Teledildonics is revolutionizing the number of possibilities for sex toys, long-distance relationships, and even cam girls! It should come as no surprise that we are currently graced with masturbators, dildos, and butt plugs that can replicate what’s being felt on the paired toy or be controlled from the other side of the world. All one needs these days to sexually connect with a partner on the other side of the planet is an internet connection and a smartphone. The new Lovense Hush butt plug is the single most valuable anal toy for remote use and long-distance relationships, let me prove it to you.

Lovense has corned the market for the very best of teledildonic technology, making most of their toys compatible with BlueTooth or WiFi for the most inclusive hands-off sessions I’ve ever experienced. Not only have they connected long-distance partners, but Lovense has also made the experience of using a dildo, masturbator, or butt plug completely customizable through their app.

Users can create their own patterns, vibration intensity settings, or pair their device with Spotify and get off with their music. There is even an option to allow the Lovense device to listen for noise and vibrate even harder when the noise is louder – making it the perfect accessory for the club! There isn’t anything that Lovense hasn’t thought about when it comes to their teledildonic toys!

Introducing: The Lovense Hush

All that build-up brings us to the Lovense Hush, the Tugbro approved teledildonic butt plug. It comes in two different sizes, the 1.5 circumference and the 1.75 circumferences, I have the smaller of the two. While a quarter of an inch may not sound like much, the difference can be intimidating to those who are new or uninitiated with anal play.

The Hush is sleek with a thin neck and flared base. There are ridges around the neck of the device to add extra texture and stimulation when inserting and retrieving the butt plug. These ridges also trap lube near the base of the anal plug to help with removal. The base has a slight curve to fit perfectly to the wearer’s body and a perineum arm to push against the taint when being worn, sending vibrations to an even wider range of erogenous zones.

The base is slim enough to fit comfortably between the cheeks during use, I even forgot it was there since it was so comfortable yet wide enough to give me something to firmly grasp onto when it comes time to remove it. On top of everything else offered by the Hush, it is also waterproof, rechargeable, and made of body-safe silicone. And if anything does happen to my Hush, I bought mine straight from the Lovense store, so I have a one-year warranty!

What Features Does It Have?

Now we are getting to the good questions. The Lovense Hush comes with a one-year warranty, is completely wireless (except when on the USB charger), and can run continuously for one and a half to two full hours on a full charge! That was more than enough to talk me into trying it out, but to quote the famous words of the late, great Billy Mays wait, there’s more!

After completely charging my Lovense Hush I downloaded the Lovense Remote app from the Google Play store. If you aren’t computer savvy, you can use the toy as is, with the button on the base, but I wanted the full experience. After my phone completed the download, I was able to explore the features on the app and connect it to my new toy.

Getting the two to connect was tug-credibly easy and I had no trouble with it. If I did have any trouble, the quick shoot guide that comes with the toy is full of useful information and could have helped me with the process. I decided to connect mine via WiFi, as I wanted to go ahead and establish a connection for long-distance play, but I did check out the BlueTooth settings and they were clear, concise and easy to set up.

The Lovense Hush is created with solo play, foreplay, and long-distance partner’s in mind. But, of course, this company doesn’t do anything half-assed and even included cam girls in their target market. I had to check out the cam girl section on the website, and they have a lot more to worry about when it comes to the settings. Thankfully, Lovense sets up their instructions and FAQ just as simple as they did for the average user. They really did think of everything!

Back to the features, while I was able to use the butt plug without the app, I found that I preferred the versatility of the app over the preset vibrations programmed to the plug. With the app, I can control not only the intensity of the vibrations but whether the plug pulses, waves, escalates, etc. The pattern options available to create on the app are endless and a lot of fun to play with. Thanks to the design of the app, I can even see what I or my partner are feeling, and adjust it based on how it feels and what feeling I’m going for. The versatility of this toy is second to none…

How Well Does It Tug?

Ah, yes, the million-dollar question – did it get the job done? In short, yes. Overall, I did greatly enjoy using Lovense Hush. The body is smooth and slips in and out easily, the material is body-safe and I don’t find myself worrying about chemical burns or porous material. The plug itself has a good bit of heft to it without having too much weight. 

On the base of the toy is a power button, it isn’t obvious and I did take a second to find it. Holding it down for a few seconds turned the device on and when I was ready, I held it down for a few more seconds to turn it off. Since the power button is on the base of the butt plug, I was worried about it powering off when I sat on it, but thankfully this was a non-issue.

The vibrations start soft and were just enough to get me warmed up. I found the lower levels to be subtle, yet strong. The full intensity of the motor is certainly powerful when the vibrations are completely turned up. I found that I didn’t enjoy cycling through the presets and enjoyed using my smartphone more than I care to admit. 

The touchpad within the app is incredibly intuitive when it comes to adjusting the speed, patterns, and settings. Tapping or sliding on the touchpad controls the vibrations, running my fingers up and down the app also changed the settings quite drastically. I found that sometimes releasing my finger from the touchpad brought the vibrations to an abrupt stop. It’s best to record a short sequence and then play it on repeat automatically. 

Through the app, I was able to create as many patterns as I wanted and I had the option to download them to use later or share them with the community. The community is a great place to find patterns that other people have created and I found this an extremely tug-tastic place to begin my creative journey. 

After experimenting solo and with my partner in the room, I headed off to work on a day my partner was off and asked her to let me know when she inserted the butt plug so that we could test the long distance feature. I was able to control the vibrations on the screen in my office just as well as I had in the comfort of my home. Despite being miles away, we didn’t experience any dropped connections, but we both had strong internet connections.


The Lovense Hush is latex-free, rubber-free, and phthalates-free, which is expected from a toy that claims it is 100% silicone. The toy doesn’t have any smells, but my partner washed it with our scented hand soap once and it did smell like roses until I washed it again.

Washing is super easy since the Hush is waterproof, I can wash it with complete abandon. Kidding, I don’t care where water gets on the butt plug, and I have even used it in the shower, but I always wash it with care. 

As always, I recommend using unscented soap with no dyes in it and warm water. Since this toy has ridges, I use my toy toothbrush to ensure that I get every nook and cranny.

Final Thoughts

The Lovense Hush has been a wonderful addition to my sex toy arsenal. Whether you’re looking to add something extra to your anal play or looking to connect with a long-distance partner, this butt plug has it all. While I prefer to have a partner to play with when using this anal toy, it is decent for solo masturbation as well. 

As a waterproof, rechargeable, app-compatible butt toy, it really broadened up my view on sex toys as a whole. Don’t let the simple look fool you into thinking it’s a simple toy. The fact that it’s compatible with my smartphone makes it stand out from the millions of other “simple” butt plugs on the market.

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