Tera Patrick got her start as an adult entertainment star back in 1999 and now is a well-recognized face within the porn industry, as well as in the mainstream and pop culture scenes. While she no longer makes porn, she does offer exclusive scenes, clips, and merch on her official website. She is the only woman to be featured on the cover of both Penthouse and Playboy at the same time, and her Fleshlight has been purchased over 12 million times!

In 1990 she started her career as a teenage model and traveled Japan for a couple of years. She dropped modeling for a few years and came back to the states where she obtained a GED, briefly studied nursing at Boise State University, and finally, received EMT certification from a local vocational school.

Then in 1999, she reentered the modeling scene, this time as an adult entertainer. In 2000 she was featured on both Penthouse and Playboy and was named the pet of the year for Penthouse. She has a good bit of experience in the porn industry and was ranked #2 in Complex magazine’s “Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars of All Time”. It is no surprise that she’s a fan favorite in the porn industry and has a best-selling Fleshlight sleeve.

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Why Choose Tera Patrick?

With a sultry smile and colorful tattoos, it’s hard not to be drawn to Tera Patrick, so I wasn’t surprised to find that she had teamed up with Fleshlight to further indulge her fans with fulfilling their favorite fantasy.

She retired in 2008 but has continued to stay relevant and work within the industry. In addition to her work in the adult entertainment industry, Tera Patrick has also appeared in mainstream videos, music videos, and a radio show. She has her own line of clothing, a production company, and an agency. 

Due to her retirement, if you are looking for some porn to watch while teasing yourself with one of her sleeves, you can check out her website www.terapatrick.com, which is the only place where you can currently see her with “sexy girlfriends and boyfriends in video clips, pictures, and magazines.” She continues to update this website often for her devout fans.

Tera Patrick’s Fleshlights

Tera Patrick is one of the few Fleshlight girls that has two dedicated sleeve textures that are for her series only. Both the Tease and the Twisted are modeled after her orifices, but the interior is just as unique as the exterior and just as exclusive.

Tease: Lady/Vaginal Sleeve

The Tease sleeve is just as complex and varied as Tera Patrick herself. Before getting my hands on it, I was unsure how I felt about the picture of the internal textures. Of course, the pussy lips look just like hers and bears her signature on the front. Inside there are six chambers and tons of texture.

As I said, at first glance, I wasn’t sure what I thought about it – it doesn’t look as textured as it feels. There is a small entry chamber just inside the opening of the sleeve that has a tight entrance and exit along with ribbed walls. The exit is lined with a ring of small bumps that constrict around the penis before widening into one of the larger chambers.

The next chamber is 0.8 inches wide and contains six large nubs. The sleeve constricts again, into a ribbed hourglass shape and that opens up into a chamber that is lined with the Lotus Node texture. This is followed by another series of large bumps, then a crisscross pattern, and finally a section with a mix of large and small bumps that are meant to stimulate the head of the penis.

Despite the photo of the texture not really looking like much, there is a lot going on in this sleeve. It is rather tight, and there is constant pressure as I pushed through the sleeve. The contrast going from a wide part to one of the tighter sections creates a tantalizing massage. And there is a relief upon entering a wider canal, before pushing through to another tighter section of the sleeve. It lives up to its name, Tease, very well.

There is a lot of variety in this sleeve and it is absolutely amazing. It feels fantastic to push through each section, and I’m able to enjoy the Lotus Node texture without being overwhelmed. Sadly, due to the intense texture, it does require a lot of lube, especially if you’re rather sensitive.

Learn more about the Tease sleeve

Twisted: Anal/Butt Sleeve

The Twisted Fleshlight sleeve is much simpler when compared to the Tease. It has one canal, which has a maximum width of 0.8 inches and narrows down to 0.5 inches at the end. The sleeve is ribbed with a spiraling or twisted, texture that goes the entire length of the sleeve and is spaced apart at about 0.6 inches. This ribbed is raised about 0.2 inches off the wall and provides a distinctive sensation.

Entering the Twisted sleeve is a smooth ride but once inside, the ribs are very noticeable. Penetrating this sleeve slowly creates a very intense feeling and the spiral swirls around the head and shaft of the penis. The feeling becomes more prominent the deeper the penis is pushed into the sleeve, and it feels incredibly intense. Much more intense than I thought it would be after looking at the photos. It isn’t, by any means, realistic, but it does have that sheet clenching intensity.

Learn more about the Twisted sleeve

More Real User Reviews

Here’s a couple of real user reviews straight from the Fleshlight website, find out what your fellow TugBros have to say about Tera and her Fleshlights!

“Reviewing Tera Patrick’s Lady Sleeve, she is quite well-known and it’s no surprise that her sleeve is one of the best selling. Fortunately, this sleeve does not disappoint and is very satisfying when you take into account its varied internal textures. Some of the best texture are those that combine multiple different shapes to create a unique feel that is oh so satisfying. This one most certainly fits into that category. It means that the user will be able to experience many unique shapes in one sleeve giving it a great value as well as an excellent choice for a first-time buyer. It also shouldn’t be too overwhelming for a first time user relative to a sleeve such as Destroya’s popular lady sleeve.”

Christian L.

“This is an extremely intense sleeve. It’s very tight and grapples you in right away. The feeling is amazing and once you hit the lotus node, it’s complete ecstasy! This is a must-have sleeve in any collection, or even for a starter sleeve. It’s a sleeve that should not be overlooked but you should get it soon. Cause it’s in the collector’s corner and may not be around for long. Top 5 for sure in anyone’s sleeve collection.”

Somdy V.

“This was only my second Fleshlight and it looked so much different from my first one (Nikki Benz’s MVP) so I wasn’t clear on what to expect from the super-tight initial penetration to the wider, bumpier section, to the Lotus-like chamber back into a tight hole again, which is incredible. Be careful since it’s easy to lose yourself in this one and finish before you really want to.”

Ryan C.

If you’re interested in seeing where I pulled these user reviews from and read even more reviews, click the link below!

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Tease

Cleaning the Tease takes a bit more effort and time than other sleeves because this texture has a lot of nooks and crannies where lube and other bodily fluids can build up and get trapped. Using Fleshlube and tons of warm water isn’t enough to get the Tera Patrick Tease Fleshlight Sleeve clean, and you may often need to insert a finger to manually remove any residue. It also takes a long time to dry, so I set mine up over a box fan to speed up the process.

The Twisted

The Twisted sleeve, on the other hand, is a simple design, making it much easier to clean. I simply run warm water through this sleeve with a little bit of Fleshlube and let it dry. The drying time for this sleeve is average and it shouldn’t be packed up until after it has completely dried.

Check out our Fleshlight Cleaning Guide for more in-depth instructions!

My Ratings

To help further break down the pros and cons of this sleeve, I want to go over some features and give them a rating out of 5. 


Tease: 2/5

Twisted: 4/5

The Tease is intensely textured and that takes away from the realism. But the variance in tightness does resemble a real vagina and makes it more realistic than others.

The Twisted, on the other hand, has a tight opening and then a canal that widens before tightening up again, which is realistic. It isn’t the most realistic anal sleeve, but it’s pretty darn close.


Tease: 4/5

Twisted: 2/5

The Tease has some very tight portions where it’s almost too tight. This sleeve is fantastic at teasing me with tightness and then releasing the grip into a different chamber.

The Twisted isn’t that tight at all, it does get tighter the further in you go, but overall, it isn’t that tight. 


Tease: 4/5

Twisted: 3/5

While the Tease isn’t as intense as the STU, the textures paired with the tightness does make it pretty intense. It’s safe to say that anything with the Lotus Node within it is going to be pretty intense.

The Twisted doesn’t have much in the way of texture, so it isn’t that intense, but due to the sensations it provides, it is still somewhat intense.

Cleaning Difficulty

Tease: 1/5

Twisted: 4/5

The Tease sleeve does require more attention and effort to get it completely clean and dry than other sleeves need.

The Twisted is incredibly simple to clean and requires almost no effort. 

Overall Rating

Tease: 4/5

Twisted: 4/5

Overall, these sleeves are amazing! 

Final Thoughts

​The Tease is seriously intense and has made it into my top 5 for 2019. While the clean up is almost as intense as using it, the textures and orgasm make it more than worth it. It has a medium-high intensity and some tight chambers, with the entrance being the tightest portion of the whole sleeve. I cannot recommend this sleeve enough, if only for the wide variety in texture.

Twisted is the complete opposite and doesn’t have much in the way of texture at all. But the simple design only feels better with more use and feels pretty great. It may not be in my top 5, but it is still one of my favorites.

Don’t forget that you can use our code “TUGBRO10” to get 10% off either or both of these amazing sleeves.


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