When most of us go shopping for sex toys online, we wouldn’t normally think to go to Pornhub. Why would we, it’s a porn site, right?

There are other sites such as Amazon or eBay or specialized toy stores where you can get better products, right


Random toys on Amazon or eBay have no guarantee for quality and frankly, you can do better. So, as of late, Pornhub is not just a porn site.

In fact, they’ve opened their own specialized sex toy store in partnership with several manufacturers and they’ve got a very wide palette to present to their fans – and there are millions, if not billions of us.

On top of all that, Pornhub is offering a free Pornhub Premium membership when you purchase a toy on their online store!

What could complement a quality sex toy better than unlimited access to the biggest porn library on the planet?!

Pornhub: The Tug Institution

In the history of the internet, no porn site has ever had such a profound influence as Pornhub.

They’re by far the most extensive porn site on the internet and they’ve had such astounding success that they’re branching out into other new and innovative ventures.

These include things like fundraising for breast cancer awareness, creating a bee protection campaign, planting trees and even special tuggin’ wristbands to charge people’s phones!

Perhaps their most exciting venture to date is today’s topic of interest – the launch of Pornhub Toys! Pornhub’s online sex shop is a comprehensive online sex toy haven that has every sort of toy you could possibly dream of.

It’s official, Pornhub is now the one-stop-shop for all your tugging needs!

Pornhub Sex Toys 


Pornhub has equipped its shop with a line of toys for both men and women as well as a category exclusively for couples.

Their toys and lube are predominantly made by Kiiroo so there’s probably a partnership there, but still, there aren’t that many toys. That’s why we’re gonna go over all of them here – so you can pick out what suits your tuggin’ needs the best!

Several toys at Pornhub can be bought for cheaper than the original manufacturer because of this deal, but of course, they will have the Pornhub branding and signature black & orange colors. 

I really can’t say a bad word about any of the toys – they’re good quality, affordable hardware with the entire checklist of security precautions, including rubberization where necessary and the use of body-friendly materials.

Finally, if you make an order over $50, the company offers you free shipping anywhere in the world! You can check out Pornhub’s entire line of toys here, or you can scroll down for your specific category.

Pornhub Toys – For Him

In the category titled “For men”, Pornhub offers four types of sex toys. These are divided into pocket pussies, interactive toys, anal toys, and cock rings

First, they offer several models of pocket pussies and various tuggin’ tools of the same caliber! This includes several pink strokers that come with signature pussy lips entrances.

Here are 3 of the best-selling Pornhub pocket pussies!

Deep Penetration Stroker


Ribbed Pussy Stroker


Super Sensations Bumps Stroker


In addition, there are options such as the Anal Ribbed Stroker, the Deep Throat Stroker and the one that has it all, the Double Penetration Stroker.

Finally, this category has a Stealth Stroker that offers you the same tuggin’ privileges in a non-recognizable form. 

Next, Pornhub offers the Interactive section for men which consists of two products – the Virtual Blowbot Turbo Stroker and the Virtual Blowbot Stroker. These strokers are fully USB rechargeable and seem to be constantly sold out, which would attest to their quality.

Whether you want the normal or the turbo version, Pornhub has got you covered! Both of these toys can be connected to any compatible Pornhub video you want where they will simulate the same movements being played out in the video.

Oh yeah, did I mention they “dabble” in virtual reality too? I’m joking, of course, Pornhub is the undisputed king of VR porn. 

Thirdly, Pornhub’s line of toys for men offers an anal section, consisting of several different rubberized toys.

These are your run-of-the-mill anal beads, three-piece anal training kit, a vibrating prostate massager, a vibrating butt plug and a turbo vibrating butt plug which bears the Pornhub colors. These toys are all waterproof and very durable, as confirmed by literally every review on the internet. 

Finally, for the squeezers among us, Pornhub offers several different types of cock rings. There are a thick cock and ball ring, a stamina ring and three vibrating variants – a normal vibrating cock ring, a turbo version of the same product and a vibrating tighten-up cock ring.

All of the vibrating cock rings come bearing Pornhub’s colors. If you wanna see something specific in more detail, you’ll want to click here.

Pornhub Toys – For Her

The women’s section of Pornhub’s toy store won’t need much explaining. It has an anal section which is identical to the men’s anal section (who would have thought!), but the unique thing about it is that it has a wider palette of vibrators to choose from, and even different types of vibrators!

First of all, they offer a bullet vibrator which is their cheapest vibrating product. Also, they offer the Turbo Clit Stim which is specifically designed to rustle a clitoris’ jimmies!

Finally, there’s a turbo G-spot vibrator with a little curve at the end, designed to hit that G-spot until it goes sore. 

Next, Pornhub offers two versions of the Rabbit vibrator – a Turbo version and a Virtual version. The virtual version can be connected to compatible Pornhub videos to simulate the viewed pleasure, while the Turbo version is just that – Turbo.

Finally, Pornhub offers a pretty expansive supercharged wand set which comes with three additions, a spiked ball,  anal add-on, and a rubber rabbit as well as a super-powerful wand massager. 

Pornhub Toys – For Couples

The couples section of Pornhub’s sex toy store is divided into three categories – cock rings, which are the same ones from the men’s section, two virtual couples’ sets composed of the interactive toys from the men’s and women’s categories (a Turbo and a Virtual set) and a bondage section.

Now, this isn’t in the other categories so if you wanna do some tying up, pay attention. 

The smallest thing in the bondage section is the faux leather mask, followed by silicone wrist buckles. These are great if you only want one thing, but if you need more, you’re still in luck – all others are sets of one or more items!

The tiniest set is the Blowjob set, consisting of wrist cuffs, a strap, and an eye mask. Guess what this one’s used for. Next, the Dirty Weekend Kit consists of a 7-speed bullet vibrator, a vibrating cock ring, a finger vibrator, and a mini butt plug. 


Wow, some people’s weekends are clearly much more exciting than mine… 

Anyway, the Beginner’s Bondage Experience set offers the mask, the buckles, Kiiroo Toy Cleaner, Kiiroo Spark Lube and the whole Dirt Weekend Kit.

Finally, Pornhub also has a richer set – the Ultimate Bondage Set which includes ankle and wrist cuffs, an eye mask, a fringed flogger, a breathable ball gag, rope, and an eye mask. All of these products are in Pornhub’s signature black and orange!

Pornhub Toys: Lube


There are two types of lube and one type of toy cleaner that you can buy from Pornhub alongside your other items. I mean, if you buy a shovable toy and no lube, you’re practically asking for trouble. Anyway, all of these items are supplied by Kiiroo. 

The lubes offered are three-packs of Kiiroo Spark Premium Warming Lubricant and Kiiroo Aqua Premium Water-Based Intimate Lubricant. The toy cleaner offered is the Kiiroo Pure Premium Toy Cleaner which comes in a three-pack or a single bottle.

Finally, there is a three-pack consisting of two bottles of the premium lubricants and a bottle of toy cleaner. Click here to check out the lube and toy cleaner section in Pornhub’s store!

Pornhub Toy Deals

Click here to redeem your free PornhubPremium trial! Or get a free subscription when you buy your toy from the pornhub toys online shop!

Pornhub offers various deals to all of its customers. While these deals are constantly changing, the current ones seem to have been in place for a while.

These are the Get Her Started pack, the Pleasure Grab Bag, the Beginners Bondage Experience kit, the Complete Couples Combo, Surrender The Booty anal set, the “Bigger. Faster. Stronger.” stroker set, as well as the Virtual and Turbo couple’s set.

All of these are made up of various combinations of toys that work with anything you wanna do. Check out their current deals here!

Should You Buy Toys From Pornhub?… 

That depends. Do you need anything mentioned in this article? Do you want something from their store so bad that you can already feel its rubber touch on your skin? Are you a cam model wishing to display the Pornhub colors or do you just want to impress someone?

Oh, who cares about all that. This is a website for men and we love our toys – and you can get them here, at very reasonable prices, high quality and, of course, free shipping if you buy more than two items. Their strokers look high quality, while the vibrating stuff and the lube are pretty much guaranteed to be great because they’re predominantly made by Kiiroo!

It’s instantly obvious that Pornhub is so much more than just a porn site – it’s one of the most proactive and innovative companies of our time!

Also, Pornhub launched its very own camming platform and brought thousands of models to their website who not only cam but also make videos and upload pictures.

Everybody wins, right?

So, if they can do all these things, of course, they’re gonna want to have a sex toy shop where the millions of users and the cam models can buy the best sex toys at reduced prices.

Pornhub will continue to grow because let’s face it – for the vast majority of people, it’s the best place to get high-quality tuggin’ material! 

So yeah, if you need a new stroker or you just really wanna try out that Turbo Stroker, Pornhub’s line of toys will provide! Personally, I was very intrigued by that Deep Throat stroker. Have fun with whatever you buy!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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