The geniuses at Kiiroo are known for making the very best in teledildonic toys for men. Today I present you with a powerful, fully interactive, high-quality male masturbator that specializes in stamina and endurance training – the Kiiroo Titan.

The Titan is a handheld stroker with new-age touch-sensitive vibration technology. It features the signature real-feel sleeve and houses 9 different “bullet” vibrators, each with their own specialty.

We know the price tag of these toys can be rather intimidating, that’s why we’ve teamed up with Kiiroo to bring you a discount exclusively for TugBros!

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What Is The Kiiroo Titan?

You may think you’ve seen all this before, but what sets the Titan apart from the rest is the extremely intense vibration it provides. The stamina training and intensity is unprecedented, not only for Kiiroo but for the entire male sex toy industry.

For this reason, I recommend this toy mainly for experienced users. Newcomers to the world of teledildonics may prefer the Onyx 2 or Lovense’s Max 2 for a more entry-level automatic masturbator. Although, if you’re feeling adventurous and want a vigorously strong stimulation, I highly recommend giving the Titan a try.

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Why Choose The Titan?

The single most valuable thing that this toy offers is that it can bring people together. Kiiroo has been instrumental in helping long-distance relationships prosper since you can pair a number of Kiiroo’s male toys with their female counterparts such as the Pearl 2. You can even sync up two Titans.

What this means is that you can sexually connect with your partner, regardless of the distance. Let’s say you’re in a long-distance relationship and you know sex won’t be an option for a while, the Titan allows you to bridge the gap and give satisfaction to help make your relationship last.

Alternatively, let’s say that your husband/wife is away on business or left town to visit family. No longer will you have to stay home alone and masturbate… thanks to these toys being extremely compact, you can satisfy your partner no matter the distance or location.

This will help discourage cheating, keep a relationship strong and eliminate any loneliness you might feel when you have to be away from your loved one.

The Titan is also great for solo use, as it can pair with over 4,000 videos for you to choose from, it’s also 100% VR compatible.

Check out the official Titan page for a complete list of compatible videos.

What Features Does The Titan Have?

The Titan has a total of 8.7 inches in length and around 3.5 inches in diameter. Thankfully, it comes with a well-designed ribbed grip on the side of the toy to keep it from slipping out of your hands at the worst possible moment…

There are a number of touch-sensitive pads on the side that offer complete control over the vibrations so you can tailor the experience to your personal preference. This also grants control of your partner’s toy, granting an unprecedented mutual masturbation experience. There are also 9 distinct “bullet” motors in the interior that vibrate to your liking, this is what helps make the Titan so uniquely intense.

The Titan offers a modest battery life of 30-40 minutes (fairly high for this kind of toy) after charging for 2-3 hours. The only real downside is that it cannot accommodate penises larger than 7.5 inches. Although most men won’t have to worry about this, I wasn’t able to get the full value out of this toy, I am the TugBro, after all… 

Does It Tug?!

After trying out this impressive piece of hardware, I can say it’s a resounding yes!

Upon first taking your Titan out of the box, you’ll notice that some very deliberate decisions have been made around the design elements.

In particular, anyone that owns a Fleshlight Launch will notice the relatively small size of the overall machine which makes for a more compact and less bulky unit. It has a far more circular curvature as opposed to the square design that we saw with the Kiiroo Onyx 2.

This makes the Titan a perfect choice for those looking for a compact, yet powerful masturbator. The price is somewhat more reasonable than most other toys of its caliber, making it a great option for TugBros on a budget, you can save even more with the promotion we have below.

But don’t be fooled by its size, Kiiroo themselves said it best:

“Don’t let this little “shell” fool you – it will explode your penis! This thing has features that will blow your mind, blow your di*k, and blow the competition right out of the water

Kiiroo Reviews

I’ve done my very best to do justice to the wonderful piece of hardware that Kiiroo has created, but don’t take my word for it… take a look at Kiiroo’s press kit that outlines some of the company’s history and background as well as showcasing some of the renowned news publications that can vouch for Kiiroo and their wonderful products.

Let’s take a look at a few reputable news outlets that love Kiiroo as much as we do!


Vice Magazine – Sep 2019

“Teledildonics have helped normalize sex toys for men by making the experience centered around interaction, not just solo masturbation. In 2013, a Dutch-based company, KIIROO, created the leading teledildonic couples toy: the Pearl for her, the Onyx for him. The Onyx works like a Fleshlight sleeve, while the Pearl is your standard—albeit sophisticated—vibrator.”

Yahoo Lifestyle – Sep 2019

“In the same KIIROO study, 66% of respondents said the hardest thing about being in a long-distance relationship was the lack of physical intimacy, and 31% said the lack of sex was the hardest part.”

Daily Star – July 2019

“ALREADY we have online “friends” that we have never met in real life. Next, we will have online lovers. Kiiroo is the world’s leading manufacturers of internet-connected sex toys. We spoke to them about where the technology of internet-connected sex is today – and where it’s going in the future.”

Where To Buy It?

You can get your very own Titan straight from Kiiroo’s official store.

I always recommend avoiding 3rd party sites as I’ve heard many horror stories of TugBros receiving faulty or even worse… used products. This way you can cut out the middleman and guarantee an authentic product for the best price.

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