At this point, anyone reading my blog knows how much I love Fleshlight. Not only are they a great company with amazing customer service, but they back up their fame through continually producing quality products for our enjoyment.

One of their most popular products is the Lady Classic. While this one isn’t textured and doesn’t offer anything special, many new users are attracted to its simplicity.

Often after trying the Lady Original, users take one of two routes: they either want to try something with more texture, or they want something tighter, but just as textureless.

Of course, there are those who want both – texture and tightness, for these people I recommend Asa Akira’s Dragon Fleshlight

For those looking for something similar to the Lady Classic that has a tighter canal, I highly recommend trying out the Fleshlight Super Tight – our topic of interest.

This Fleshlight is just like the Lady Original in the way that it has no texture and comes in lady, butt, mouth, and non-descript orifices. The difference is that the Classic is ¾’s of an inch tight where the Super Tight is ½ inch tight. While this doesn’t sound like a big difference, it is noticeably tighter and may even be too tight for some men!

How To Get The Best Price

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Sleeve & Texture

Click here for more info on the “Super Tight” lady sleeve

Similar to the Lady Original Fleshlight, the Fleshlight Super Tight is very straightforward. It has a short, snug entrance that widens into the one and only chamber. The chamber is half an inch in diameter, has a 9-inch length, and is smooth from start to finish. There is no texture or variance in tightness. 

As I said, there are no other chambers, no texture, just one, long, drawn-out, straight canal. It’s what a Fleshlight would be if Quentin Tarantino were allowed to create one. Long, and drawn out. It is worth noting that the Super Tight is about 0.2 inches narrower than the Lady Classic.

Due to the lack of texture, such as bumps, ribs, etc., the only stimulation comes from the friction created along the patented Real Feel Super Skin. Compared to its predecessor, this is much more pleasurable and exciting. Compared to other options, though, I find the lack of texture to be “meh”.

It is recommended for beginners, but I find that it’s also perfect for a low stimulation stroke or tighter session. I find that it’s great to use to build up to a stronger orgasm and is tug-tastic for a lazy wank.

This is a simple model with a single, tight canal. It comes in a variety of options for the orifice but doesn’t stand up to the other textures. It’s great if you prefer realism over a lot of texture. This Fleshlight provides continuous stimulation and is the perfect option if that’s what you’re looking for in a Fleshlight.

Does It Tug?

I’ve tried a ton of Fleshlights.

The Bump N Grind Texture, Lotus, and Vortex are all popular and for good reason.

The Super Tight sleeve by Fleshlight feels great, as Real Feel Super Skin usually does. Although it may feel overwhelming if entered with expectations. I find that it’s best to go into any new Fleshlight without any expectations of how it’s going to feel. I find it’s best to approach all toys I plan on writing a review for in this manner.

My journey with the Fleshlight Super Tight started with exploring the “Build Your Own” section of the website. I started by choosing their silver case, just because I don’t have many with this color of casing.

Then I was given the option to choose “Lady” or “Butt,” I choose “Lady.” Then I was met with a slew of texture options. Of course, Fleshlight only includes their most popular textures here, so when I saw the Super Tight – I knew I had to have it. I had to know what makes it a “popular texture,” because I wasn’t a fan of the Lady Original. 

After choosing my texture, I was prompted to choose an accessory. Since I already have the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer and Shower Mount, I skipped this part. But if you don’t have either of these, I highly recommend reading my reviews on why they’re worth owning!

Anyway, I added some Fleshlube Slide Anal Lube to my cart and checked out. I choose to get an anal specific lube to help ensure I’d be able to get into the tight opening of the Fleshlight Super Tight.

Click here to browse all of Fleshlight’s male lubricant, trust me… you’ll need it.

When it finally arrived, I washed, lubed, and warmed it up. As I had read, getting into the opening of the Super Tight Fleshlight sleeve as a bit of a struggle. I used extra lube and slowly guided my head in, being careful not to go too fast and lose the little bit of headway I had made, pun intended. It took me some time to get into the entrance, but the journey there felt amazingly tight around the head of my penis.

Since there was no texture to feel, I focused on the squeeze and how nice and snug my dick felt within the walls of the Super Tight. I did have to reapply lube several times as there is nothing to keep the lube within the chamber and it tends to drip out. I recommend picking up some extra lube if you’re buying the Super Tight Fleshlight.

Due to the tightness of the Super Tight, as the name suggests, it may not be suitable for bigger guys. I found it almost uncomfortable around my girth, but only almost. It provides gentle and continuous stimulation that is more noticeable than the Lady Original. Sadly, it also has less suction than the Lady Classic because there is less room within the canal to create a vacuum.

Since there is no texture within the Fleshlight Super Tight, it isn’t very intense. The tightness of this model is amazing and continuous throughout the entire device. It could stand to have little variance, such as tight chambers or squeezing rings. I feel like these added features could bring the Super Tight up to a whole new level of pleasure!

Cleaning Process

Click here for our in-depth Fleshlight cleaning guide

Cleaning the Fleshlight Super Tight is incredibly simple. It’s as easy as running soap through the canal, and then flushing water through it. Since there isn’t any texture, there isn’t anywhere for the bodily fluids or lube to get trap. It’s made even easier to clean if you use a water-based lube. 

The most important part of cleaning the Super Tight Fleshlight is to allow it to dry. Drying it is super easy and it dries much faster than other Fleshlights. Once dry, just apply a coating of talc powder

As far as durability goes, the Fleshlight Super Tight, with proper care it can stand up to a lot of use without wearing and tearing. The Super Skin is strong and easy to care for. Since there is no texture, there are no bumps or ridges for you to snag when cleaning or using. 

Final Thoughts

To answer the question: is it really the tightest Fleshlight?

No, that prestigious award goes to Riley Reid’s Euphoria Sleeve

If the super tight still isn’t enough for you, you can read our review of Riley Reid’s Fleshlights here.

It does provide additional tightness, but not nearly as much suction. I can see why it’s a popular Fleshlight as it’s tight and great for a lazy wank. 

If you’re looking for something tight with no texture and light suction, this is the perfect option. If you’re looking for something “realistic” I recommend the Love Humps or Forbidden sleeves because they have texture and tightness. 

Personally, I enjoyed the smoothness and found it to be a great alternative to the Lady Original. Cleaning and drying it is super simple. And the upkeep is even more simple since there aren’t any nooks or crannies for lubricant, water, or bodily fluids to hide in.

Looking for a Realistic Fleshlight Sleeve? Try These:

Lotus – The Fleshlight Lotus has several chambers and the unique Lotus Node texture. It comes in a lot of the Fleshlight Girls orifices. This texture gets closer to realism than any other texture currently available. The Lotus Mini is a fantastic option for guys with smaller.

Sex in a Can – This Fleshlight is another great option for those will smaller or thinner penises. It is incredibly tight and every bit of texture can be felt within the confines. The best from this line is the Lady Lager.

Forbidden – This sleeve is a popular choice for sleeves that feature a butt orifice. It provides users with a realistic anal experience. It has consistently fantastic reviews and is a tried and true favorite of many Fleshlight Fans.

Destroya Pink Sleeve – While it isn’t tight all the way through, this Fleshlight offers some of the tightest texture. It is modeled after popular porn star Stoya and provides some intense textures and suction along with the tightness of the canals.

If you want even more guidance for looking for your ideal Fleshlight, consider checking out our Ultimate Fleshlight Buyers Guide.

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