Of all the vitally important & convenient services that the internet now provides, the one that seems to be getting the most attention from men these days are the multiple alternative Erectile Dysfunction treatment services that have come to solve the issues caused by flawed healthcare practices.

That’s right, we now have online services that function as an alternative to treating ED thus eliminating the need for the doctor’s office dilemma. You can get matched with licensed physicians in seconds who will work closely with you to diagnose your bedroom confidence issues and write you an online prescription for both Sildenafil & Tadalafil (Viagra & Cialis)! Your online doctor will keep in touch with you for the duration of your treatment to ensure your male enhancement medication is working for you.

“GetRoman” is one of the more popular ED treatment alternatives, and while it may be a convenient service, after taking a minute to explore my options… I discovered BlueChew.

After gathering all the research I could find on both companies, and getting the chance to try out both for myself, it seems that the entire internet unanimously agrees that BlueChew is the superior service.

BlueChew’s prices on both Generic Viagra & Cialis are already 50% cheaper, but they’re so confident in their business that they even give all new customers a free one-month supply to test it out, cancel at any time if you aren’t pleased with the treatment.

With that in mind, let’s talk about my experience using GetRoman, and why I decided to end my plan in favor of BlueChew!

I’ve actually written an in-depth review of Bluechew if you’d like to learn more.

Is GetRoman Legit Or A Scam?

Anyone who’s gone through the grueling process of trying to seek an accurate diagnosis & treatment for bedroom confidence issues knows just how humiliating it can feel. Going into a doctor’s office just isn’t the right solution for everyone, and it can leave some men feeling even more disheartened than before.

Don’t forget how personal of an issue ED really is, nobody wants to discuss their bedroom issues in a public setting, the atmosphere of doctors offices & pharmacies will often only serve to further shatter your confidence. Unfortunately, this was the only option we had for so many years… until the internet showed up to solve yet another age-old problem!

So when I heard about how services like GetRoman could save me some embarrassment, I was quick to jump on the bandwagon. The seemingly high cost of GetRoman turned me off a little bit at first, and not realizing that I had any more options, I signed up for their monthly service.

So, is GetRoman scam-related in any way? No. 

Is GetRoman legit? Yes, it’s a real service, but it’s far from being your best option for receiving online treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Let me try to explain why I ended my service and stopped taking Roman ED meds in favor of the excellent service & prices I found over at BlueChew!

Why I Stopped Using It

The first thing that turned me off of GetRoman (besides the price) is that they charge 15$ for your conference with an online doctor. While the online physician was professional, the consultation felt rushed, and I really didn’t feel it was fair to charge 15$ for it.

Bluechew, on the other hand, gives new users a one-month free supply of ED medication with no extra charge for the consultation with a medical professional. Just pay the meager shipping & handling fee (around 11$ US) for a month’s worth of chewable male enhancement tablets! You can then cancel at any time during the 1-month period, no questions asked.

(Check out my guide to claiming your one-month free trial here)

11$ for a whole month of powerful erections & better sex with your partner is a pretty damn good deal if you ask me!

Continuing the service after your free month is entirely optional, but I’d encourage you to conduct some research of your own about why Bluechew is simply the best & most cost-efficient alternative.

GetRoman’s Alternative & Why It’s Better

Another area where GetRoman is outshined by Bluechew is it’s shipping wait time, I waited around two weeks for my first batch of sildenafil – where BlueChew managed to get their tablets to me in under a week!! That extra wait time made a great impression on me since the men making use of their service are usually in a time of great need where waiting an extra week feels like torture!

But the nail in the coffin for me was their unfair pricing options. On their website, it seems they’re a bit misleading about the Ed Med plans that they offer. Instead of giving the exact amount for each plan, they instead showed a graph displaying what I think were the prices for each individual pill… which was obviously rather confusing.

When you look at the total cost for each companies plans, you’ll find that BlueChew is around 50% cheaper all around the board! Both BlueChew & GetRoman use the same FDA approved ingredients in their tablets – so you’re getting largely the same treatment but pay a fraction of the cost when you go blue!

As if that wasn’t proof enough, you’ll also get a 1-month free trial so you can get a chance to find out if it’s the right service for you before signing up for a permanent plan. It’s extremely rare to find such a generous trial offer with absolutely no risk to you! The trial comes with a free consultation with an online doctor who will write you an online prescription for either Sildenafil & Tadalafil!


The Verdict

If you’ve gotten this far into the review, it’s probably fairly obvious just how much I love Bluechew, and favor it over any other online ED med service.

They’ve got unbeatable prices, impressive customer service with prompt delivery that’s always discreet, and online doctors who specialize in treating in ED and treat you with respect… there’s really nothing to complain about.

So there you have it. In Tugger’s humble opinion, Bluechew is the only sensible choice for those seeking a more discreet, affordable, and convenient alternative medical service for treating bedroom confidence issues!

For a small shipping fee, you get an entire month to find out for yourself, what have you got to lose?!

Let us know how your experience went with treating ED through online alternatives in the comments below, share some of your expert knowledge with your fellow TugBros!

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