With over 25 awards to her name and having been featured in mainstream movies such as Piranha 3D, Riley Steele has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, so it was only a matter of time before she joined the Fleshlight Girl club.

Riley once said “The biggest turn-on for me is knowing that I’m inspiring someone else’s sex life”, well Riley, if you’re reading this, I had some very special tug-time with your Fleshlights and you certainly inspired me…

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Why Choose Riley Steele?

Ever since my first-time watching “Naked Aces 5″… I’ve had a fixation for Riley Steele.  Slender and beautiful with long blond hair, sexy legs, bouncy breasts, and a perky butt. Riley has long been a member of my personal Tug bank.

As if one wasn’t enough, Riley has two of her very own toys, a vaginal sleeve known as “Nipple Alley” and an anal sleeve, “Lit”. 

Nipple alley has tiny speed bump-like ridges all along the sleeve, almost like tiny nipples. These bumps engulf your penis and send intense stimulation all throughout your manhood. 

The Lit Sleeve has a more complex design, made with Rileys fun and bubbly personality in mind. Each chamber is made to exude pure sexual bliss. 

Riley Steele’s Fleshlights

Nipple Alley (Lady/Vaginal Sleeve)


First, you’ll enter through Riley’s gorgeous lips before sliding into the slightly wider than usual texture (0.7 inches). 

Once inside, the texture is fairly simple, just one continuous sleeve surrounded with the speed bump-like “nipples” all through the canal. 

The bumpy nipples add extra stimulation to your thrusts and despite their straightforward appearance, they make for a very pleasurable time. 

From the moment you’re inside Riley, the stimulation kicks into overdrive. The pressure is intense and overwhelming and is the reason why the sleeve is a little wider than normal, if it were any tighter, it would be too much pressure for even the most hardened TugBro.  

Click here for more info on the Nipple Alley sleeve


Lit (Anal/Butt Sleeve)


Lit begins as you enter through a tight hole, just like Riley’s ass… before entering a tight anal passageway, full of deep V-shaped grooves, circular ridges and bumpy edges.

All sections of the Lit sleeve are intense, but the strongest feeling in the sleeve is when moving through the different chambers of the texture where you’re met with wide, narrowing sections. The way the ribs squeeze around your manhood, especially in the tighter sections, only intensify the pressure and helps make the whole experience even more satisfying.

As you move deeper into the chamber, you pass through round rings that stroke the tip of the penis and grip your shaft as you thrust away. 

The Lit’s chamber ends with a spiraled reverse cone structure that has ribbed edges to finish you off quickly. 

The only trouble here is that this section starts at 7 inches, so not all men will make it here… (myself included)

Click here for more info on the Lit sleeve


Do I Recommend Them?

The Riley Steele Fleshlights were quite deceptive, I mean I’ve never been one to turn down a tug, but I wasn’t exactly pumped to try these out, don’t get me wrong… I was excited for Tug time, who isn’t? But the simple design of nipple alley didn’t exactly get me bursting to break my tube of Fleshlube. It just looked too simple, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

As simple as it may be, it certainly gets the job done.

Each and every stoke with the Riley Steele had me one step closer to ecstasy, and I was soon regretting my decision to doubt Ms. Steele and more importantly a Fleshlight, they are the very best in the male sex toy game for a reason and I should have known better. 

A few pumps later and I was done. 

Riley Steele more than met my expectations, but you know, in the name of “research”, I obviously had to try it out a few more times. And well, I came to the same conclusion, Riley Steele most definitely tugs. The things I do for my fellow TugBros…

Customer Reviews

It’s always good to see what others are saying about the product before you decide to try it out for yourself, have a look at some of the reviews below. 

 “It feels great, and it’s fairly easy to clean and take care of”

– Joshua H

“I love this product it feels so lifelike, it is just what I expected Riley Steele to feel like and also the shipment was so quick and came nicely in the package – I love it”

– Nicholas M

However, my personal favorite was Taylor, who said:

“Feels pretty damn close to the real thing, but it’s slightly better because unlike an actual female, I can stick this in a bag and stash it under my bed and not be committing any crimes.”

– Taylor W


Cleaning Process

As with most Fleshlights, cleaning is fairly straight forward. Nipple Alley is a little easier as it’s just one long passage, whereas the Lit sleeve has more grooves and different compartments for things to get trapped in, just be sure to thoroughly wash out the sleeve and give it a good hard shake (the Fleshlight, not yourself) to get rid of all the water so that it can dry properly. 


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Where To Get One?

To get your hands on the gorgeous Riley Steele, as always, we recommend that you buy this product directly from Fleshlight’s official store.

Not only do they offer the lowest price available as well as free shipping, but you can always rest assured you’re going to receive a legitimate Fleshlight product.

Final Thoughts

Riley Steele’s Fleshlights turned out to be yet another high-quality product line from the world’s number 1 male masturbator manufacturer.

Nipple Alley, in particular, is an amazing product that got my attention and will be in heavy rotation for a long time to cum… It’s simple, yet effective design built up so much pressure, so quickly that I could hardly believe how quickly it made me bust. 

All along the sleeve your shaft is stroked, tickled, grabbed and rubbed and I loved every second of it, the way the small bumps build up pressure is incredible and although they’re modeled after speed bumps, they certainly didn’t prevent me from finishing with a smash…

Use coupon code “TUGBRO10” at checkout!

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