There’s something inherently primal about having rough, hard and physically dominating sex. It makes you feel strong, confident and powerful as you pick your partner up, spread her legs and take her on the kitchen table.

Standing at 4”11 and weighing only 90lbs, pornstar Madison Ivy is the perfect playmate if you really want to have it your way. This Bavarian bombshell (born in Germany before moving to Texas at a young age) has an insatiable sexual appetite and she devours both men and women alike. 

Madison made a name for herself as a stripper before moving into porn and has since made an equally lasting impression with her love for all things XXX. This petite pornstar has amassed a huge following due to her energetic scenes and love of sex, so much so that Fleshlight decided to add Madison Ivy to their Fleshlight Girl collection, with her very own replicas just waiting for you to use.  

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Madison Ivy Fleshlights

Lisa’s vagina orifice is called Beyond, which we think is beyond amazing, exceeding the expectations of even the most sexually rabid fans. It comes with 5 chambers, ready to please as you move in and out of her life-like replica. 

Her anal orifice: Wonderland (A special, euphoric place, filled with magical things) uses two distinct structures and as such, does not have any specific chambers. 

The “Beyond” – Lady Sleeve

An exact replica of Madison’s vagina, the Beyond orifice promises a wild ride as you get to experience what it would really be like to spend time inside of this world-famous pornstar. 

The design is quite simple, each section has the same repeating elements (bumps, grooves, ribs) but in a more changeable format, meaning you get a different feeling and stimulation in every chamber. 

The Beyond sleeve is made in Madison’s likeness, so as you can expect, it’s tight, ranging between 0.75 to 1 inch in each chamber. 

  • Chamber 1: has small ripples that send beams of pleasure up your willy at only 1.5 inches it won’t be long until you make your way into chamber 2
  • Chamber 2: drops to 0.75 inches wide and is 1.5 inches long. This chamber has small, rounded bumps that give your penis an amazing sensation 
  • Chamber 3: is longer at 2.75 inches and has small rings that rub against your penis as you thrust in and out; the unique design creates a tight gripping feeling on your penis, helping you get closer to the time of truth
  • Chamber 4: has backward-facing nodes that feel fantastic against your manhood as they apply more pressure to the penis; this section is 2 inches long. 
  • Chamber 5: the final chamber starts at 7.5 inches and finishes at the end of the sleeve, 9.5 inches; here there are tightly formed nodes that aim to quickly finish you off as only Madison herself could 


The “Wonderland” – Butt Sleeve 

As I mentioned earlier, the vagina sleeve is a direct replica of Madison, at under 5ft and 90lbs, you know it’s going to be tight and the anal sleeve is no exception. 

The entrance is an extremely tight 1/8th of an inch in width and stretches out to 1/2 an inch as you move through the sleeve. 

Whereas the Beyond sleeve has 5 different compartments, the wonderland sleeve doesn’t have clear designated areas. 

The shape, size, and layout of the bumps change as you move through the sleeve, but not as much as the vaginal sleeve. There are, however, two distinct changes in pressure as you move through the sleeve, at 2.5-3 inches and again at 5.5-6.5 inches, these give you a rush of sensations and makes your TugTime feel all the more incredible. 

Do They Tug?!

It’s a resounding yes!

I enjoyed every moment of my time with the Madison Ivy Fleshlights and both left me feeling amazing. Madison is a sultry little sex bomb and these quality toys really got me going. It almost felt like I was going for gold at the tug Olympics! Both of these fleshlights are fantastic and will get the job done, it’s just down to personal preference which one you prefer.  

More User Reviews


I had my very own Tug off and it was too close to call, but I gave the edge slightly to the vagina sleeve, the “Beyond”. However, don’t just take my word for it, here’s what your fellow TugBro’s have said about the products. 

Dan M Said:

“It feels fantastic. The cap on the back tightens or loosens (when tightened it is a very mild suction when pulling out) when loosened it’s easier to get in. I would highly recommend. Frankly, I’m in a sexless marriage and this really helps me not to go completely crazy sometimes.”

Wilberforce Added:

“The texture is amazing! It truly does live up to all the hype.”

Finally, Sami Said The Beyond Was:

“The only toy I’ve used that I’ve enjoyed and feels as close as it can to the real thing. “

You can read the official reviews here, simply navigate to the review section to see reviews from your fellow consumers and Fleshlight enthusiasts.

Final Points To Take Home

Both the Beyond and the Wonderland are 100% TugBro approved. 

There’s a reason why Fleshlight is known for making the very best products in the male masturbator market and why the FleshlightGirls collection is a cut above the rest. There’s not a man alive that hasn’t fantasized about being balls deep in a pornstar and these products help to take you there. 

For me personally, I preferred the vaginal sleeve, I like how the different compartments change and you get new stimulations in each chamber. The Anal sleeve is just as good, especially if you enjoy a nice tight ride.

But make no mistake, whichever one you decide to use, you’ll be more than satisfied.  

Where To Buy?

You can currently get a fantastic deal if you order straight from the official Fleshlight website, save 25% when you buy the Madison Ivy Beyond Combo.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your Madison Ivy Beyond Combo package

  • Madison Ivy Beyond Fleshlight
  • Fresh & Clean care pack
  • 8oz Fleshlube Water
  • Care and Usage instructions
  • Fleshlube Sample 

This care package combo is only available directly from the official website, this ensures that you’re always going to receive a legitimate, high-quality Fleshlight product

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