Since the dawn of mankind, even the mightiest of TugBros have gone through the unpleasant experience of encountering some form of bedroom/male confidence issues. Whether it be hair loss, premature ejaculation, penis size, and perhaps most commonly: Erectile Dysfunction.

Just remember that you’re not alone, struggling with such deeply personal issues is a very normal, human experience, and going through treatment doesn’t have to be an embarrassing/degrading experience. We now have services like Forhims, GetRoman, and my personal favorite – BlueChew who aim to eliminate the need for a doctor visit.

Did I mention they also offer generic viagra online for a fraction of the going price?!

Generic Sildenafil & Tadalafil can cost you anywhere from 30$ – 70$ per pill when trying to acquire it from a pharmacy or inferior online ED med services. Aside from the obvious price difference, BlueChew offers chewable tablets of either Sildenafil or Tadalafil (Viagra & Cialis) that taste amazing and go down easily.

If you’ve ever tried to treat ED with the solution that modern medicine presents, you know just how much of a pain in the ass it really is. Services like BlueChew & ForHims eliminate the need for a doctor visit along with the embarrassing/grueling process of going to a pharmacy then paying hundreds of dollars for pills that may or may not work.

Where services like ForHims offer solutions for things like hair loss in addition to ED, BlueChew’s focus is entirely on bringing you the most convenient & cost-efficient way to combat erectile dysfunction!

So, while we will be taking a look at ForHims, and the service they provide, I want to stress that BlueChew really is the ultimate online ED med provider based on my experience.  More on that later…

Is ForHims Legit? 

Over the past few weeks, I decided to try out each of the popular online ED med providers in order to conduct some research into which one gives you the best product, for the best price.

My research pointed me toward three popular alternative ED medical services: Forhims, GetRoman, and of course, BlueChew.

I had plenty of reservations about trying out any of them since I’ve got some PTSD from all the ads I’ve seen littered around porn sites promoting a miracle cure for Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction. But after looking into each site and finding that they’re all being promoted by reputable companies & celebrities, it became clear that each of these sites is 100% legit.

So, is Forhims legit? Yes.

But is it worth the money?

Probably not… let me tell you why I think BlueChew is the only sensible option for acquiring ED meds prescription-free.

Why I Stopped Using It

After seeing mixed results with Forhims & GetRoman, I was eager to try out the company that I’d seen promoted on all of my favorite podcasts. I even saw it promoted by Dr. Drew (a licensed physician) on his podcast, I figured if a legitimate doctor felt comfortable enough to advocate it, it should at least be safe enough to try!

When I found that BlueChew offers a one-month free supply to all new users, I was even more sold on the idea! All I had to do to get started was send in a picture of my photo-ID, and just like that, I was in a conference call with an online doctor specializing in treating bedroom confidence & erectile dysfunction issues!

The consultation with the doctor was fairly brief and straight to the point, he asked me some medical questions before telling me about the sort of medication that BlueChew offers. He told me about the potential sildenafil side effects, reminded me that BlueChew only uses FDA approved ingredients, the same ingredients used in the medication you’d get from a pharmacy. The consultation left me feeling much more confident about the whole thing, the best part is, it was free!

I was so impressed with how all-inclusive their 1-month trial really is. Imagine getting an online doctor visit, one month’s worth of ED meds, and an online prescription for free! They do charge you around 11$ US for shipping, but that’s a pretty damn good deal considering generic Viagra is usually sold at around 30$/dose.

On that note, let’s compare some of the prices between popular services that grant access to generic viagra online.

ForHims Alternative & Why It’s Better

While trying to find the optimal service for all my male confidence needs, I noticed that the prices between each option varied greatly. This is surprising since they all carry virtually the same generic Viagra & Cialis that uses the same ingredients… so why are the pricing options so inconsistent?

Well, dosage for one, seems like a huge factor. Pharmacies tend to prescribe sildenafil/viagra at around 50-100 mg. For newcomers, taking a dosage like that is almost always way too much. There’s an increased risk of potential side effects (like headaches in my case), and a higher dosage than you need means you pay more for inferior treatment.

Thankfully, BlueChew offers its chewable ED medication in doses of 30mg. This means you can start with a more modest dose to avoid adverse effects, then increase your dose as needed!

In my case, when using generic Viagra, I always cut my 100mg pills into quarters anyways to avoid headaches and still got the desired erection effects. For me the 30mg pills Bluechew offers are the perfect dose.

Also, I appreciated that BlueChew is a bit less misleading with their plan’s pricing options. You get a flat monthly rate for every plan, whereas Forhims & GetRoman make everything confusing by only showcasing prices for individual doses or exorbitant yearly plans that require you to pay upfront… I really like the transparency of their company, and as you’re about to find out, BlueChew’s prices are simply unbeatable!

Here are a few examples of the sildenafil plans we see offered from online ED providers:

BlueChew  Forhims 🛑 GetRoman 🛑
$3 per pill 10$ per pill $6 per pill

There are fairly obvious differences between each service, the most notable being that BlueChew is significantly cheaper than both!

Bluechew: x10 Chewable Sildenafil Tablets – 30$/month (3$ per pill)

Forhims: x10 Generic Viagra – 100$/month (10$ per pill)

GetRoman: x10 Generic Sildenafil – 60$/month (6$ per pill)

When you take into account that BlueChew offers a one month free supply of ED meds for all new customers, there’s really no reason to look anywhere else. Even if you don’t wound up liking the service as much as I did, you have the opportunity to cancel at any time during your one month trial.

Paying an 11$ shipping fee for a doctor’s consultation & a month’s supply of ED meds is a bargain that makes every other option seem so abysmal!

I’ve actually written a comprehensive review of Bluechew if you’d like to learn more, and I’ve also written a guide to claim a one-month free trial.

The Verdict

If there were any doubts in your mind regarding Forhims or BlueChew, I hope I’ve done my job in outlining what they have to offer. ForHims might be a great place for getting access to hair loss treatment and solutions for other common male confidence issues, but when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction – BlueChew is the only viable option.

The fact that they’re confident enough to give you a month’s supply of tablets for free is just further proof of how confident they are in their business. And when you realize that they charge over 50% less than any other alternative ED treatment, on top of a free trial, there’s really no reason to look anywhere else!

Best of luck with taking care of your precious tugger, and hopefully enhancing your sexual escapades, and tug sessions. Let us know what your experience was with Bluechew and the other services mentioned in the comments below, we’re all in this together!

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