Ok, Tuggers, I don’t know about you but one of my wildest fantasies has always revolved around an extremely naughty girl.

You know the type: leathers, tattoos, a smoking hot body and a bad attitude that can only be fixed with a healthy dose of vitamin D…

So you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on the Christy Mack’s Fleshlights and had the opportunity to try them out for myself. 

One of the hottest porn stars in the industry had just been hand-delivered to my door, let me tell you all about my time with Christy Mack.

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Why Choose Christy Mack?

Christy stands at just above 5ft, with big blue eyes and a disarming smile.  She’s easy on the eyes and has a sweet and innocent charm about her that makes you feel comfortable, but don’t be fooled. 

In a nutshell, she’s the girl your mother warned you about…

She’s covered in tattoos, with a wild hairstyle and an insatiable appetite for sex. Christy has earned the nicknames: “tattooed porn goddess” and a “queen of the adult industry”. 

Initially starting off as a tattoo model, Christy started filming scenes in 2012 and quickly took the industry by storm. 

With numerous awards under her belt, including the AVN’s coveted “Most Promising New Starlet” award, Christy has forged a very unique niche for herself and has amassed a loyal fan-base in the process. 

Christy Mack’s Fleshlights

With such a loyal fan base, eager to experience Christy on a more personal level, it made perfect sense that she quickly became a Fleshlight girl, getting two of her very own sex orifices.

Attack – Her vaginal sleeve, aimed at recreating an experience as wild as Christy, gives you the perfect opportunity to act out your bad girl fantasies with an exact replica of Christy’s gorgeous pussy lips. 

Booty – Her anal sleeve promises you entrance into Ms. Mack’s famous backdoor, where you can enjoy all the diverse wonders of her booty sensation. 

The Attack – Vaginal Sleeve

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The Attack sleeve has three distinct chambers that perfectly capture Christy’s versatile and wild personality. 

Chamber 1

This first chamber is only 1-inch long but jam-packed with pleasure. It consists of two rings full of angled bumps aimed towards the middle of the chamber, you get a nice feeling of pressure the moment you pass through Christy’s lips and suction feeling as you push through the different pleasure nodes.

Chamber 2

This chamber is almost 4 inches long and is full of ridges, bumps, and twists. 

With three rows of spiraled bumps stretching the length of this chamber, you get an amazing wrapping feeling around the penis which feels so sweet. 

Each row is slightly different with the shapes and sizes of the bumps constantly fluctuating. The rows twist around themselves which further increases stimulation and builds up the pressure inside the sleeve. 

Chamber 3

Starting at 5.5 inches, there are three oval sub-chambers here just like in the lotus node. 

Full of cross ribs, rings, and an intensified pressure build-up, if you make it here, you won’t last long as every stroke you take is designed to finish you off.

The Booty – Anal Sleeve

Click here for more info on Christy’s “Booty” sleeve

A classic anal sleeve with straightforward repeating structures, the Booty sleeve consists of 6 repeating chambers that create a wave-like widening and tightening sensation as you move through the texture. 

Each chamber is separated by a small transitional section and this repeats for the length of the sleeve. 


The chambers are 1-inch long each and contain 4 big bumps which are 0.6 inches long and 0.4 inches wide. The edges are rounded to create an elliptical shape and each nub sticks out a little bit from the wall. This structure is repeated throughout the sleeve. 


The transitions are approximately 0.8 inches long and include another 4 protruding bumps, although this time, they’re smaller than those found in the chambers. 

The chambers and the transitions designs are very similar, but the magic is in their simplistic design. 

As you move through the Booty sleeve the different sections work together to give a very tight and intense penetration feeling. Their design and the protruding bumps cause a hyper-stimulating effect and although the design is fairly straightforward, it works perfectly to get you off. 

However, it is worth noting that for a design like this, cleaning is super important as you don’t want anything to be left behind after use. As always, we recommend buying all your Fleshlight maintenance products straight from the manufacturer.

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Is It Tug Worthy?

Christy Mack is the stuff of dreams, and her Fleshlights certainly do her justice.  

Both sleeves feel amazing and have their own unique twist. 

The Booty sleeve is simply designed but they know what they’re doing, it may be simple, but it did not lack in the stimulation department. Each and every thrust felt great and the widening and tightening feeling around the shaft gets me every time. 

The design of the Attack sleeve is a breath of fresh air and unlike some other Fleshlights, it doesn’t require you to be 9 inches long to enjoy it all. The main section covers everyone and if you’re just a little more than average then you’ll be able to enjoy the final chamber which is good news for Tugbro’s everywhere. 

To enhance the experience, I watched some of Christy Mack’s scenes and honestly, there’s no better way to experience her Fleshlight than having her act out your fantasies while you tug.

It’s a solid yes from me, the Christy Mack Fleshlights are 100% TugBro approved. 

Where To Buy It & Final Thoughts

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