Your poor balls. They just kind of hang around like the uncool kid at a party, while the captain of the football team gets jerked off upstairs.

But your testicles are a sensitive and pleasurable area to involve in any sexual activity. Ever had a girl/best mate gargle your cubes? We rest our case.

If you’ve never tried involving your testicles in your masturbation routine, it’s time to start.

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How To Masturbate With Your Testicles

Method 1:
Apply your favorite lube to your penis and scrotum. You’ll want something that stays wet for a while, so saliva is out. Try a store-bought lubricant.

Take your penis in one hand in the reverse grip – with your thumb and forefinger closest to your body. Slide your hand up and down, massaging the head of your penis with your pinky and ring finger on each upward stroke.

Meanwhile, with your other hand, gently pull and massage your testicles.

Tip: Pay particular attention to the ‘bulb’ of your penis. This is the area underneath your testicles that feels slightly harder, or spongey. Massage this area in an upwards motion (towards your penis) like you’re trying to coax that stubborn load out.

Method 2:
While you masturbate with one hand, gently pull your testicles in a downward motion away from the body with the other. Pull downward on your testicles as you stroke upward on your shaft.

The resulting bonus stimulation will speed up ejaculation, so if you’re one of those guy’s who likes to go slow and savor a beat like it’s your last meal, go easy!

Method 3:
Masturbate as per normal, but on each downward stroke press down on the testicles with your lower fingers, ie the pinky and ring finger. The resulting pressure on the ‘front’ of your sack should result in a slightly different sensation to just concentrating on the shaft alone.

During sex, the knocking of the ‘front’ of your testicles on your partner’s perineum can hurry ejaculation. So it’s obvious your balls are there as more than just spectators.

Method 4: ADVANCED.
This is one for when you have a little more time (but don’t want a lot of dick) on your hands.

Many guys can achieve orgasm by ball play alone. Some guys even find they can finish the job faster by ball pulling only.
No lubrication is required for this method. Simply take your hand and grasp your balls with your thumb on the ‘front’ your scrotum – closest to your shaft – and your other fingers on the underside of your balls.

Start gently pulling your balls downward and away from the perineum. Pull in a rhythmic motion, almost like you’re jerking them off. Pulling and releasing.

Try pulling at slightly different angles, downward and away from the body until you find the angle that feels most pleasurable. You’ll know when you hit the sweet spot.

Don’t tug too hard on the actual testicles, or squeeze too hard.
You should be able to achieve orgasm by doing this alone, although you might want to jerk off a little beforehand to get the ball(s) rolling.

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


  1. This is really good for multiple orgasms, you dont come if you use ball play. My GF is jealous lmao she cant multi orgasm


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