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Kiiroo Onyx 2 Review


For me, tugging is a full-time job. I am Tugbro, after all. So whenever something shows up that says it’ll take some of the tugging off of my hands naturally I’m interested. More gadgets on the utility with the worst case scenario being that I’d end up having some sort of orgasm. Sounds win-win to me.

This something just happens to be the Kiiroo Onyx 2. Blowjob machine, sex machine, automatic masturbator, whatever you want to call it, it’s here and all that you need to do is hold it in place while it does its thing.

Those little rings up there? There’s ten of them, and they all contract and expand at different intervals based on what settings you’re on. This, with the Fleshlight sleeve, results in what people in my line of work refer to as an ejaculation

Exploring The Onyx 2

It’s always hard to estimate how big these things will be once they’re at TugHQ. It’s 10 inches tall and about 3.5 inches long and wide, with flat corners for better grip. Make no mistake, this thing is a handful.

As for the insides, 6.5 inches of Fleshlight Superskin sleeve gets repeatedly juggled back and forth by the contracting rings. Just lovely.

Next question for me was what does this thing say it can do with all of that? Raw speed wise it’s 140 strokes per minute. Calculations at TugLab put that at around 2.3 strokes per second. Efficient! These male masturbators need to start listing themselves with strokes per second, honestly.

But for actual settings, there are a few different modes. We got ourselves manual/manual with back and forth motion, slow pump, and fast pump. Okay, I like some easy one-press settings but what is this thing really capable of?

Well, while it’ll still be masturbation, it doesn’t have to be solo sex. Onyx 2 can connect to a female Kiiroo Pearl 2 dildo, to another Onyx 2, or a few different models of either. I could assemble a Tug Team in no time flat if I really wanted. Who knows how well they actually work together, but what’s a Bluetooth sex toy without the ability for a robot orgy?

Porn videos take on a new dimension too. Those with a serious Tug Cave with a powerful enough computer and fancy VR equipment can get synced videos with corresponding VR capability. I’ll find a way to try it, but for now, I’m stuck to the 2D synced videos.

No cords, lithium-ion battery comes with the bugger. Rechargeable too, 4-6 hours of charge gets a full hour of use.

Will The Onyx 2 Tug?

Zero hour, it was time to put the Onyx 2 to the test after a full day of charging, it was not the time to mess around.

Giving it a proper go meant giving a lot of lube and quickly putting myself inside and ready to go. Count down the seconds and it was liftoff.

It’s snug, but after I used it I knew it was a matter of necessity. The Contractions from the rings definitely made me make some questionable noises and I let this thing take me where ever it wanted me to go.

Another day, I used it to a synced porn video. It just about tricked the visual-tactile part of me that I was actually getting a blowjob, aw yeah.

A little bit of splooge later, I was convinced.

My Tug sense tingles whenever I think about the Onyx 2. It definitely makes the grade.

Where To Get One?

I went ahead and bought my Onyx 2 directly from the official Kiiroo website. They offered the lowest price that I was able to find available online.

You can get 15% off by using coupon code “ULTRASEXY” at checkout. Click here to redeem the discount!