The Quickshot line of Fleshlights are simple enough on their own, being Fleshlight’s solution to their original line being bulky, not travel-friendly, and too heavy for prolonged use. Using a dab of lube and taking a second to warm it up, the Quickshot is the perfect solution for someone looking to get more bang for less buck. 

On its own, the Quickshot is a tug-tastic chunk of SuperSkin that grips and grinds against the shaft, leaving the head exposed for added pleasure and sensations. I find that using the Quickshot while massaging the head of my dick to be phenomenal! If you want my full opinion on the Quickshot Boost and Vantage, you can read my full Fleshlight Quickshot review to learn more.

Today, I bring you the revolutionary Fleshlight Quickshot Launch!

You read that right, the Quickshot… Launch. A product based on the original Fleshlight Launch, but designed with the Quickshot line in mind. As if blessing us with the Fleshlight Girls line wasn’t enough, Fleshlight has now brought us this magnificent piece of technology as well! This product is no exception to the high standard I hold this company to and once again, it more than delivers on the brands’ commitment to excellence.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to get your Quickshot Fleshlight separately to get you started, Fleshlight has tons of options, whether you only want a Quickshot sleeve or if you’re interested in an all-inclusive combo.

You may have heard some rumors about these elusive Fleshlight coupons that a select few websites have been graced with. It’s nearly impossible to find one that actually works or isn’t expired.

It’s my pleasure to announce that we’ve teamed up with Fleshlight to bring you one of these exclusive coupons for our fellow TugBros! 

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What Is The Quickshot Launch?

The Quickshot Launch is an automatic masturbator created by Fleshlight to enhance user experience with Fleshlight’s Quickshot products. The Quickshots are meant to manually stimulate a blowjob, but everyone knows that manually stimulating a blowjob truly takes away from the experience and can be awfully tiring.

Queue the Quickshot Launch. Fleshlight took the notes from customer complaints about the original Launch and as a result, gave us something amazing. The folks down at Fleshlight must have realized that the Quickshot on its own was flawed, and blessed us with its own Launch device to grace us with a true blowjob experience and orgasm. It is the most affordable option on the market for frequent blowjob simulations.

The Quickshot is locked into the clear cradle and then operated by a series of multi-function controls. Everything is customizable to the user’s needs and it’s surprisingly easy to use with a powerful punch. With the original Launch, customers found faulty controls and difficulty holding the device comfortably. All of this is remedied with the FQL. 

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch has a refined design, features a handle to help the user grip it (even if their hands are covered in lube), and the controls are vastly improved. With the Launch in mind, Fleshlight refined and upgraded the equipment they used to create the FQL, making a fantastic piece of technology to add to anyone’s toy box.

As part of its promotional release, Fleshlight released this hilarious video, that really needs to be seen to be believed. In order to avoid giving away any spoilers, I’ll just include the video below:

What Features Does It Have?

Oh boy, is this a loaded question. What features does the Quickshot Launch not have? It truly is an extraordinary feat of modern technology and I’m reminded of that every time I use it. It has four stroke speeds and length settings. These are controlled by a touch-sensitive pad on either side of the device, the pad on the left speeds it up and slows it down, while the pad on the right controls the length of the strokes.

All in all, it’s 14 inches long, perfect for nearly any sized TugBro. The strokes can go up to 250 per minute and allow me to toggle through three pleasure zones, the base, shaft, and tip. This allows me to focus the strokes on any of these three areas. 

It is completely rechargeable, via a USB connection and requires absolutely no batteries. It can be used while it’s charging or as a wireless device, and with a full charge, you get a full hour of playtime. The best part of it, at least my favorite, is the universal smartphone mount on the top of it that allows me to watch porn while using it! This can be dangerous if you plan on finishing in this manner, as the mount puts the phone right in the line of fire…

My Opinion After Using It

After trying the Fleshlight Launch and knowing how much I love the Quickshot, I had to get my hands on the Quickshot Launch as soon as it became available. The open design that allows me to watch the Quickshot do its thing along with the new handles really sealed the deal for me. As soon as I got it, I plugged it in and waited to use it. 

I first used the Vantage, the clear sleeve that fits in this automatic masturbator. Putting the Quickshot into the FQL was easy and it fits securely in place. I promptly plopped my smartphone into the mount on the top of the Launch and found that I was able to change the angle by loosening and tightening a nut found on the mount. I found an angle that put my phone out of the direct line of fire, but I was still worried about finishing on my phone.

Holding down the power button for three seconds turns the FQL on. Tapping the power button causes the toy to pause or play and holding it for another four seconds will turn it off. After turning it on, lubing myself up, and getting into position, it was time to see what this thing was capable of. Remember to use Fleshlight’s own FleshLube for the definitive Fleshlight experience.

The handles are ergonomic and there are grooves where my palms rest comfortably. Even when my hands get lube on them, holding the toy firmly in place is easy. With all systems ready to fire, I rest the bottom of the Quickshot Launch against my pubic bone. There is a large opening at the bottom so that the Quickshot masturbator can fully stroke the user, but the bits of the FQL that touch my skin when in use are smooth and feel comfortable against my skin. 

The settings increase the strokes by one second, the first option is about one stroke per second and the highest setting is about four strokes per second. There is also the option to vary the stroke lengths, again, there are four settings. The quickest setting is intense and powerful, I take my time to work up to the highest setting and highly recommend avoiding it at the beginning of a session to avoid damaging your tug-muscle.

In short, it tugs great. 

Final Thoughts

This high-tech sex toy is amazing and transforms the Quickshot toys into automatic blowjob machines of the highest quality and ease of access. It is a modern miracle in sexual machinery and is guaranteed to make any tech geek glow with glee – or maybe that’s a post-orgasm glow…

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to buy your own, I recommend purchasing it directly from the Fleshlight website for the best price and customer service.

Click here to browse all Quickshot buying options to get you started.

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