So you got laid? Congratulations! And better yet, you had the good sense to either put on a condom before you bust a nut, or pulled out in time to find a good place to thoughtfully drop your load. Like the boobs, back, face – basically anywhere but .. there. So you had some fun and got away scot-free. Right? Once your post-coital high wears off and your brain starts functioning at a base level again you might start to hear a nagging voice – no not your girlfriend (this time!) – that asks ‘was I really careful enough?’, ‘boy I hope she was on the pill’ or ‘wait… can you get pregnant from precum !?’.

So .. Can you get pregnant from precum ?

The short and probably alarming answer if you’re seeking out this information is YES. You can get pregnant or get someone pregnant by leaking precum onto or into the vagina. BUT, it’s VERY unlikely. So don’t start packing your bags to skip town just yet.

Firstly, it helps to understand what exactly precum is:

What is precum?

Dripping faucet 1Pre-cum, more correctly known as Pre-ejaculatatory fluid or Cowpers fluid – as it is produced by the ‘Bulbourethral’ or ‘Cowpers’ gland – is a clear colorless fluid that appears at tip of the penis during sexual arousal. You don’t necessarily have to be aroused by a partner for precum to appear as your dick doesn’t know the difference. All it knows is it wants to get that lead out!
Pre-ejaculate is rich in mucoproteins – another reason Blowjobs are good for girls – and helps to lubricate the urethra and neutralize the acidic environment inside your penis before ejaculation. Sperm don’t like acidity and your urine can cause their exit point (your dick) to be acidic. The vagina is normally acidic also, so it can help neutralize the vagina to make a safe passage for your swimmers.

In short – precum flushes acidity out of your penis and helps your sperm travel safely from your nuts to the egg.

Precum can be mistaken for semen or ‘cum’ itself but the number of actual sperm that may be present in the fluid is variable. Plus, some men can produce a large amount of precum, while others may not produce any noticeable amount at all.

Is there sperm in precum?

Pre-ejaculate itself isn’t known to contain sperm so it’s thought that the sperm seen in samples could have remained in the urethra from a previous ejaculation, or there is possibly some leakage of sperm into the pre-ejaculate during arousal in some men.

According to a 2010 study of 27 men, sperm was found in the pre-ejaculatory fluid of 41% (11) of the participants. The amount of sperm in the samples was considered low but even a small amount of sperm can cause pregnancy.

The popular theory is that if you want to lessen the chances of sperm in your precum and pregnancy, you should urinate before sex to clear out any remaining sperm from previous ejaculations. If you’re a real stallion and plan on having sex multiple times in one session, be sure to urinate and wipe the tip of your penis to remove any remaining sperm before you have sex again. The acidity of your urine should kill most sperm who are hiding out in there. In the 2010 study though, some guys who had peed after their last ejaculation still had sperm in their precum.
The general consensus is precum contains little to no sperm and the chances of getting pregnant from precum alone is very low. Only around 4 couples out of every 100 will get pregnant each year using the withdrawal method perfectly. If you definitely don’t want to be one of those ‘lucky’ 4, you might want to consider using more reliable types of contraception. Or to be REALLY safe – just fuck a melon.

Keep an eye on that load!

If you plan to use withdrawal and ejaculate on your partners body, be mindful of where your semen ends up. Her backside, thighs or stomach might seem like a safe place to cum, but if the semen leaks down to her vagina there is a SMALL possibility of sperm finding its way into the vaginal canal.

What you need to know:

  • Some guys produce pre-ejaculatory fluid while others don’t.
  • Some studies say there is little to no sperm in pre-ejaculate. While another says a large number of men have a small amount of active sperm in it.
  • You are unlikely to get someone pregnant from precum alone.
  • The best way to avoid unplanned pregnancy is to use proper contraception.


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