AVN’s performer of the year for 2017, Adriana Chechik has earned herself a permanent spot in the Tug bank. You’ve all heard the phrase “down to fuck”, well Adriana Chechik is down for absolutely anything, she has no boundaries and is always wet and ready to please.

Her wild sex scenes and AVN awards have cemented her place as one of the top adult performers in the industry, so it’s only right that she’s become one of our favorite Fleshlight Girl models.

Using this toy was an experience that will last forever in the Tugger’s Time Vault, allow me to tell you all about it. 

You may have heard some rumors about these elusive Fleshlight coupons that a select few websites have been graced with. It’s nearly impossible to find one that actually works or isn’t expired.

It’s my pleasure to announce that we’ve teamed up with Fleshlight to bring you one of these exclusive coupons for our fellow TugBros! 

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Adriana Chechik: The Newest Fleshlight Girl

Fleshlight, standing at the very top of the male sex toy market, make vaginal, anal and oral orifices to help grant you the most realistic sex toy experience possible. 

The Fleshlight Girl collection features some of the worlds most well-known pornstars and actresses with EXACT replicas of their vagina, butt, and mouth! 

And at long last, Adriana Chechik has been added to the collection. If you’re a fan of Adriana’s, you’ll know just how much she loves butt play, therefore you’ll be relieved to know that you can get exact molds of both her vagina and butt. 

Adriana Chechik’s Fleshlights

Empress – Lady Orifice


The Lady Sleeve is named the “Empress” since once you slip inside, you can feel her power, it’s tight, yet supple giving you outrageous pleasure in each and every stroke. 

The Empress is 9 inches long, giving you more than enough room to play with (or in) and contains a long shaft full of twists, bumps, rings, and ridges to give you a more diverse sort of pleasure. 


Next Level – Butt Orifice


The anal sleeve is called “Next Level”, because if you’ve watched Adriana’s scenes, you know she always pushes her butt play to the next level. 

Also clocking in at 9 inches, the Next Level has different chambers, full of ridges, nodes, bumps, and rings to give you an unbelievable, tight sensation. 

Sleeve Designs

For Adriana’s Fleshlights, the traditional designs have been reversed, perhaps because she’s so well known for her Anal play. 

Empress Sleeve Texture

Empress Chamber


The vaginal opening is about 0.8 inches long before you get to the main sleeve, which is a slim fitting, tightly ribbed section. Normally with lady sleeves, you would expect to see different compartments, but not Adriana’s. 

Instead, the Empress acts more like a traditional anal sleeve, with one long compartment. The Empress has regular ribs and grooves throughout the sleeve, at different angles to stimulate the penis while you thrust in and out. From a side view, it looks like a twisting motion, which feels fantastic as you tug. The idea is to reduce resistance throughout the sleeve while giving maximum stimulation. 

Because of this design and how the sleeve is shaped, it’s definitely recommended to use lots of lube, I decided on Fleshlight’s FreshLube Water, a water-based lube which is designed specifically with delicate fleshlights in mind.

Next Level Sleeve Texture

Next Level Chamber


The Next Level certainly lives up to its name, with a huge variety of different chambers and transitions to blow your mind. In total, this sleeve has 3 chambers, with 2 transitions and 1 wide reception, they look wild. The opening is tight like you’d expect her booty to be and as you squeeze through, you enter the first chamber which is full of large round nubs. It’s also quite wide, at 1.2 inches and short, at only 1.4 inches. 

So once you’re in, you’re out again…

But get ready, you’ll be met with a tightening sleeve as the staggered bumps massage the tip of your penis, it will feel incredible as you slide into chamber 2. Chamber 2 is equally as short, but the long, cross and round ribs, make for a fun time as they stroke the tip of your penis and give you great stimulation. As you move through to chamber 3, the sleeve tightens to a firm 0.4 inches. Met with a whole host of ribs, you will start to feel cross ribs rubbing against you. 

The pressure build-up feels like a vibrating stimulation and the pleasure starts to intensify. The quick changes through the first 2 chambers feel just like what you were promised, the Next Level and chamber 3 is built to finish you off. With twisting ribs and bumps that stroke each and every inch of your penis, you’ll have a very intense sensation as you are rubbed from each and every angle.

Why Adriana Chechik?

The main reason I wanted to try these sleeves was because of all the hugely positive reviews I’d read, I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype and if it was as impressive as I’d read, here are a few examples.

Richard said: “Man!! this feels great, feels the same or if not better than the real thing to me. The way those lips engulf you as you enter is such a turn on and you can feel every grove of the texture inside”

Osric said: “Well…that’s an experience!

Jake said: This Fleshlight sleeve is way better than expected! Won’t be using righty or lefty anymore that’s for sure.


Do I Recommend It?

Just writing this out has made me want to go back to the Tug cave and get back to work, as I think about how mind-blowing both of Adriana Chechik’s sleeves really are.

Yes, yes it is Tug worthy.

Both sleeves are perfectly designed and it just goes to show why the Fleshlight Girls collection is so awesome. They’ve really done good work on making these sleeves as real as possible and you can certainly imagine that sliding into them feels just as good as Adriana, herself would feel like. 

Both are excellent and feel amazing, they’ve done an excellent job of capturing Adriana’s personality and sexual appetite.

Final Thoughts

Adriana Chechik is known for her wild sex scenes and boundary-pushing performances, her sleeves match up to expectations. 

Both the Empress and Next Level were amazing and both have earned a special place in my Tug Cave. If you want a wild experience, then the anal sleeve is true of Adriana, a wild ride that is always fun, whereas the vaginal sleeve is just as titillating.

Where Can You Get Your Own?

You’re spoiled for choice as both models are great but to get the best value, you need to order from the official Fleshlight store, that way you know you’re getting the real thing and you have all the assurances that come with it.

Looking to get a combo/starter pack along with Adriana’s sleeve?

Check out the Adriana Chechik Combo and save 16% off Adriana’s Empress sleeve along with a set of Fleshlube & Fleshwash to start your Fleshlight journey off right.

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