A new addition to the Fleshlight Girls collection hit the market back in March 2019, the gorgeous Kissa Sins has some of the most well-designed Fleshlights I think I’ve ever seen. 

From the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew Kissa’s new sleeves would be top-tuggers and I couldn’t wait for the chance to try them out. 

Well now I have, and I can’t wait to tell you how much fun I’ve had with them.

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Kissa Sins – A Short Bio

American Pornstar “Kissa Sins” spent much of her early years in Canada, before breaking into the porn industry in 2015. Oddly enough, she started at a later age than usual, appearing in her first film at age 28. Her natural talent quickly helped her become a huge name despite her late start, in only 4 years, Kissa has made a name for herself as one of the world’s most popular and skilled pornstars. She is well-known for her wild performances and energetic sexual appetite.

A true fan favorite, Kissa has amassed a loyal following across the globe, evidenced by her numerous awards, including “best lesbian sex scene”. 

With such popularity and droves of loyal fans, it was only a matter of time before Kissa got her very own Fleshlight line.

Kissa Sins – Insatiable (Lady) Sleeve

Kissa has two Fleshlight sleeves available, first, there’s her lady sleeve, “Insatiable” which reflects her insatiable sexual appetite. She’s always thirsty and begging for more, she’s the kind of woman who’s always hungry for sex, making her all the more irresistible.

Both sleeves are exact anatomic replicas of Kissa’s lady parts.

Insatiable – Chamber

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Measuring at the standard 9 inches, the insatiable sleeve has four chambers of pleasure, with a variety of shapes and pleasure nodes built to blow your mind. 

Chamber 1: A 2-inch long, cone-shaped chamber, full of cross ribs that get tighter as you push through. Nice and tight, this chamber feels great as you penetrate, squeezing your penis as you feel the edges rub along your shaft on each and every stroke. 

Chamber 2: A 1-inch long smaller sphere, covered in small round bumps. Although not as intense, this section adds even more pleasure as the entrance and exit get narrower around your tugger. 

Chamber 3: This is the central chamber and the largest of them all. The overview looks incredible and it did not disappoint. With firm bumps, closely packed together, there’s a vibration feeling as you penetrate through this section, ending with small circular bumps before transitioning to chamber 4.

Chamber 4: Full of spirals and has large, tough ribs around the edges, you’ll get more than enough intense stimulation to bring you to the promised land. 

Kissa Sins – Sinner (Anal) Sleeve

Kissa’s butt sleeve is called “Sinner“, it’s all about a realistic anal experience, with Fleshlight declaring it their most realistic and exciting anal texture to date. This is very high praise, coming from the geniuses who invented these amazing sex toys in the first place.

It’s tighter than other anal textures and has a unique design from the moment you first squeeze in. It has a wide range of nubs, ribs and pleasure nodes to blow your mind. 

Sinner – Chamber

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After entering Kissa’s tight booty, you enter a large bumped section that sends a rush of pleasure through your body.

From here, you enter a twisting cross ribbed section that drops to 0.4 inches wide with firm edges and even spaces, this section grabs hold of your penis and goes to work on you straight away. You get the full pleasure along the length of your penis with every thrust, the tightness, and diverse texture makes it better than nearly every other option.

From here, you move into three rounded chambers that consist of large bumps that create a vibration effect as you tug. With strong, detailed ribs along this section, the pleasure you experience here is full-on. 


The final part of the sinner texture is 3.4 inches long and takes you to the end of the sleeve. It houses two different structures, the first of which is tight and bumpy, with grooves in-between that create a tight ribbed section full of stimulation. The second, which has large, thick ribs that are also covered in grooves which are equally as impressive and will send you over the edge.

This section as a whole further intensifies the anal experience, with a feeling of tightness and intense pressure that mimics the real Abigail Mac experience. 

Does It Tug?


Before Tug Time came, I was sure to lube up. I always recommend using FleshLube to keep your tuggin’ machine fresh, smooth and providing maximum comfort in your sleeve.


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The unique design and creative textures made me blow in no time and I’m not ashamed to say that when I went for round 2, the same thing happened again… it’s that good. 

The “Sinner” was equally as effective and had a similar effect. It was over pretty quick. Why? Because Kissa Sins knows how to tug and her Fleshlights certainly follow suit. 

Final Thoughts

If Kissa Sins’s success is any indicator, 2019 is going to be a special year for the Fleshlight. 

They’ve clearly been locked away in their very own Tug HQ, thinking up more incredible ways for us to tug. The innovation in both of these Fleshlights is impressive.

Either Fleshlight would be a worthy addition to your collection and could potentially replace your current favorite as these are definitely something special. 

My personal favorite was the “insatiable” sleeve as the unique chambers and intense tightness got me every time. It just feels almost as incredible as the real thing. 

Where To Buy

The best place to get the Kissa’s fleshlights is straight from the Fleshlight store.

It’s the only way to ensure you’re getting the best deal and a truly authentic product, not to mention free shipping and peace of mind.

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