Once again, we’re here to discuss one of the most popular Fleshlights – The Stoya Destroya. For some, the name Stoya represents nothing less than a joyful and erotic actress who is extremely beautiful. 

For those that didn’t haven’t had the chance to hear or see Stoya in action, oh boy, you are in for a great ride my fellow TugBuddy.

But, we can all agree that Stoya is a skillful and sexy porn star that simply knows how to please a man. 

So, let’s not waste any more time, I’ll get right to the point. After all, Stoya Destroya is more than just a Fleshlight. And shortly, you will see why.

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Why Choose Stoya?

For the people reading this article that happen to be living under a rock, that don’t know who Stoya is… Here’s a brief introduction about why Stoya is absolutely needed for you gentlemen to fully realize what this Fleshlight has to offer.

Most of us already know who Stoya is, and as we can all agree, she is quite the piece. Popularly known as Bad Girl Stoya, our beloved porn star actress Stoya has been working in this industry for over 10 years now.

You might think you can only imagine what she is capable of… wrong! You are now able to see what she’s actually capable of doing on film. And now, you will be able to experience what it feels like to have this tight piece of pussy on your love muscle. 

As for her accomplishments, Stoya was nominated seventeen times for a variety of different industry awards. And, she won six of them. Incredible! I don’t know if that means anything to us Tug bros, but I know one thing – Stoya definitely deserved all those awards, that’s a guarantee.

Just by looking at her on film, you will be able to see the difference she makes when it comes to alternative styles. She really is creative and full of joy – that’s something that we certainly consider Tug-worthy. 

And, to make it even more interesting for us men, a real Stoya Destroya Fleshlight is on the market.

So, let’s examine everything there is to know about it, shall we?

The Stoya Destroya Sleeve & Texture

This is by far one of the most popular, yet comfortable Fleshlights. This means that Stoya Destroya has a specially designed sleeve with a complex texture. And, I don’t know if I mentioned, but, the sleeve on this Fleshlight comes with a pussy orifice. 

This pussy orifice is made in the exact image of Stoya’s labia. This means that you will be able to spend lots of quality Tug time with this one. I surely did a lot of research on Stoya Destroya, and I must say that this Fleshlight surely is one of the most intense options on the market.

Anyhow, Stoya Destroya has its own design and texture which will be quite handy for bigger Tugs. Why? Well, this Fleshlight begins with a narrow canal that has fairly small bumps. The next section is wider and equipped with slightly longer bumps. And, in the end, we have two more sections that are filled with “fangs” that will massage your precious Tug muscle.


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So, in conclusion, we have 4 different sections. Let’s learn a bit more about them.

Chamber #1

As I already mentioned, the first chamber is quite narrow and tight. This will arouse your penis as it goes through. In the first section, you will come across small bumps, they will slightly massage your penis and provide a pleasant tickling feel. 

And to turn you on, even more, Stoya Destroya has quite a comfortable exterior which will practically kiss the area around the penis. 

Chamber #2

Now the fun starts! Chamber number two is way longer than section one and it is equipped with even more bumps. These bumps will slowly massage your penis as it goes through the chamber and this will help ensure such an intense feeling. 

Since bumps extend to the center of the chamber from all sides, you will feel a different kind of stimulation as you go in. 

Chamber #3

This next section is filled with so-called “fangs” that point right at your penis as it enters the chamber. They are positioned at a 45-degree angle and they will grip and pull your Tug muscle as you go inside slowly. 

This is by far the most intense section since it has so many “fangs” that will definitely leave none unsatisfied, just like Stoya.

Chamber #4

Last, but definitely not least, we have a chamber that is designed to narrow down as you’re going through it. This section has rings with small ridges that will create a ribbed effect for your penis to go through. 

Literally, there isn’t a Tug Bro in existence that can endure the beautiful feeling that Stoya Destroya offers in this section. 

What Does It Feel Like?

I must ask all you Tug bros, what do you think it feels like getting your dick sucked by a smooth mouth full of tiny and soft teeth?

Just in case you don’t have an answer, I’ll give you one.


I mean, if Stoya actually feels like this, then it’s no wonder why she won all those awards in the porn industry. 

We can’t stress enough how much we love this product, but don’t take our word for it.

Check out what other fellow consumers have to say by clicking here. You’ll be taken to the user reviews section of the official Fleshlight store. Only real buyers are allowed to leave these reviews here.

But, to be honest, Stoya Destroya is definitely one of the most intense Fleshlights ever built. If you don’t like maximum stimulation and near-to-pain experience, then this may not the Fleshlight for you.


More User Reviews

Here’s what other users had to stay about Stoya’s Destroya Fleshlight:

“Great intensity and suction. The Stoya Fleshlight is for quickies. The Destroya will make you cum hard and fast, every time. Get a Fleshlight with a little less intensity for when you want to play for a while. This toy is a must for any Fleshlight collection.”

– Jesse L.

“I have been enjoying this Fleshlight ever since I received it in the mail. I’m looking forward to getting another one soon. The most realistic thing, next to the real thing.”

– William H.

My absolute favorite review is this one:

“Stoya, I love your product. You’re absolutely whore-gorgeous (see what I did there)! I bought your sleeve in hopes the money finds you. You are one of my favorites. I live in New York, so if you’re ever in town, I’d love to meat you (lol, I did it again).”

– Nahome D.

I gotta be honest, I don’t think Stoya will be visiting Nahome anytime soon… I also highly doubt she reads the reviews of her Fleshlight.

If you want to see where I pulled these reviews from and read more user reviews, simply click the button below.


Maintaining Process & Cleaning

As you might suspect, Stoya Destroya requires a lot of attention, just like the real thing. This means that you will need to thoroughly clean it after every use. I mean, filling this beautiful Fleshlight with your precious cum is great, but, you need to remember to clean it properly afterward.

We recommend a combination of FleshWash and Renewing Powder. Use a mixture of FleshWash and hot water to clean the canal then sprinkle some renewing powder to help keep your Stoya Destroya feeling brand new, every time.

However, the one minor issue I have with Stoya Destroya is that when you wash it, the drying process takes a while. For some more active Tug bros that want to use a Fleshlight more often may have an issue with this. 

Final Thoughts & Where To Get One

In light of everything we said about Stoya Destroya, one thing is certain, you will most definitely enjoy it. Stoya Destroya will blast you into a whole new world with its intricate, intense texture and long, comfortable sleeve. 

As always, we recommend you buy this product directly from the manufacturer – the official Fleshlight Website. That way you ensure you’re always getting the real thing, for the best price.


My opinion is that the Stoya Destroya definitely deserves a high rating for the intense pleasure that it can offer.

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  1. I just bought the Stoya Fleshlight today, after unboxing it, lubbin’ it up and inserting my wiener, I immediately realized why so many dudes buy these things… Wow.


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