Are you looking for something that says “daring” but screams “sexy”? Of course not! 

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for the best thing to help you tug, and boy do we have the gadget for you. 

Kendra Sunderland “Angel” Fleshlight ever heard of it? By now, you’ve probably heard of the Fleshlight brand, thanks to them you now you can have all your favorite pornstars in the palm of your hand. Let’s take a look at one of the most prominent toys in the revolutionary Fleshlight Girl line of sleeves.

Kendra’s new “Angel” sleeve is composed of a wide variety of surfaces and textures that make tuggin’ a vastly more enjoyable and diverse experience. While this may sound more technical than sexy, try to imagine what it’s like to tug with an Angel in your hand… To find the best price, be sure to go straight to the Fleshlight Website, this ensures that you’ll always get legitimate products for the best price.

The Kendra Sunderland Angel sleeve is perfect, even for the largest Tug bros out there, it has plenty of space to accommodate your Tugger, but those among us on the smaller side will experience a perfect fit in every direction as well!

If you wanna feel the best possible sensation, use your common sense and get some lube to go with it – personally, I recommend a water-based lube straight from Fleshlight, this will offer increased comfort without worrying about potentially damaging your sleeve.

You may have heard some rumors about these elusive Fleshlight coupons that a select few websites have been graced with. It’s nearly impossible to find one that actually works or isn’t expired.

It’s my pleasure to announce that we’ve teamed up with Fleshlight to bring you one of these exclusive coupons for our fellow TugBros! 

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Why Choose Kendra Sunderland?

Kendra became world-famous a few years back when she was cammed straight from a library, revealing everything her viewers wanted to see. Kendra’s brazenness (not to mention her smokin’ hot body!) quickly went viral, and it was the start of a beautiful story of voyeurism and deliciousness. 

While she was indeed once arrested for indecent exposure, Ms. Sunderland thrived in the growing adult industry, recording over 30 adult movies and providing more than enough thought juice to make you desire her delicious loins. Also, she was nominated 18 times for various awards, winning three of them!

It wasn’t long before someone figured out that men would want to feel this lusty blonde’s lips around their members in droves and so – the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight was born! In 2017, this angelic babe teamed up with Fleshlight and created her brand new sleeve which, to this day, makes men of every size and caliber tremble, almost as much as she did that faithful day, in the library. Get a better feeling on this Fleshlight on Fleshlight’s official website!

The Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight


This Fleshlight is made with the exact mold of Kendra Sunderland’s pussy lips so that all of your voyeuristic fantasies will cum true. Between its alluring lips, this Fleshlight holds a tight canal that’ll get you nice and fired up with the first inch, but after that, there are seven different textures. 

Let’s take a look at the technical details.

Alright, first of all – this thing can take up to 9.5 inches of length, so it’ll fit almost all types of tuggers. It’s about 0.9 inches in diameter, with a little space squeezing to 0.6 inches, adding a little extra tightness to your tuggin’. 

The variance in textures ensures that no matter how long you may be, you’ll always feel several different sensations. The first part of the Angel sleeve is a small widened space that continues into four heavily slanted swiveling ribs. These give a great pulling sensation and as they’re the first texture type, everyone gets a chance to feel them. 

Next, there are six little ball-like nubs that go around the canal, massaging you as you penetrate deeper. These apply pressure to six specific points in a circle and they also mark the entrance to the tightest part of the Fleshlight. 

After that, the canal tightens by about 25% for about an inch in length. This tightening has a special texture too – smooth, massaging scales that apply a low amount of pressure from all sides. 

Following the tight space, the canal expands in width into a two-inch ribbed section. These ribs are not as slanted as the first ones, instead of going in the thrusting direction! I really liked how this second set of spirals turned opposite to the first spiral ribs, providing two counteracting sensations at different parts of the penis.  

Afterward, the canal widens again and gives your penis some room to breathe – but not much because half an inch later it turns into five rows of subtle square bumps in a checkered layout. These bumps will be the final texture felt by many men out there, which is why they provide the best head sensation. 

Finally, for the largest TugBros among us, there’s another tightening sensation created by three heavily constricting protrusions which will give the head of your well-endowed penis a very tight feeling and extra suction, as they’ve got four nubs on each protrusion and only a quarter-inch of space in the beginning! These are the tightest in the beginning, becoming more accommodating with each millimeter. 



This Fleshlight is relatively easy to clean – just run some hot water through it, trap some inside, swish and rinse. To maximize your initial scrub, combine your hot water with the TugBro approved, FleshWash. Act now and get a product care kit that comes with Renewing Powder to keep your sleeve feeling brand new after every use.

You may want to repeat the initial rinse/scrub several times but you’ll also want to take a finger to the first spiral just in case there’s anything stuck in there. As this spiral doesn’t point in the direction of the water you’d be pouring inside, it may have some of your tug juice or possibly some lube still lodged inside. The sleeve only takes a few hours to dry so you may not have even recharged your yogurt gun before it’s ready to embrace it again!

My Ratings

We’re gonna grade this Fleshlight on four different scales to ensure maximum truthfulness for our readers. 


No girl’s pussy feels like seven different textures with various nubs and spirals – at least it shouldn’t! However, you’re not looking at the textures, you’re looking at the pussy lips – and those are damn near perfect! We’re gonna give this Fleshlight a 4/5 for realism!


There are two extra-tight sections of the Fleshlight which will make even the smallest penises feel claustrophobic. The rest of the Fleshlight is standardly tight. This is why we’re giving it a 4/5 for tightness!


Everyone knows that intensity depends on the size of your member, but as this Fleshlight provides something for every size, we’re giving it a solid 3.5/5 for intensity for smaller penises and a full 5/5 for anyone over 8 inches in length!

Ease of “Access”:

This Fleshlight is just as easy to use as any other – just penetrate and tug away! However, when it comes to cleaning the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight only needs minor attention to clean and a few hours to dry off, making it extra easy to maintain. This is why it gets a full 5/5.

Overall Rating:

Overall, we’re giving this Fleshlight a solid 4.5/5 simply because smaller guys may find it a bit wide in some areas. 

Use coupon code “TUGBRO10” for 10% off!


Is This Fleshlight Right For Me?

This question can be answered with a question – how thick are you? If you’re on the thicker side of the spectrum, this Fleshlight will hug you very tightly and very lovingly, providing the ultimate sensation of Kendra Sunderland’s scrumptious little pussy squeezing around your member. 

If you’re on the thinner side, you may want to look at some tighter fits but make no mistake – if you’re thin, but long you’ll still have a great time simply because there are too many textures for you to not get aroused. 

If you wanna read what other people wrote after using the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight, click here for a nice wad of reviews from fellow tuggers, just navigate to the review section to see what your fellow consumers have to say.

All in all, Tuggers of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the hell out of this Fleshlight but before you stick yourself in there, make sure you’re up for it. 


Okay, I think it’s time to call it a day… to see more of our FleshlightGirl reviews or exclusive TugTips, check out our homepage.

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