If you’re familiar with my recent Bluechew Review, you know just how much I love Bluechew and the wonderful service they provide for men around the globe. Before you ask, I can personally vouch for the legitimacy of this company – there’s nothing shady about them whatsoever.

If you’re curious about what Bluechew has to offer but remain skeptical, why not try out a Bluechew free sample on us? That’s right, today I want to tell you all about the Bluechew free trial and how you can go about redeeming your 1-month supply of Bluechew free samples!

How to Redeem Your Bluechew Free Trial Coupon

To redeem your Bluechew free trial and get one month’s worth of Bluechew free samples, all you have to do is click here and use Bluechew promo code: “GOBLUE“! You’ll need to make sure you use our link to claim this offer since it’s only available to a select few.

Once you get redirected to the Bluechew free trial page, just follow the on-screen instructions and enter your Bluechew coupon code to get your one month free supply of Bluechew’s ED tablets! For the first month, you’ll only need to pay the meager shipping/handling fee, it’s a pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

How Does It Work?

Now that you’ve clicked our link and entered your Bluechew promo code, you’ll have to quickly fill out a health form to ensure that Bluechew is the right treatment for you.

You’ll be asked questions relating to your overall physical state and what sort of medications you’re currently taking. Those who take nitrate medications (Nitroglycerin, Ismo, Minitran, etc.) which may have a negative interaction with ED medication will be asked to stop taking these medications to proceed.

Upon completing the questionnaire, you’ll get to establish a rapport with a licensed physician through a TeleHealth call. During this call, the doctor will address any potential concerns regarding your case and overlook your situation to determine whether or not you’re eligible for ED treatment.

At which point, if the physician gives the OK, you’ll be given a prescription for Bluechew’s chewable Sildenafil (Viagra) or Taladafil (Cialis) tablets! The tablets in question are finely dosed to suit your case, unlike the traditional options that tend to give doses that are either way too high or not potent enough to work properly.

You’ll also get the chance to address any questions/concerns you may have about the treatment. All the medical professionals that Bluechew works with are certified and have experience in accurately diagnosing and treating bedroom confidence issues!

Will My Bluechew Coupon Code Apply To Any Plan?

Bluechew is currently offering 4 different payment plans for both Sildenafil & Taladafil.

You’re probably wondering, will your Bluechew promo code apply to any plan? 

Yes! You’ll be able to apply your Bluechew coupon code with any of the following plans:


ACTIVE: x6 30mg tablets for 20$ per month

BUSY:  x10 30mg tablets for 30$ per month

POPULAR: x17 30mg tablets for 50$ per month

PRO: x34 30mg tablets for 90$ per month



ACTIVE: x4 6mg tablets for 20$/month

BUSY: x7 6mg tablets for 30$/month

POPULAR: x14 6mg tablets for 50$/month

PRO: x28 6mg tablets for 90$/month

Is It Easy To Cancel?

As with any free trial on the internet, you’re probably concerned about how easy it is to cancel your trial before they start charging you.

The answer to this came as a surprise to me, it’s actually incredibly easy to cancel your service at any time – no questions asked. Simply go into your account settings and choose “cancel”.

Seriously, it’s that simple. While most companies will make you jump through hoops just to cancel their free trials, Bluechew makes it as simple as clicking a button!

I think it speaks volumes for the credibility of Bluechew and the service they offer. They’re clearly a company that values the patient above all else, there’s no indication of any sort of shady business practices – which is why I can so eagerly recommend it to all TugBro users who may be experiencing bedroom confidence issues.


Well, there you have it, TugBros. Rarely have I seen such a generous trial offer that comes with literally zero risks. You can easily cancel the service at the push of a button anytime before your one-month Bluechew free trial period ends.

That being said, if Bluechew does wound up being the service for you, we urge you to continue with their wonderful service for continued one-on-one medical advice from licensed physicians & medical experts along with chewable & affordable ED medication delivered discreetly and promptly to your doorstep to eliminate any sort of embarrassment that may come with treating ED.

If you’re like me and have struggled with chronic bedroom confidence issues for as long as you can remember – then you know just how grueling, embarrassing and expensive the process of getting quality treatment can be.

That’s why I think that giving the Bluechew free sample a try really is a no brainer, even if you don’t plan to continue with their service, coughing up a few bucks for shipping costs is nothing compared to having to visit a doctors office and get through those awkward conversations that none of us want to have,

If you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis of what Bluechew’s service has to offer, take a look at our complete Bluechew Review for all the in’s and out’s of what they’re all about and why we love them so dearly.

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