Lelo is best known for providing toys that fit most body types and provide the best pleasure science has to offer, here at Tugbro, we love these luxurious toys.

Prostate massages already enhance a males orgasm, but the Lelo Hugo has the potential to increase pleasure from anal masturbation by 33%! While it isn’t your typical avenue for male pleasure, the Hugo surely delivers on ease and orgasm.

Anal vibrators often feature a tapered end, a flared base, and body-safe material. That’s the bare minimum to expect from companies that create anal pleasure devices. When I look for an anal device, I want much more than the bare minimum.

Most anal vibrators aim for the prostate, but many miss the mark, are hard to operate and aren’t powerful enough to actually get the user off.

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The Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

Without going into too many details, the Hugo is a powerful, hands-free prostate massager. This is Lelo’s first male-specific toy and they really went all out when it comes down to the finer details.

It has two motors, one that stimulates the perineum, located in the base of the toy, the other is located at the tip of the toy for direct prostate control. 

Thanks to their innovative design, Hugo doesn’t require any thrusting and is meant to sit in place while stimulating the wearer through strong vibrations. The “L” shaped design features a flexible external arm that pushes against the taint for additional pleasure and a rigid internal arm that fits perfectly against the prostate.

The entire prostate massager is made of body-safe silicone and not only is it completely waterproof, but also rechargeable. The best part is if something happens to cause it to malfunction, it comes with a one-year warranty and Lelo will replace it at no charge to me!

When I got my hands on the Hugo, I knew that Lelo went out of their way to stand out and created a vibrator that will fit most body types. This prostate massager screams luxury.

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What Features Does It Have?

The Lelo Hugo comes with all of the bells and whistles, but before I had a chance to use it, I had to charge it. The Hugo takes about an hour to charge and I found that I got about two hours of play out of that. The remote, on the other hand, requires two AA batteries, thankfully these were included in the box. 

For the first week of use, I had to refer to the user manual many times while using the toy just to be able to get it to operate the way I wanted it to. The Hugo is such an advanced device that comes with a steep learning curve.

While using the manual and also attempting to get off isn’t ideal, it was a small price to pay for the orgasms it gave me.

The remote is equipped with a feature called SenseMotion and it pairs up quickly with the device. It is easy to control the toy by flicking and tilting the remote, rather than using the buttons. It took a little bit of time to figure out how to tilt and flick the remote to get the toy to my liking, but, as I said, it was totally worth it.

Another cool feature is that the remote vibrates in time with the Hugo so that if someone else is using the remote they can feel what the wearer is feeling.

After I got the hang of the SenseMotion controls, I turned it off and used the buttons. I prefer the buttons because the SenseMotion can be a bit too finicky for my liking. There are three buttons, one to increase the vibrations, one to decrease the vibrations, and another to cycle through the patterns.

The button that increases the vibrations and the button on the actual Hugo turns the device and remote on and off.

Speaking of patterns, there are twelve vibration intensities and six different patterns. The patterns include a wave, a fast pulsating, a slow pulsating, and a random mode. The intensity of all the patterns was able to be increased or decreased to my liking. Other things to note are that the silicone and ABS plastic the device and remote are created with is 100% body-safe and both can be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution. The insertable arm is 3.5-inch, with a girth just over 4 inches.

The size, material, and ease of use (after you master SenseMotion) make the Lelo Hugo Luxury Prostate Massager friendly for any experience level, if not a little too girthy for those new to anal play.

My Experience Using It

While anal play may be becoming more mainstream, naming Hugo after a man was risky on Lelo’s part because it has the potential to put off some men who are still insecure about exploring their bodies.

Before inserting the toy, I took some time to warm myself up with smaller toys and a ton of lubricant. Lube is incredibly important and should not be skipped with any anal toys, more on that below.

The head of the toy reached my prostate with not issues and curved flawlessly to apply pressure directly where I want it. The vibrations, even on low, are strong enough to be felt throughout the entire toy. On high, the vibrations from the Hugo can be felt in my toes and provides me with intense orgasms as I’ve never had before.

The design makes it easy for Hugo to stay in place and after it’s in place there is no reason for me to touch it again. I’m free to explore the vibrations and patterns via the remote or to tug while I enjoy the Hugo and work up to a dual orgasm.

That’s not even mentioning the way that that perineum arm presses against my taint and tickles my testicles in a delightful manner. Pair the vibrations from both arms, the hands-free experience, and the perfect curve of the internal arm pushing the head of the Hugo against my prostate, and I have a recipe for a luxurious, pleasurable anal toy.

I have found that laying on my back, with my legs flat and together push the head of the Hugo deeper into my prostate and gives me stronger orgasms.


More Real User Reviews

Want to know what other users had to say? Here are some more user reviews written by verified buyers:

“Without a doubt, the Lelo Hugo is the best toy I’ve ever bought. It’s powerful, fits very well, and provides a wide range of stimulation. The remote control allows me to adjust my pleasure on the fly. Again, another quality product from Lelo.”

– Walt

“I purchased this prostate massager a couple months ago for my husband. At first, I was pretty hesitant about the size. However, once we received it, the size was perfect. The vibrations are on point as well. You definitely won’t be disappointed if you buy it.

– Jesse

“I’ve owned a few different prostate toys over the years, but the Hugo is by far the most powerful. The wireless remote works great compared to other toys I’ve tried and the ability to control vibrations simply by moving the remote is an awesome feature. My girl and I both love it. It’s on the larger side for those just starting out, but it’s still a great choice for those just starting out (it’s a great size to provide a feeling of fullness). The silicone material feels very nice and you can tell it’s been built to last. The best orgasm I’ve ever had!”

– Tyler


Cleaning Process

Cleaning is incredibly easy, considering the tough material that this toy made of. I usually use unscented soap that doesn’t have any dyes in it and warm water. I wash my toys after every use, and if they are magnets for lint, I’ll wash them before use as well. If the toy needs to be sterilized for whatever reason (sharing it with a partner, fell into something unsightly, etc) then it can be cleaned with a 10% bleach wipe and then washed as normal.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty alternative for washing sex-toys, check out Fleshlight’s highly-coveted Product Care Kit for thoroughly cleaning and making your male sex-toys feeling brand new after every use.

A quick note, I’ve noticed a lot of folks saying not to use any silicone lubricant with silicone toys, but that’s untrue if the toy is true silicone, as the Hugo is. If you have a silicone sex toy that you’d like to use silicone lubricant or a silicone hybrid on simply do a spot test on the base of the toy.

If the toy is really silicone it won’t bond with silicone lube. Check out Fleshlight’s selection of Male Lubricant for a huge selection of lubricants meant especially for male sex-toys.

Final Thoughts & Where To Buy

As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of this toy and can’t recommend it enough.

If you liked this review but are thirsty for some more insider info before deciding on the best anal toy for you, consider reading my “Top 7 Best Prostate Massagers” article!

Albeit having the name of a man, it has the perfect curves, powerful as hell vibrations, and a remote that is easy to use after my week of figuring out every little thing about it. The medium size makes the Hugo perfect for most users, although beginners to anal play may want to take their time. 

I love that I can use it in the shower, and the body-safe, nonporous material is a huge bonus in my books. I also really enjoy that it is USB rechargeable. While I didn’t like the SenseMotion option, I did enjoy the fact that the control gave me feedback as to what was going on with the actual toy. 

While I do love the Hugo, nothing is without fault. The first fault is that not everyone will be able to afford this toy, it has a whopping price tag of $220, it may sound intimidating, but if you’re trying out prostate toys for the first time why not start with the very best the market has to offer!?

For that price, I’d honestly expect to not have to pour any more money into this prostate massager, but I’ve already had to replace the double-A batteries in the remote and the Lelo website recommends that I only clean it with their spray – to be honest, I still just clean it my usual way.

With all that being said, the pros definitely outweigh the cons for me. It’s the perfect toy for when I want a powerful prostate orgasm without much work on my part. It’s perfect for wearing out and about (on a low setting so others can’t hear it buzzing) or for a lazy day around the house. But the Lelo Hugo is best put to use when I use it with my partner during intercourse. It has become a staple in my sex life.

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  1. It took me so long to warm up to the idea of using a prostate massager but man am I glad I did. The Hugo is the first prostate toy I bought and its the one I still use to this day 2 years later.


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