Folks! I have some exhilarating news for you. If you’ve ever felt torn in deciding which Fleshlight Girl sex toy to go for, then the hassle is over. A new Fleshlight Girl toy has hit the market hard and blown it away! 

To be more precise, I will take you through my time with Riley Reid’s “Utopia” and “Euphoria” Fleshlight sleeves and let you have an idea of what my experience was like.

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Why Choose Riley Reid?

First, let’s get to know Riley Reid, a renowned female pornstar who earned a foothold in the adult film industry from her explicit scenes in front of the camera. She covers some hardcore niches such as gang bang, anal, lesbian, etc. With a repertoire like that, Riley has ridden her way to the top. 

Riley Reid is an exquisite beauty with a ravenous sexual appetite and has taken over adult movie screens with a bang. This gorgeous California girl with exotic looks, complemented by her perfect lips, one of a kind pussy and petite body (34B-25-36) debuted in the adult film industry back in 2011. 

After a series of high profile performances for a couple of years, Riley Reid finally debuted as a Fleshlight Girl in January 2016. In no time, she has become the epitome of what a pornstar should be. Fearless, sexy and most importantly, Tug Worthy.

As a Fleshlight Girl, Riley Reid is known for her two signature textures, Utopia (lady) and Euphoria (butt). 

The Utopia model features an orifice of Reid’s stunning pussy.

Euphoria, on the other hand, highlights Reid’s perky butt and therefore, your deepest anal fantasies can remain well sorted. The inner design of Riley Reid’s Euphoria model is intricately textured and tightly grips every inch of your pecker.

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Riley Reid’s Fleshlights

The Utopia Sleeve – Vaginal/Lady Sleeve


The sleeve of Riley Reid’s “Utopia” model comes with an orifice anatomically molded from her vagina. The orifice mimics the appearance of her beautiful labia and pink pussy lips. Staring at or grabbing hold of the sleeve makes you feel like you are personally touching her panties. Its inner design contains a coiled design, with dozens of pleasure pockets.

Riley Reid’s “Utopia” has four distinct pleasure chambers. Along the whole sleeve is a tight-fitting canal with different evenly distributed structural elements such as uniquely designed rings that further enhance sexual stimulation.

Chamber One

After getting half an inch inside the Utopia, our first chamber begins. It is 1.2 inches with three cross-ribs. The chamber leads into a widening pattern with the first ring having a diameter of 0.8 inches, the second one is 1 inch, and the last ring has a diameter of 1.2 inches. 

Just after the widest spot, we get to a constriction link that abruptly tightens to a diameter of 0.6 inches. The tight passage links us to the second chamber. Don’t worry TugBros, it’s all part of the simulation.

Chamber Two

Over a total length of 2 inches, we have a zone of four soft bump-rings. A single ring has eight bumps that point towards the center of each respective ring. These bumps are small, slightly stretched and feature a flat service. This helps the chamber give a soft, gentle stimulation to your penis. 

Following the second chamber is a transition constriction to the longest chamber – the third chamber. This constriction is much more distinct. It is 0.2 inches on its tightest spot and offers a more unique shape. Its most distinctive feature is that contrary to the usual, continuous rings, the constriction features small gaps between a set of blocks. The constriction is broad and flattens towards both ends from its tightest point.

Chamber Three

This leads us to the third chamber. With a length of 4.15 inches, it is the longest self-contained centerpiece of the Utopia. The zone is characterized by two special kinds of spirals. 

The first spiral is comprised of a multitude of bumps. The bumps are placed closer to each other, leaving very small gaps in between them. The bumps increase in size as the spiral gets longer. Therefore, while the first bumps have a diameter of 0.1 inches, the last ones are 0.24 inches. 

The second spiral runs parallel through the whole chamber. The spiral is rather a rib. When the two spirals are combined, they provide a sensation of ribs and bumps wrapping on your boner, turning into an alternative stimulation. The canal tightens gently as you thrust further. In the beginning, the chamber is an inch in diameter, in the end, it has a diameter of 0.8 inches. 

Chamber Four

After about 7.9 inches from the orifice entrance, we get into the final chamber. It contains a multitude of cross-ribs in succession. Each rib has a width of 0.1 inches. The ribs canal has a diameter of 0.6 inches. However, if you have a shorter pecker, it will be harder to reach this part.

The “Euphoria” – Anal/Butt Sleeve

So now that we’ve learned everything there is to know about Riley’s Utopia sleeve, let’s take a quick look at the anal version: The Riley Reid “Euphoria”.


Ah, the forbidden fruit, anal sex is no longer the taboo that it once was, so why not take this chance to finally explore the other side of the Fleshlights we know and love. If this is your first time trying out an anal orifice, why not start with a bum that’s so well acquainted with anal — not to mention gangbangs.

The entrance to the sleeve is extremely tight — too tight for the uninitiated. At just 0.4” wide, this is certainly one of the tightest sleeves on the market. After opening out to the first few chambers, they become separated by much wider cross ribs, creating an even tighter opening. The chambers are all 2.7 inches in length, they slowly get tighter and tighter around your willy. The third chamber starts at 6.5 inches into the sleeve — this means only larger TugBros are meant to get this far.

My Thoughts On Both Sleeves

Riley Reid’s Utopia vaginal sleeve provides intense physical stimulation. Immediately upon entry into the orifice, stimulation rekindles while the 360-degree ridges tickle your penis. On thrusting deeper, your boner is in the second chamber. The bumps in this chamber are designed for full stimulation – including the head and the shaft. With every intense thrust, pleasure is amplified.

And the third chamber, oh my goodness! The threat is real now. The 360-degree bumps, diagonal ridges, stellar width, unique suction effect and not keep in mind, the tightness creates stimulation from another world. Oh boy!

Finally, in the fourth chamber, your penis experiences a suction effect from the tight ridged interior. This results in an intense eruption. If you want to achieve an orgasm from maximum stimulation, Utopia sleeve may be the ideal option for you.

The Riley Reid Euphoria anal sleeve also provides some very intense stimulation. The 3 chambers provide a very satisfying feeling upon entering/exiting each individual chamber.

Both of Riley Reid’s Fleshlight sleeves are very satisfying and are some of my favorite sleeves out of the Fleshlight Girls line. Fleshlight really went all out on Riley’s sleeves. They picked some very enjoyable interiors for each sleeve.

How To Clean It

Most Fleshlights require some exertion when cleaning. Luckily, the openness of the Utopia chambers means that cum, lube or water don’t build up too easily. Therefore Utopia allows for more in-depth cleaning. 

After every session with your sex toy, remove the sleeve, rinse it with warm water, dry it with a towel and let it dry for 3 hours. Never use warm air; it can damage the sleeve’s material.

Furthermore, you can thoroughly clean the sleeve with a combination of FleshWash and Renewing Powder. Simply add the FleshWash to your hot water and watch any unwanted fluids vanish before your eyes (allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes for maximum effectiveness). The Renewing Powder helps to prevent the sleeve from running dry and keeps it in good health so it feels brand new with every use.

I’ve written an in-depth guide to clean your Fleshlight if you’d like to learn more.

The Pros and Cons


  • Easy to clean
  • Great for stamina training
  • Has four chambers that feature a variety of stimulation
  • First-rate orgasm due to intense stimulation


  • A little more expensive when compared to other Fleshlights
  • You may never leave your room again…

More Customer Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it.

Here are some reviews written by three of many satisfied customers:

“It does what it is supposed to do and that makes me happy. Like others have said, it will never replace the real thing but it is WAY better than using the hand. This item has my seal of approval.” – Scott

“Should’ve bought one years ago.” – Michael

“I won’t compare it to the real thing, cause nothing beats the real thing. But this baby comes real close! A minute or two of running warm water through it, a dab of lube and go to town. The feel of the material is very unique, almost silky and spongy, like a soft, bouncy booty. Had this for less than 24 hours and already used 3 times lol” – Mark

You can read what other people who bought this Fleshlight had to say by reading the customer reviews at the official Fleshlight website.

Where To Buy Riley Reid’s Fleshlights

We recommend that you buy this product directly from the official Fleshlight website. Not only do they offer the lowest price available with free shipping, but you can also rest assured that you’re always going to receive a legitimate, high-quality Fleshlight product.

There’s a ton of knock-off Fleshlight products kicking around online vendors like Amazon. I’d advise against shopping with anyone besides Fleshlight.


I can honestly say that Utopia is one of the best Fleshlight sleeves that will make you feel overwhelmed when you get one for yourself. The sleeve would be my recommendation for a first-time buyer and if you want to last longer in bed. It will help you train yourself to last longer when dealing with the real thing.

This product comes highly recommended!

Sleeve Texture
Suction Effect
Ease Of Cleaning
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