Laying back at Tug HQ, I quietly pondered to myself if lust was a good thing… or a bad thing. Then I unpackaged the Kendra Lust Fleshlight and knew immediately, it was downright amazing.

Kendra Lust has earned the honor that comes with the title “Ultimate MILF”.

At 5’4 and weighing 118 pounds, this former nurse has a body made for sex.

She’s also rocking giant 34DDD breasts and a 36-inch ass, Kendra, who didn’t debut in porn until she was 34 years old, is the perfect embodiment of a MILF.  

With over 13 industry awards to her name, including best MILF and MILF performer of the year, Kendra Lust is a worldwide star. It’s only natural to want to give in to your urges and be overcome by lust, especially when it looks as good as Kendra does. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Kendra’s very own Fleshlight, the industry-leading sex toy that has an exact replica of this sexy pornstar’s lady parts.  

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How To Get The Lowest Price

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Kendra Lust – Sleeve Designs 

The amazing Kendra Lust is one of the newest additions to the Fleshlight Girlsexclusive club and she has two products for you to play with, the True Lust, for those interested in pussy play and Booty Lust, for those interested in a bit of backdoor action.

Both are made with digital imaging, accurately recreating her pussy and ass to be the more realistic representation of actually having sex with Kendra. 

Made from Fleshlight’s “Real Feel Superskin”, they not only look the part but feel like the real thing too. 

True Lust – Lady/Vaginal Sleeve 


This is the vagina entrance and in an effort to stay TRUE to Kendra’s own anatomy, it boasts a wild combination of tight grips and exaggerated pleasure nodes. 

It’s just under 9 inches but the unique design structure means anyone can enjoy this beauty. 

Booty Lust – Anal/Butt Sleeve 


This is the anal entrance and just like Kendra’s sexy curvy ass — the “Booty Lust” packs a punch that will leave you more than satisfied.


True Lust

The design here is slightly different from the majority of toys from the “Fleshlight Girls” collection. Some of the more intricate designs have 4, 5 or even 6 compartments, often meaning you need to be well over 7 inches to enjoy them all, Kendra’s doesn’t have that problem. 

It splits into two different chambers, separated by a 1-inch transition, but that’s probably all you’ll need. 

  • Chamber 1 is 2 inches long with ribbed spirals that twist against your penis as you move through.
  • Chamber 2 which is the transitional section, is nice and tight, giving you an unexpected sensation as you push inside the tightening texture. It’s got small pleasure nodes all along the sleeve that stroke the tip of the penis
  • Chamber 3 is the final chamber, and this is where True Lust really comes into its own. It starts at 3.2-inches, takes you all the way to the end (over 8-inches) and is made up of 3 distinct structures that are built to make you bust quickly. You’ll be met with large ribs, rings, bumps and nodes to send shockwaves of pleasure back up your penis and pulsing through your whole body. 

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Booty Lust

Booty lust is a more classically designed anal texture that has a lot of variety as you move through the sleeve. 

A key component to anal FL sleeves is obviously how tight it is and that’s why so many guys love it. 

The Booty Lust is 0.6 inches wide so you get that tight, gripping feeling, straight away. As you push through there are twisted ribs along the spiraled section, which make the whole experience highly sensitive. 

From the spiraled ribs you move through to a funnel-shaped section which has giant bumps along the length of the texture, they’re so big that they keep the pressure nice and tight. 

From here you thrust into smaller, staggered bumps then onto a cross-section vortex which does everything it can to get you to blow your load. 

It also has a wide range of twisted nubs, spacious bumps and everything you’d ever need to take you all the way to the finish line.

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Does It Tug?!

Just like Kendra Lust herself, “True Lust” and “Booty Lust” were orgasmic…

Both designs were unique and you can tell they’re really upping their game with these Fleshlights. 

I certainly enjoyed my time in the Tug Cave playing with these two and I’ll be doing so again pretty soon. 

But if I had to pick a winner, I’d have to go with True Lust

The design was different from what I was expecting and the range of different pleasure nodes made everything feel better – it was a delightfully pleasant surprise. 

Fleshlight Girls are exact replicas of pornstars’ anatomy, they want it to feel like you’re actually fucking Kendra, and well, if this is anything to go by, she’ll finish me off in no time at all. 

Where To Buy & Deals


As always, the very best place to get your hands on Kendra Lust’s toys is straight from the official Fleshlight website. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re getting the best deal AND an authentic product.  

I’d also recommend the True Lust Combo Pack to get even more savings.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your Kendra Lust True Lust Combo package:

  • Kendra Lust True Lust Fleshlight
  • Fresh & Clean care pack
  • 240ml Fleshlube Water
  • Care and Usage instructions
  • Fleshlube Sample

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Final Thoughts

The Fleshlight girls collection is something special, each and every model is uniquely made to be as life-like as possible. It’s not just the appearance, which is the actual shape of the pornstar, but the internal design which plays to the pornstars’ strengths. 

The Lust collection more than lived up to the hype and both orifices felt sensational.

Kendra herself is an amazing sultry sex bomb and I’ve tugged many a time to her scenes, the Fleshlights were just like I’d imagined. I loved fucking the vaginal model and I’ll definitely be using them both again. 


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