Whenever I think about porn, the first two sites that always pop into my mind are Pornhub and Brazzers.

Pornhub seems to be the more popular of the two, but Brazzers is one of the leading porn sites in the entire adult industry.

It’s the sort of place that even if you have never visited the website itself, you’ve probably at least heard of it – because the logo is everywhere! Even The Late Show has cracked jokes about Brazzers.

Knowing about a website doesn’t necessarily make it worth subscribing to, though. We all know that free streaming websites get far more traffic, but if you want the best porn available, you are going to have to pay for it.

If you need exact instructions on how to sign up for Brazzers, consider reading our step by step Brazzers 2-Day Trial Guide on how to sign up for a Brazzers membership!

With a premium subscription to Brazzers, users receive an endless supply of HD porn, hundreds of new and exclusive scenes every year and it all comes at a reasonable cost.

The best part is that the longer you are a subscriber, the better deals you get! At a premium porn website, viewers require a membership to get the most out of their entertainment.

I went with a two day trial for $1, before signing up for a year’s worth of porn for $119.99.

The other packages include monthly for $29.99, quarterly for $59.99, and annually for $114.99. If you choose the monthly membership, the yearly total comes up to $359, which is $239 more than just getting an annual membership!

Even a quarterly membership comes up to $231, which is about double what you’d pay for the annual.

Click the button below to get started with your 2-day trial or keep reading for more info!


Why Sign-Up For A Brazzers Membership?

Anytime I decide to watch a video on free porn sites, there is a 50% chance it will be stamped with a Brazzers logo…

This is because they have a massive library of original content available on their website. They have been producing and adding scenes to their website for over 13 years, and most of these are only available exclusively at Brazzers.

These scenes are often over 30 minutes long and shot in 1080p HD. There is over 4k hours worth of original, high-quality adult content. I only found lower quality content when I dug deep into the archives.

ZZ Series (Original Porn Mini-Series)

If one-off scenes don’t do it for you, there are series available with my membership, like the Brazzers ZZ series that gives me an entire story to watch. This short mini-series took me on quite the adventure, featuring silly plots and incredibly hardcore sex.

There are tons of parodies available on Brazzers as well, including Brazzers House, which features vampire horror, including Lust Bite, the series that is funny, campy, and super sexy!

If you want something with a plot, the ZZ series on Brazzers is perfect for you!

Another great thing about Brazzers is that they have over 2 thousand performers! They have a wide variety of performers when it comes to finding some variety in your tug-time!

The website has featured thousands of performers of all genders and identities over the years. They also have a great search feature that makes finding performers incredibly easy!


Search Options & Downloads

I briefly mentioned it before, but the search function on Brazzers is phenomenal and stands out among its peers.

This feature, alone, is one of the most valuable aspects of the website. The scenes are meticulously tagged, which allows users to search for specific performers or categories with ease.

Performers can be sorted by the rookies, new, legacy, and all-stars, as well as the gender they identify as. There are over 2k performers and over 9k scenes, this search feature makes it incredibly simple to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Some other things that should be noted about Brazzers membership perks are that there is no limit on how the amount content subscribers can download.

There are so many companies that are streaming-only these days that it is important to point this out about Brazzers. This will help you to build up a collection of porn and support porn stars in the face of a time where net neutrality is a persistent threat.

Memberships also come with access to 30 other themed websites, including MILF centered pron, BBW porn, and big sporty tits. There are a ton more that you get with your subscription and they are all “free” with your membership. Sadly, this doesn’t come without its cons.

Get access to 30 other websites in addition to Brazzers by signing up today!


Is Brazzers Worth It?

Along with Pornhub Premium, Brazzers is an excellent option for a premium porn subscription. You won’t find a more complete library anywhere else – that being said, there’s always room to grow. 

My biggest complaint is that there’s an entire world of sexual kinks and fetishes that Brazzers has, as of writing this, left unexplored.

With that in mind, there are sites dedicated to specific kinks and categories – Brazzers is more of a general aggregator of the best adult content on the web and that’s fine!

If you start to weigh the pros against the cons and understand the wide variety of benefits that come with membership – signing up for a subscription to Brazzers is a pretty great deal!

They have helped many performers build their careers, including Ava Addams, Monique Alexander, and Ryan Keely. This is a great way to not only support your favorite stars, support the sex industry, but also to get your rocks off to a huge collection of porn that is always being updated.

I do hope they add a wider range of content, including different kinks, fetishes, and sexualities, in the future, I appreciate their dedication to keeping their members happy. Their two new scenes a day output is incredible and totals up to 700 scenes a year! Brazzers set itself apart from their competition with their output rate. If you enjoy cis, white, heteronormative, with the occasional girl on girl scenes, Brazzers is a gold mine waiting for you to explore.

Of course, there is also a little bit of LGBTQ+, people of color, and BDSM content to explore, but the membership isn’t really worth it if those are the only niches you’re looking for.

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