When it comes to high-quality online porn, there are very few people that don’t know about Brazzers. Hell, most of y’all reading this probably watched some babe get buttfucked on Brazzers before busting and coming here. 

So why are we talking about Brazzers in a review of a completely different site?

Because in order for you to understand what Mofos is, you have to know that the same people that founded this site are the people that created the Brazzers network – and they did a banging job both times, satisfying one of the major needs of the average tugger who pays for HD porn.

So, if they already had Brazzers, why make Mofos? 

Because this site is not just one site. It’s 14 sites, all with different niches than the ones covered at Brazzers. It’s clear the people that own these sites want to cover the entire market, so if you’re part of the tuggin’ crew that likes Mofos’ specific niches, this is the article for you! 

But first, let’s check out Mofos, what it represents and why it’s beneficial to our readers. 


Why Choose Mofos?


Mofos was founded in 2009 with the intent to be one of the best porn sites at the time. Over the past decade, this site has gone through some notable improvements, adding 14 more sites to its premium service.

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes on a porn site in your life, chances are, you’ve seen a Mofos video and you may not even know it! Of course, their logo is plastered at the beginning and end of every free vid out there, but some of us skip directly to the action. 

Speaking of the action, Mofos offers a huge selection of it. First of all, while they used to offer only younger babes, today this site offers a large variety of MILFs as well as teens and tweens, meaning the site has become very age-inclusive over the years.

Aside from this, at Mofos, you can find seductive Latinas, delicious ebony babes and enticing Asians twinkling their eyelashes at you. Lesbian porn? You got it. Threesomes? Of course. Cheating? I hope your girl doesn’t check out your search history but yeah, they have that too. Anal pounding, public sex, squirt porn, creampies… You name it, Mofos has it!

In fact, the reason they have so much content is that they’ve been uploading new content almost daily for the past ten years on each of their 14 sites. Today Mofos boasts a library of nearly 4000 movies and the same number of galleries with 150+ pics each, and every single babe they upload is smoking hot to the point of instant tuggin’ goodness. Do you really think you could tug through all that porn even in an entire lifetime?


Features & Specials


There’s plenty of stuff to mention when it comes to Mofos special features, but I’m gonna try to make this as short as possible for you – they have a lot of sites, a lot of content and compared to what you’re getting, an insignificant monthly subscription fee. If you wanna know what these sites are, keep reading, we’re gonna go into them one by one detailing their specific fetish/scenario/niche. If you’re already sold, move on to the next section and we’ll talk numbers.

I Know That Girl – a site about “familiar-looking” girls. Girls you see around the neighborhood. Your next-door neighbor might have a video here. While this may look like an amateur site, you’ll notice that all the naked babes are professionals.

Don’t BreakMe – petite girls getting fucked in every possible scenario, position and situation. 

Let’s Try Anal – wanna guess what this one’s about?

Public Pickups – they pick girls up in public, pound the living daylights out of’em in private and leave them dripping. 

Girls Gone Pink – this is Mofos’ lesbian site – women only, no tuggers allowed!

Share My BF – two girls, one guy, threesome fantasies. Fun!

Pervs On Patrol – Mofos’ take on voyeur porn. It has several subcategories such as upskirt videos, dressing room videos, motel, beach and neighbor footage as well as amateur voyeur videos. If you’re feeling sneaky, this one’s for you!

Stranded Teens – and it just so happens that the Mofos crew is here to help! All it’ll cost is a little vehicular fuckery.

Mofos B Sides – free and extremely hot amateur porn. Scenarios come second, fucking comes first, the guy cums at the end – as it should be!

Mofos Lab – newly developed POV porn by Mofos. User feedback included!

Ebony Sex Tapes – black girls getting boned in every conceivable way. 

Latina Sex Tapes – same, but with exotic Latina babes!

Real Slut Party – insane college sex parties, from five or ten people up to fifty-on-fifty action!

She’s A Freak – “cocklusty” babes looking for the next big challenge, emphasis on “big”.

Once you go through the huge variety of content they have to offer, you realize that it’s just that which makes Mofos so special. They have anything you could ever dream of to make your tugger hard – you’ll never need any other website!


How Much Does It Cost?

Check out our Mofos Trial Guide for instructions on how you can redeem your Mofos trial for only 1$!

First of all, before you get to paying for this awesome collection of tuggin’ material, you should know that Mofos has two payment methods – credit card and cryptocurrency. All of these recur after their initial period is over, so if you wanna cancel make sure to keep an eye on that expiration date!

If you pay by card, you have four options:

2-day membership ($2, billed at $1 per day)

– 1-month membership ($24.99)

– 3 months membership ($59.99 – comes out to $19.99 per month!)

– 12 months membership ($79.99 – comes out to $6.66 per month as it is 80% off right now!)

If you wanna pay by cryptocurrency instead, you have three more options. You’ll notice that this payment method doesn’t have a “trial” two-day option. 

– 1-month membership ($29.99)

– 12 months membership ($119.99 – comes out to $9.99 per month!)

– Five-year membership ($499.99 – comes out to $8.33 per month as it is 80% off right now!)

Getting your Mofos subscription isn’t a complicated process at all – you just go to their site and get whatever package you want, paying with whatever method you want. 

The girls are smoking hot, the content is constantly updated, the watch time is unlimited and the creampies are drippy enough to wake your tugger at any time of the day. Now, I know most of us would think twice about paying for porn – let’s be realistic, we only do it if we have to or if we really want to see something specific, but six bucks for 14 sites that post new videos and galleries every day? Count me in.

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