Have you ever had a fantasy of what it would feel like to drive your hard willy into an older, mature beauty? If you do, you’re certainly not alone. Anyone would like a chance to spend a night with an expert. I’ve always fantasized about older women, and I know I’m not alone, there’s something about cougars that drive younger men crazy. But guess what?… This fantasy recently became a reality for me. Do you want to know how? Sit back and relax, I’m going to introduce you to your very own cougar that you can hold in the palm of your hand… introducing: the Lisa Ann Fleshlight

When the phrase “Fleshlight Girl” is mentioned, a preconceived notion may flash in the back of your mind… There are tons of young and beautiful FleshlightGirl models of course, but for those with a preference for a mature, experienced beauty, Lisa Ann is undoubtedly the choice for you. 

Lisa Ann Fleshlight is unique when compared to others of this line. This toy is perfectly molded and created from the essence of the retired, yet gorgeous pornstar, Lisa Ann. This toy helped many fans revive their interest in Lisa Ann, myself included. 

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Get To Know Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is a legendary adult actress, who debuted in the mid-nineties. After her performance as Sarah Palin in the video “Who’s Nailin’ Palin”, she became a global success, and her fan base rose drastically. This alluring, mouthwatering babe is known to be sophisticated and poised in the streets, but a freak in sheets… This has been evidenced in her scenes and her unique front-facing bristles, which helped her grab several prestigious adult film awards. 

Despite her retirement after many years in the adult movie industry, she remains relevant in the porn scene. Using her mastery and experience in the industry, she now also mentors the younger pornstars.

Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight comes in two different sleeves and textures. 

Savage – Butt Orifice

The Savage or anal version is cast from the booty-hole of Lisa Ann. As expected, this orifice is tighter than the other Lisa Ann sleeve, and from my experience, it is one of the tightest as far as Fleshlight sleeves are concerned. 

Inside the orifice, it is ribbed with a long twisting motion. The deeper you thrust, the more the grooves release and tighten around your willy. The insertable length is 9 inches, which means it can accommodate TugBros of any size. No one lasts long inside the Savage because of the sort of tightness it provides. 

Barracuda – Lady Orifice


The other Lisa Ann sleeve is the lady orifice from her signature, vintage pussy. Barracuda is comprised of front-facing bristles and is more subtle and slow than the butt orifice.

Chamber One

This chamber is 1.5 inches long, filled with bumps or outward-pointing bristles. The protrusions point at an angle of 45 degrees towards the entrance and each is 0.4 inches long. 

Towards the end of the first chamber, is a constriction that opens us to the second chamber. The constriction is 0.4 inches long.

Second Chamber

This chamber extends to the end of the sleeve. Also, it has long-stemmed bumps that have a length of 0.4 inches each and protrudes at an angle of 45 degrees. The bumps are positioned close towards each other, pointing towards the end of the sleeve.

How Does The Barracuda Feel?

On entering the opening of the orifice, your penis is met by a bump of very soft bristles. These bumps create small, pointed stimulation. The movement of the penis forces the bumps to face towards the direction of the constriction. This creates a swirl around feeling on the penis head. 

Further movement towards the second chamber through the constriction creates an intense and brief tight sensation from the constriction. Inside the second chamber, the penis is wrapped by a dense forest of bumps. Furthermore, the bumps massage and fondle the head of the penis. This creates a pleasurable stimulation on your Johnson. 

A backward thrust causes the bumps in the second chamber to bend in the opposite direction. This intensifies the massaging effect. The positioning of the constriction is strategic in that the squeeze from the constriction coincides with the penis-head being stimulated by the bumps. 


Cleaning the dense forest of bumps can be a bit tedious. You have to run plenty of water through its ends to remove any jizz or other residues. Fast running hot water should be used along with your preferred cleaner. The sleeve takes longer to dry out than most other Fleshlight sleeves. 

As always, we recommend Fleshlight’s Product Care Kit since it’s made specifically with male sex-toys in mind.

Pros and Cons Of Lisa Ann’s Barracuda Fleshlight


  • Compared to most other Fleshlight sleeves, Barracuda is unique in that it provides stimulation more on the head of the penis rather than the shaft.
  • The mold exemplifies Lisa’s pussy and brings out her expertise by not being too tight
  • It has a sleek, realistic feel


  • As in other Fleshlight Girls, the sleeve requires lube before using it
  • It is not automated like the Fleshlight Launch. You, therefore, have to pump it up.

Remember to get all your Male Lubricant straight from Fleshlight!

Where To Buy Lisa Ann’s Fleshlights

You can get both of Lisa Ann’s Fleshlights straight from the manufacturer. This will ensure you always get the best price, free shipping, and guaranteed authenticity.

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