The Fleshskins Blue Ice Grip was designed with discreetness in mind!

If you’ve ever taken your Fleshlight through airport security or had someone discover it at your home by accident – you’re probably among the many tuggers around the world that get anxious about other people going through your things.

After all, your privacy is nobody’s concern but your own, and you want to keep it that way. Fleshlights do offer some level of discretion – their toys usually look like big cylinders, but they do have the Fleshlight logo and if the person that found your toy knows what that company makes, you still may be in for an awkward confrontation!

This is the exact reason why Fleshlight made the Fleshskins Blue Ice.

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What Are Fleshskins?

Thankfully, after hearing our feedback, the Fleshlight team sat down and tried to figure out a solution to this problem. What could we do, they asked themselves, to make it easy for our customers to experience mind-blowing orgasms at the end of their tugging sessions, but also preserve their privacy?

So, what then, did they come up with?

The Fleshskins Blue Ice Grip, of course – the number one discreet tug-machine on the market!

Fleshskins was created from the concept of having an inconspicuous, sleeve-only Fleshlight. It’s fully customizable, allowing you to adjust tightness and intensity with ease while you tug – plus it comes with a unique drying case for further ease of use and convenience!

So far there’s only one Fleshskin toy available for purchase, as it’s still an experimental idea. The Blue Ice grip offers a less expensive and more discreet alternative to a Fleshlight – and boy do we love it!

Fleshskins Blue Ice Grip

The Blue Ice Grip was created to be a solution for all the problems facing a regular Fleshlight user.

It’s significantly cheaper than a standard Fleshlight and practically unrecognizable if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Its compact size makes it a far more discreet option! When Fleshlight introduced this model, men around the world knew this was a next-level invention.

So, what’s so special about it?

The Fleshskins Blue Ice Grip has four finger holes that help you or your partner (but mostly you) hold the Grip, exacting the perfect amount of pressure from each finger. The Blue Ice is universally ergonomic for all hand sizes and will fit snugly around any sized tugger. 

Here’s the next awesome bit – the Grip has both an entrance and an exit hole, which means that it doesn’t matter how long your schlong is – you can use this toy to give yourself the most satisfying orgasm you’ve ever had. The toy is pretty tight by itself, but it stretches out so it will accommodate even the girthiest man meats. Not every Fleshlight is built for literally everyone, so this is pretty special!

Design & How it Feels

As the Blue Ice Grip is extra tight, you will need plenty of lube to get the job done properly.

Or, if you’re one of those tuggers that enjoy a bit of pain, you can go in dry, but make sure to get some ointment for later. If you don’t want your dick chafing, get some water-based lube straight from the manufacturer at the Fleshlight Store!

The inner canal of the Blue Ice Grip is around five inches long at its maximum, adding a third of an inch of padding at the top for a total length of 5.35 inches.

That makes it considerably smaller than other, cylindrical Fleshlights, but that’s not this toy’s final surprise. It also comes with a drying rod and a custom case with a lid for easy storage. Anyway, enough about the package contents, let’s talk about the way this thing feels. 

Blue Ice Grip Inner Sleeve

The Blue Ice Grip’s canal starts with an inch of what look like nipples surrounding your member. Then, as you push on, you come across three horizontal ribs which are there to provide the main suction power.

Next, there are some nubs protruding directly into your thrusting direction, meaning you can regulate how much pressure you want on your penis through the finger holes.

Want more pressure of a specific kind?

Just squeeze more at the right finger hole! It’s like playing the flute!  If you wanna get this toy, I suggest you go straight to the manufacturer at Fleshlight – it’s the best and cheapest place to get it and you can get some fun accessories to go with it!

So, now that we’ve gone over what the Grip is, let’s go over how to properly clean and maintain it. 

Cleaning Process

Click here for our complete Fleshlight cleaning guide!

Cleaning this toy may be more hands-on than you’d expect but in a very positive way.

First of all, this toy partially cleans itself every time you thrust through it, as it pushes lube and hair and whatnot out the exit hole. This means that some of the stuff you need to clean will always be on the outside.

Anyway, the Grip is pretty small and some running water from both holes ought to clean up everything. If it doesn’t, stick a finger in there, run some more water through it and when it’s clean, put it on the handy drying case that comes with it.

You also may want to use some Fleshlight Renewing Powder or FleshWash to protect and extend the life of your toy. 

Overall Ratings

Now let’s take a moment to grade this Fleshlight on five different scales to ensure maximum truthfulness for our readers.


It’s way too tight to resemble a real pussy, but it’s not too tight to resemble a real ass! So, if you’re a fan of the backdoor entrance, this will feel good – with an added bonus – if you have a partner to do the tuggin’ for you and you’re thrusting out the exit hole of the toy, you have the option for oral as well! It’s something that very few other toys offer and if that doesn’t add realism, I don’t know what does. 4/5.


Anywhere from 3/5 to 5/5, at your leisure. If you want it tighter, just squeeze the right fingers!


5/5. This toy will make short work of your boner. 

Ease of Use

Again, a 5/5 simply because this toy is very easy to clean, comes with its own accessories, and while it comes with an instruction manual, you really don’t need it. Position your man meat and shove it in with plenty of lube, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out!


Another 5/5 for the Blue Ice Grip. No further explanation necessary. 


At only $39.95 this is one of the cheapest products available from Fleshlight. For that reason, in terms of price, it gets a 5/5

Overall Rating:

The Fleshskins Blue Ice Grip gets an overall rating of 4.5/5

The product is thoroughly satisfying, very reasonably priced and super convenient to use. What else can you ask for in a Fleshlight?

Final Thoughts/Where to Buy

male masturbation toy

If you don’t want other people to recognize your sex toy, or you want to travel without being given dirty looks by airport security, or you just like an extra tight grip – the Fleshskins Blue Ice Grip is definitely for you.

Happy tuggin’!

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