaft, before the sleeve finishes off with seven tiny ribs for the sides of your meathead!

The sleeve expands in the end, to make more room for you to fill it up with your man syrup!

Cleaning Process

Read our complete Fleshlight Cleaning Guide for more in-depth instructions.

Both of these Fleshlights are cleaned much like any other Fleshlight – fill them up with water, rinse, repeat, apply FleshWash & Renewing Powder and leave to dry.

You may need to turn the Aviator sleeve inside out to get the remaining lube out from between the ribs but, all in all, nothing complicated.


Now let’s take a moment to grade these Fleshlights on five different scales to ensure maximum truthfulness for our readers. 


Both of these Fleshlights aren’t designed to be realistic, but they feel pretty damn good which is why both get a 3/5 for realism


When you look at a cross-section of these Fleshlights, you notice they’re both extremely tight, coming to under half an inch multiple times. So, 5/5 for tightness for both


5/5. Both. No discussion required.

Ease of Access:

The Fleshlight Flight toys are designed to be discreet, not easy to use, but they still manage to reduce cleaning time compared to other masturbators. 3/5 for the Aviator, 4/5 for the Pilot. 


If I could give a score higher than 5/5, I would. The Aviator is impossible to discern if you don’t already know what it is and the Pilot looks like a vague black… thing. So, a perfect score on both. 

All in all, I give both of these toys a 4/5, just because discreetness isn’t everything, but neither is clean up and they both feel heavenly.

Final Thoughts/Where to Buy

Do you travel a lot? Do you want to tug your meat on-the-go? Do you prefer something tighter than most? Are you at or under 6 inches?

If your answer to all or most of these is “yes”, then I promise you’ll adore any Fleshlight Flight toy!

Itching to purchase the Flight for yourself but unsure about the price?

Thankfully, our partnership with Fleshlight enables you to save 10% on any and all Fleshlight products by entering our discount code at checkout.

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