Call me a purist, but I don’t mess around with those weird strokers that look like you ripped someone’s lips and throat out just to have your way with it. I’m a man of class, wealth, and culture. This means I settle for nothing less than the best, especially when recommending products for my fellow TugBros.

Naturally, this frequently brings me to the Fleshlight website during my research period. Normally I’d just have my loyal butler deal with the specifics, but this time was different.

I needed something new. Something wild. Something…fantastical!

Introducing, the Fleshlight Turbo.

You may have heard some rumors about these elusive Fleshlight coupons that a select few websites have been graced with. It’s nearly impossible to find one that actually works or isn’t expired.

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The Turbocharged Fleshlight

A very tight and enjoyable experience through and through, all while doing its best to be a “blowjob simulator”. I do find that term thrown around a bit too much for marketing purposes, but I digress…

Thanks to the 8.5 inches of useable space there’s a lot to look forward to here. When engaged in some real hard tuggin’ I’m a little ashamed to admit that I like the opaqueness of the toy. I know some Tugbros out there tend to get spooked by a “realistic” looking toy, so they’ll be happy to know this toy just has a hole, no fake coochie or bootyhole in question.

The way Fleshlight has managed weaponized simplicity always gets me going as well. For a shockingly simple fleshlight, the Turbo offers one of the most customizable experiences available. The adjustable cap at the opposite end makes for a custom experience when it comes to the overall suction level.

Do I Like It?

Well, I’m incredibly flattered that you’re here to get the news straight from the horse’s mouth. The Fleshlight Turbo is absolutely Tugbro Approved! It’s just so darn tight! It took me more than a few tries to find my perfect level of suction but in the end, it was all worth it and then some.

Any intrepid Tugbros who want a bit of a peep show and the Fleshlight that closest mimics the sensations felt from fellatio is at home with this toy, I foresee this one getting worn out before the year’s over without a doubt.

The Fleshlight Network promises the “most satisfying alternative to oral sex”. Having tested this toy myself, I concur. This was accomplished by offering the most suction of any toy in their arsenal, the customization options make this experience even more tailored to you, the individual.

Where Can You Get One?

If you’re interested in getting a Fleshlight Turbo for your own masturbatory enjoyment, I suggest you purchase it directly from You’ll find no better resource for all things related to male sex toys.

While you’re at it, why not check out the massive selection of celebrity FleshlightGirls they have to offer.

The reason being is that they will no doubt offer the lowest price available at the time you’re reading this. Also, when you buy directly from the manufacturer you can guarantee you’re going to receive a legitimate product. I’ve heard many horror stories of fellow Tug Bro’s buying what they thought was a legit Fleshlight only to receive a cheap knock-off in the mail.


The Fleshlight Turbo is a great male masturbator and was definitely worth the price I paid for it. I can confidently recommend this product.

I can honestly say I’ve yet to be let down by a Fleshlight product.

That’s all I got for now, boys, until next time.

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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