Now if you’ve ever browsed through popular porn sites like Pornuhb or Youporn, there’s a good chance you’ve already come across a steamy video from Property Sex.

“Real Estate Porn” has been a popular genre for as long as porn has existed! The premise is usually a sexy tenant who can’t pay their rent needs to offer sexual favors to a sleazy, horny landlord!

While you may think this is a drawn-out trope, the concept of exchanging sex for rent is something eternally appealing. Property Sex is breathing new life into real estate porn by introducing A-list porn girls like Kimmy Granger who rose to popularity through the high-profile videos that Property Sex produces on the daily!

There will always be a market for these fantasies that bring a whole new level of reality to your tug time! To reap the full benefits of what Property Sex has to offer, you’ll have to acquire a premium membership.

Thankfully, you can now get a 2-Day trial with full premium benefits for only 1$. You can cancel at any time before the 48 hour period ends – or if you love the service as much as I do, you can opt to become a full-time member!

Let’s break down exactly how you can go about redeeming your 2 days of Property Sex!

2-Day Property Sex Trial (Step by Step Guide)

First things first, click the button below to redirect to the Property Sex homepage!

Step 1

Now that you’ve located the homepage, you’ll want to click the banner that says “2 Days For 1$” in the center of your screen – you can’t miss it! (ex. below)

Or if you’d prefer, you can click the “JOIN NOW” button shown below.

Step 2

Upon clicking either the button or banner above, you’ll be prompted to choose a membership option in the screen below:

Check the “2 Days Membership” then click “GET ACCESS NOW” to move on to the third and final step! We’re so close to getting unlimited access to a haven of real estate porn!

Step 3 (Final)

Once you’ve chosen your membership option, all that’s left to do is enter your payment info. Remember that you can cancel anytime before the end of your trial but we do urge you to continue your service if you enjoy your 2 days of tuggin’!

Entering your credit card info can be a little unnerving but rest assured that Property Sex is 100% safe & secure to use.

Your info won’t be shared with anyone and you won’t ever be sent strange emails or charges on your credit card. We only promote sites that value your privacy as much as PS does!

Final Thoughts


For only 1$, there’s really nothing to lose. That being said, property sex isn’t for everyone and there’s plenty of other options for premium online pornography!

If at the end of your trial, you still want to explore your options further – TugBro has a few other guides for premium porn trials! That means you can experiment with a few different sites before deciding which premium subscription is ideal for you, risk-free!

Click the button below to browse all of TugBro’s guides to porn trials so you can try out all of the best porn memberships on the web risk-free!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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