There are days where you’ll get neck-deep in tuggin’ to your favorite videos, but some days you may prefer to get some soft-core tug inspiration from your favorite YouTube celebrity.

Well, Lena the Plug is not one of those nude-less celebs, and if you’re reading this you probably know her juicy booty very… intimately. Not only is there plenty of “material” of her bumping uglies with lots of lucky stars out there, but she also had her pussy molded for not one, but two Fleshlights!

Whether it’s makeup tutorials, making cute videos or literally anything else that got you hooked on this YouTube sensation, her pussy lips on one of the most exciting Fleshlight sleeves – Honey – will make you want to re-watch her vids in rapid succession.

Or, if you want to really get down and dirty, she’s also got an anal Fleshlight modeled after her very own booty-hole, with the “Perfect” sleeve in place! They named it “Perfect” for a reason, let’s dive into it! 

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Lena The Plug – Internet Sensation

Growing up, Lena’s parents kept her as far away from the naughtiness of the internet as they possibly could. As soon as this babe was done with college, she started her own YouTube channel and began creating fitness videos and exercise tutorials, focusing on her scantily clad, yummy behind. It didn’t go unnoticed and quickly learned that sex sells, she promised her fans a sex tape if she reached a million subscribers. 

Lo and behold – she got her million subs and kept her promise of releasing a sex tape with her boyfriend. She also released a bunch of other tug-friendly videos, some of them lesbian-themed as well as some threesomes with her boyfriend, the popular interviewer, Adam22.

It wasn’t long before the internet wanted a Fleshlight modelled after this thicc lady’s nether regions and soon after, she posted a video of her pussy being moulded for it. Aside from her Premium Snapchat where she regularly gives her fans updated on the status of the aforementioned pussy as well as her life, everything else is history. 

Lena The Plug’s Fleshlight Designs

Honey – Lady (Vaginal) Sleeve


The lips on this Fleshlight are an exact copy of Lena’s own pussy, but what makes this booty queen’s toy so tug-friendly is the sleeve inside it. “Honey” has a total length of 9.5 inches and is divided into two distinct parts by a tightening space. The first half of the sleeve has three rows of diagonal ribs, interceded with round, bulbous suction cups. 

You’re already imagining how it feels, aren’t you? 

Pretty damn good, that’s how. 

Anyway, in the middle, the Fleshlight constricts about 20% which will certainly be felt by even the smallest tuggers out there and it’s covered in several pleasure nodes which are designed to put pressure on your member.

Afterward, there’s a ring of small, hardened balls which is about 10% tighter than the previous space, making it the tightest in the sleeve. Following this is another inch of pleasure nodes and the last 3.5 inches of the sleeve are ribbed with little squares designed to give a unique feel. 

These last few inches are constantly expanding, so if you’ve got a gigantic tugger in your drawers, it’s gonna feel sensational.

Click here for more info on Lena’s “Honey Sleeve”


Perfect – Butt (Anal) Sleeve


First of all, the outside of this Fleshlight is modeled after Lena The Plug’s own, well, plughole… and the entrance is – as you may suspect – incredibly tight. 

The Perfect sleeve has a whopping length of 9.5 inches, giving it the ability to accommodate pretty much anyone. The first 2.5 inches are an expanding nub type, with beams running from the entrance to halfway inside the toy. These beams have five small protrusions and two bigger ones each, designed to provide maximum friction and tightness. 

Next, the sleeve contracts into a smooth surface less than 1-inch wide, before expanding into a two-inch area with five rows of balls on the sides. These put pressure on your tugger from all directions – afterward, there’s just one more contraction but it’s all smooth from there onwards.  

Click here for more info on Lena’s “Perfect” sleeve


Cleaning Process

Both of these sleeves are incredibly easy to clean. The Honey sleeve on the vaginal Fleshlight just needs a finger around the entry point to clean out any leftover lube (which you can get from Fleshlight) but if you have to finger this toy every time you clean it, it’s not that terrible, is it? 

Everything else, including the entirety of the Perfect sleeve, will be handled by running water and by letting it dry. 

Looking for some more in-depth info on Fleshlight cleaning? Click here for TugBro’s complete guide to Fleshlight Cleaning.


Let’s take a quick glance at each aspect these sleeves and how they measure up.


In case you haven’t noticed, natural pussies aren’t ribbed, nubbed or constricted in the middle. However, taking into account the fact that this Fleshlight feels far better and still has her lips wrapped around your tugger when you’re using it, we’ll give the pussy Fleshlight a 4/5 for realism and the butt Fleshlight a 5/5 – simply because they made sure to make it tighter in the beginning and expanding towards the middle. Speaking of tightness…


Seeing as the pussy Fleshlight is an inch at its widest point and half that at its tightest, it definitely gets a 5/5 for tightness. The major constriction is in the middle so you don’t have to have an elephant dong to feel it either. The anal Fleshlight has an extra-tight entrance and expands until it reaches another constriction down to half an inch, so it gets a 5/5 tightness score too!


To put it simply – the pussy Fleshlight is more intense than most other vaginal Fleshlights, while the anal Fleshlight is less intense than others of its kind, losing its edge towards the end. This is why the former gets a 5/5 and the latter gets a 3/5.

Ease of Access

You really don’t need a manual for both of these. Stick and tug – that’s it. Both are very easy to clean and require little to no maintenance. Remember, it’s always a good idea to use compatible lube, rinse thoroughly and let it dry before using again! 4/5 for the pussy Fleshlight, 5/5 for the anal version.

Overall Rating

All in all, both of these Fleshlights get a nice rounded score of 4/5.  


Final Thoughts

The Lena the Plug pussy Fleshlight will literally make anyone happy. It fares much better compared to other vaginal sleeves – yes, it’s probably for you!

On the other hand, I’d only recommend the anal Fleshlight to guys with thicker and shorter penises. If you wanna know if these Fleshlights are right for you, all you need to do is look down! If you’re interested in having Lena all to yourself, we always recommend buying from the official Fleshlight store.

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