Fleshlight’s huge line of Fleshlight Girls continues to blow our mind with every new model they introduce. Romi Rain’s new “Storm” sleeve is no exception, this busty Boston girl broke into the hardcore porn industry in 2012, after working as an erotic model since age 19. Her unique beauty and explosive sexual appetite quickly helped her rise to become one of the most prominent porn actresses on the planet.

Going by the theme of her name (Rain), Fleshlight designed the Storm sleeve to be wild and wet, by introducing the “hurricane” and “cyclone” sections to give you a whirlwind of enjoyment. As you might expect, the Romi Rain Fleshlight is sure to take you by storm, this sleeve manages to perfectly encapsulate Romi’s fierce sexual appetite.

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Introduction: Romi Rain

Romi Rain is a female adult actress who started her career as a cam girl, exotic dancer, and nude model before finally stepping into the world of hardcore porn. Much of her success and appeal may be attributed to her unique “bad girl” look, with multiple tattoos and seductive brown eyes.

Romi Rain’s Fleshlight Sleeve

Fleshlight has worked with Romi Rain to make a unique, groundbreaking sleeve molded from her lady parts: the Romi Rain “Storm” Fleshlight. All the unique textures make this toy a special treat for those who may be tired of the status quo, or for beginners who want to start their Fleshlight journey with a more intense experience.

Here’s how the inside sleeve texture looks & feels:

The Storm – Sleeve Design & Texture


The sleeve has a huge variety of textures in each chamber, with interchanging textures and stimulating walls. The entrance to the sleeve is a replica of Romi’s labia and is crafted with Fleshlight’s high-quality Superskin material. Upon entering the canal, you’ll notice ribs, bumps, and ridges that give different sexual sensations as you thrust.

Chamber One: Soft Stimulation

Just after reaching 0.4 inches inside the orifice, the first chamber begins. It contains a 1.6-inch wide groove. The chamber, after less than 0.4 inches inside the chamber, turns in to a 0.6-inch ring consisting of bumps and a wide canal strip with flattened bumps. After thrusting past a ring, you find the second groove which marks the end of our first chamber. The canal in the first chamber is tight due to the presence of the bumps.

Chamber Two: Powerful Stimulation

After the 0.2-inch groove, you are now in the second chamber where the real fun starts. The chamber is filled with sturdy, rounded bumps. Each of the bumps rises to 0.2 inches and has a diameter of 0.4 inches. The spaces between the bumps vary, forming rings. The chamber tightens as you thrust deeper where at the start it has a diameter of 1-4 inches and 1 inch at the end. As a result of the typical arrangement of these bumps, you’ll find that some parts of the chamber are denser than others. The chamber is funnel-shaped making it tighter the more you push further, making the stimulation stronger. The landscape of the second chamber has a total length of 2 inches, after which it takes us to the center. 

Chamber Three: Special Treat

After gliding over a small edge in the second chamber, you are in a 1.6-inch middle chamber. The chamber starts with a 1.2-inch width and finishes with a 1-inch width. This increases the pressure and tightness on the penis. The canal further tightens to 0.8 inches. Between the checks are small grooves that rub over the penis gently, before the chamber tightens and expands again. The diameter, therefore, tightens towards the center of the chamber and then widens once again towards the end.

Chamber Four: Tightness

The fourth chamber stretches to 2.15 inches, it consists of 6 wide and rounded ribs that provide more tightness than the center chamber. The same idea as before applies here where the diameter of the canal tightens towards the center of the chamber and then widens towards the end. This part of the canal produces more tightness resulting in a more intensive stimulation that hits your shaft like a storm. Its strategic position ensures that during penetration and thrusting, the penis spends more time here, providing an excellent sensation.

Chamber Five: End With A Bang

After about 7.9 inches, we are finally in our fifth and final chamber. So, what does the final chamber have to offer? The chamber has four rings which are 0.4 inches high, with wide rounded crossbars. The bars provide exceptional intensity, and the spaces between them act as breathing spaces to recover from the hardcore experience you’ve just had.

How Does It Feel?

From its mixed textures, we already know that the sleeve is intense. As soon as you enter the orifice, stimulation begins followed by the bumps massaging the penis. The wall presses inwards, diminishing the spaces between the bumps. This tightens the grip on your penis and increases the sensitivity and stimulation. 

The bumpy texture and the varying width of the canal have already made the start stormy. Opening into the middle chamber offers some relief which before long, tightens further and grips the shaft more when you push through the ribbed walls. 

The different fluctuations in texture and tightness will make you reach your climax in no time. If you’re looking to improve your stamina, this is by far the best Fleshlight Girl for this purpose. But keep in mind, if you tend to be oversensitive after an orgasm, it may be preferable to finish outside the sleeve.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the Romi Rain Fleshlight is on the easier side when it comes to Fleshlights. The chunky blocks and grooves at the ending and entrance of the sleeve are easily reachable with your finger, so you can easily remove excess lube and jizz.

Check out Fleshlight’s own Product Care Kit to get all the essential male sex toy cleaning products you’ll ever need.

Fleshlight makes these cleaning products specifically for cleaning their toys, there’s really isn’t any other option. Simply mix your FleshWash with warm water for a perfect, thorough cleaning solution. Once it dries, sprinkle some of your Renewal Powder in the interior to keep it feeling brand new with every use.

Click here for our in-depth guide on Fleshlight cleaning.

Where To Buy The Storm Sleeve?

As always, the only safe place to get legitimate Fleshlight products is straight from the official Fleshlight website

Going straight to the manufacturer is the only way to guarantee you get an authentic product, at the best price — not to mention they offer free shipping!

The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Authentic opening
  • Soft and durable sleeve
  • It comes with a discrete casing
  • It is temperature responsive 
  • The sleeve is removable and therefore easy to clean
  • Diverse textures
  • Not advisable for oversensitive men
  • Will make you never want to leave your room again
  • May be too intense to beginners

Final Thoughts

With a total of five chambers, the Storm provides a splendid, entirely unique stimulation. The distinct features in the five chambers grant an experience more diverse than any fleshlight before it. Romi Rain’s Storm Fleshlight more than lives up to the hype and is 100% TugBro approved.

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Suction Effect
Ease Of Cleaning
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