I’ll be honest, when I’m all alone in the Tug cave and the mood strikes me, Kimmy Granger is one of my go-to pornstars for some quality tug time. A gorgeous girl with a filthy mouth, she rides like a professional jockey and blows like a volcano. The petite and flexible Kimmy was a gymnast in her younger years, which means she can bend, spread or spin on any man who’s lucky enough to spend some time with her.

She was probably always destined for a career in the adult industry, her mother was a stripper and glamour model and Kimmy herself worked in a strip club, waiting tables before getting into porn. She’s always been a free spirit sexually and watching any scene she’s in makes it abundantly clear that she simply loves sex. 

With tons of adult industry awards under her belt and a horde of loyal fans, Kimmy got the honor of becoming a Fleshlight Girl and has two of her very own replicas that you can play with whenever you want. Her vaginal orifice “Rebel” and her anal orifice “Mischief”. Much like Kimmy, these Fleshlights are seriously wild.

You may have heard some rumors about these elusive Fleshlight coupons that a select few websites have been graced with. It’s nearly impossible to find one that actually works or isn’t expired.

It’s my pleasure to announce that we’ve teamed up with Fleshlight to bring you one of these exclusive coupons for our fellow TugBros! 

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Kimmy Granger Fleshlights

Lady Orifice – Rebel


The Rebel promises to be a feisty and fresh experience, as you enter this super tight elaborate love tunnel which grips your penis and encourages you to go deeper and deeper. As with the majority of Fleshlights, the Rebel goes up to 9 inches which means you need to belong to reach the end of Kimmy’s vagina but there’s more than enough entertainment along the way to keep you engaged. 

Kimmy Granger “Rebel” – Chamber

The Rebel sleeve consists of many different styles and a repeating set of nubs, bumps or ribs spread out along the sleeve. As you enter Kimmy’s tight opening you’ll be met with the first of five staggered rows of medium-sized nubs that give you a nice rubbing sensation as you thrust. Moving through this section feels sensational, as the head of the penis is massaged and the sleeve gets tighter and envelops around your Johnson. 

The tightness becomes a tugging sensation as you move into the next section, which is full of ribs in different sizes, shapes, and spaces. The different ribs you pass through will change in shape, size, and structure but by the time you’re at the end of the last smaller section, the wide, thick cross ribs and short rings, create an amazing penetration feeling and intense stimulation. 

You can feel each and every rib here and if you push quick enough for the rings to cause a vibration feeling against your penis. By now you’re already at 6.5 inches, only well-endowed TugBros will get to go beyond this point.

However, if you do, you’ll be met by large bumps in a very unique shape, they will definitely provide some intense stimulation here, but you need to be over 6.5 inches to experience them. 

Butt Orifice – Mischief 


With the Mischief sleeve, you have a unique opportunity unlike any other. You get the unprecedented Kimmy Granger anal experience – something she’s yet to do on screen. Also sitting at 9 inches, Mischief has a typical anal design, one continuous tight structure which doesn’t have varying chambers along the way. 

But don’t get the wrong idea, the Mischief sleeve is far from standard and promises a unique experience. The internal sleeve has a spiraled vortex of large ribs that change in diameter, giving you a tight and intense feeling as the spiral repeats itself to the end of the sleeve. 

The mixture of tightness and intensity make for one very unique ride, with more variety than you would have expected, although the spiraled nature and deep grooves on the sleeve can make cleaning a little harder than normal.

Be sure to wash either sleeve thoroughly with Fleshlight’s Product Care Kit. It’ll help keep your Fleshlight in good shape and will make it last a lot longer.

Where To Buy


I’d always recommend buying from the original, authentic retailer, as you want to be safe when buying a product like this. Buying directly not only gives you the best price and free shipping but also guarantees that you’re getting an authentic product. 

If you’ve been thinking about trying a product to improve your tug-time, why not spend a little extra and get a next-level toy, on a whole new playing field?

Check out the Kimmy Granger Interactive Sex Package and save 15%!

When you buy this you’re not just getting the wonderful Rebel Fleshlight, you’ll also receive the full interactive sex package which includes:

Interested in this automated, interactive sex package? Check out our review of the Fleshlight Launch or click here to get one for yourself!

Kimmy is regarded as the best rider in the business, and let’s be honest, when she’s making professional male pornstars that are paid to hold an erection and not cum until required, tap out before they blow their loads prematurely, then you know she’s going to be good. The Fleshlight Launch not only houses your Fleshlight but can also sync up to the scenes you’re watching, meaning you can lay back and enjoy the view as Kimmy Granger rides you just as hard as she does on-screen. 

Is It Tug Worthy?

I’ve obviously used both sleeves many times but I find myself using the Rebel a lot more frequently than the Mischief. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both great sleeves, however, the Rebel is definitely my favorite out of the two.

The different pleasure nodes and varying structure of the sleeve make the Rebel come out on top and when syncing up to the Fleshlight Launch, the experience is a whole other level.

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