First things first, the question you’re here to have answered is whether or not a Fleshlight is actually worth buying.

Obviously, everyone’s needs are different and everyone’s financial situation is also totally different.

Now, what I’m about to say is obviously my own personal opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

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Are Fleshlights Worth It? – My Opinion

In short, yes.

Fleshlights are totally “worth it” in my opinion.

For the price you pay, the amount of satisfaction you’ll get and the amount of time a Fleshlight will last, it’s really a no brainer for me.

Here are all of the reasons why I think Fleshlights are worth buying:

Reasons Why Fleshlights Are Worth It (To Me)

  • Reason #1: If you’re like me, your Fleshlight will get used, a lot.

If I had counted the number of times I’ve used my STU or my Turbo and divided by the price of either toy; the cost per masturbation session would be pennies.

Would you pay 5-25 cents every time you masturbate to have a 10x more satisfying experience compared to your hand?

Fleshlights have a very long lifespan if you take care of them properly, which is as easy as cleaning it after you use it with soap and water and if you really want to you can use the Renewing Powder.

I personally recommend going with the Product Care Kit, since it comes with everything you need to maintain/clean your toy.

I’ve owned some of my Fleshlights for over 5 years and while they are definitely not as pristine as the day I unboxed them, they are still a heck of a lot better than my hand.

Which brings me to reason #2…

  • Reason #2: Fleshlights feel WAY better than using your hand.

I don’t give a sh*t what masturbation techniques you’ve learned over the years or how impressive of a homemade sex toy you’ve made for yourself, nothing I’ve ever tried beats a Fleshlight.

  • Reason #3: Fleshlight is the most popular male sex toy company in the world among men.

The Fleshlight has to be the most well-known male masturbator in the world.

Since their debut, the company has sold over 13 million of their masturbators, have expanded their line to include hundreds of other products, and have become almost as mainstream as Kleenex.

“Fleshlight” is not just a generic term for male masturbators, it is a premium brand that carries a reputation, loyal following, and luxurious products.

  • Reason #4: They feel AMAZING.

Fleshlights are made with high quality patented material, Real Feel Super Skin®. This material is made to last a lifetime when taken care of properly. Washing after each use and applying talc powder can help to keep a Fleshlight in good condition. Depending on how much texture is in the sleeve, depends on how much attention to detail one has to use when cleaning.

The textures vary from sleeve to sleeve and each one is intense, providing powerful orgasms, and offering a level of realism that isn’t found in other masturbators. Fleshlight offers a realism that I haven’t found anywhere else, with any other brand. But when it comes down to comparing it directly to a real person, I’d say it’s like comparing Sierra Mist to Sprite. 

  • Reason #5: They aren’t very expensive

Like I said above, if you calculate the price on a cost per use basis, Fleshlights are a no brainer purchase.

The cheapest Fleshlight costs around $35, which is pretty damn cheap in my opinion.

Most Fleshlights cost around $70, which should be relatively affordable to most people I’d imagine, obviously theres going to be some exceptions to this.

  • Reason #6: Fleshlights are pretty damn realistic looking/feeling.

Fleshlights don’t have the warmth or wetness that a vagina would naturally create (unless you use the Sleeve Warmer). Although, I have found myself fingering my Fleshlights as a real vagina when applying lubricant to it, as I would a vagina to get it wet. Compared to vaginal sex, a Fleshlight resembles real sex much better than anything else, they are a good enough replacement if you’re unable to get your hands on the real thing.

  • Reason #7: Fleshlights are better for penile health… yes, really.

This is a silly reason to buy a Fleshlight, but it’s worth mentioning.

Fleshlights create a lot less pressure than you would usually put on your penis when masturbating with your hand, lessening the risk of damage from “death grip.”

Believe it or not, masturbating with your hand can actually be harmful to your penis if you squeeze too hard while masturbating.

  • Reason #8: There are so many ways to use a Fleshlight.

You can jam your Fleshlight between a mattress or box spring, or pair it with a liberator or the Fleshlight Launch which can be used handsfree for a truly amazing experience. I have found that warmed up and paired with water-based lube, Fleshlight products provide fantastic orgasms that normally can’t be achieved through “masturbation”.

  • Reason #9: There’s a Fleshlight product for everyone

Whether you’re gay or straight, into Zombies or Vampires or Bigfoot heck even Aliens, Fleshlight has a product for you.

Fleshlight offers a variety of orifices, everything from non-descript holes to detailed vagina’s modeled after your favorite porn model (both male and female pornstars).

The Fleshlight line ranges from the popular Fleshjack line (the gay Fleshlight line) to the Fleshlight Freaks line and of course the popular Fleshlight Girls line.

The textures are even more varied than the opening, nearly every sleeve offering a different feel, tightness, and suction. Speaking of suction, that too can be controlled via the cap on the end. There is an accessory to replace the cap on the end that allows Fleshlights with a VR experience, as well as other attachments that can turn a regular masturbation session into a heavenly experience.

  • Reason #10: Fleshlight is always running sales & offering deals.

As I said before, a Fleshlight Sleeve costs about $70-80, there are often deals and sales on the official Fleshlight website. They often have a buy 2 sleeves get 1 free deal, the normal cost totaling out to $170ish, but with the deal, it is only $120.

That’s a savings of $50!!

Cases only cost $20 and will house all three of the sleeves mentioned in the sale above. Fleshlight also offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that happen annually. Any other time of the year, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (or their deals page!) for sales. 

  • Reason #11: They offer super discreet shipping on all orders.

Fleshlight offers free shipping on orders over $99. Shipping is discreet and the package comes from “ILF” with no hints on the outside of the box of where it came from. There are many options to have the package delivered and Fleshlight delivers Monday through Friday.

  • Reason #12: Don’t like it? Return it.

Fleshlight offers full returns on products that aren’t opened or used. Returns must be made within 30 days of the delivery date. In the case of a defective item, Fleshlight has a different return policy written out on their website and offers 90 days to return the item, rather than the typical 30. They require pictures of the defective item and you don’t have to return it. All returns require an RMA number to process.

Which Fleshlights Are Worth It? (Out Of The Ones I’ve Tried)

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’ve probably tested out a lot more Fleshlight products than most men.

Heck, I’ve probably used more of their products than many of the higher-ups in the company.

At this point, I’ve tested a large majority of their products. Some of them I paid for, while the majority of them were sent to me.

That being said, my opinion on all of the following toys remains the same and I’ve tried and tested each and every one of them.

These are the Fleshlights I think are worth buying (no particular order):

  • The Stamina Training Unit: This Fleshlight is my number on favorite male masturbator. It offers intense stimulation and is designed to feel as close to a real (and tight) vagina as you can get with a masturbator. Other Fleshlights offer more creative designs, but this one is the best, hands down.
  • The Quickshot – The Quickshot provides a lighter option that is less strenuous on the arm muscles when it use. It’s easier to clean than a full Fleshlight and is a great addition to blowjobs for that extra punch.
  • The Turbo: If disembodied vagina’s are offputting, the Turbo is a fantastic option! It has a non-anatomical orifice and offers suction similar to that of a blowjob, but has the feeling of a vagina.
  • The Flight (Pilot): If the Fleshlight is too obvious for your tastes, the Flight is a Fleshlight in disguise – as a discreet masturbator should be – but with all the goodies and amazing feels of a Fleshlight.
  • Fleshlight Girls: The Fleshlight Girls’ line is designed after the most popular and hottest porn stars. The labia are modeled after their gorgeous lips and the textures match their personalities. These are great to pair with porn starring the porn star.

These are the Fleshlight accessories I’d also recommend:

  • The Sleeve Warmer
  • Fleshlube
  • Fleshwash: Hands down the best cleaner available for Fleshlights.
  • Renewing Powder: This stuff will make your Fleshlight will last a lifetime.

Fleshlight also makes mounts and technology to enhance the experience and provide users with a hands-free orgasm. Fleshlight really has thought of everything and offers it all on their website.

Bottom Line

The Fleshlight is the best male masturbator on the market because it provides the most realistic pleasure, the best customer service, and with proper care, a lifetime toy. If you’re thinking to yourself “why pay when my hand is free?” I can honestly say “you get what you pay for.” And the hefty price tag of a Fleshlight product is definitely worth every penny. 

Before I first tried a Fleshlight, I was in your shoes, trying to figure out what makes a rubber sleeve in a plastic tube worth so much money. After using it, I couldn’t believe that I had spent a good chunk of my life without one!

Treat yo’self has never been more true, nor more luxurious when speaking of such an amazing, high-end sex toy for pensis’.

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


  1. Every Fleshlight owner knows the answer (and Travis nailed it) :)))
    I’ve got two – Tori’s Torrid and Riley Reid’s (anal, tighttighttight!!!) Euphoria and they do offer different experience. But… is it worth having more of them? If so, which one should I buy next?


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