“How do I improve the taste of my jizz?”

Hey there semen connoisseur,

Let’s assume you mean to make semen taste better for someone else, if you’re just after a snack for yourself, you can probably find something tastier in the refrigerator.

Semen has been described as tasting acidic, salty, bitter, and even like bleach! … And when was the last time someone said ‘Hey, I’ll have another shot of bleach thanks bar keep. And this time make it a double!’

To improve the taste for your significant other (how thoughtful of you), there are a number of things that you can do to alter the taste for a more pleasant end result.

Fortunately many report that manipulating the taste can be as simple as reducing or increasing certain foods in your diet. A lot of these things are not only good for improving the taste of your jizz, but are also healthy choices in general.

Firstly, you want to make sure you’re well hydrated and drink plenty of water, concentrated body fluids aren’t really going to help. Coffee and alcohol are also linked to a more bitter taste and dairy is said to increase saltiness. Maybe skip the Irish coffee when it counts.

It’s said that vegetarians have better tasting splooge – I say ‘It’s said’, because who the hell could stand hanging out with a vegetarian long enough to find out? – and this is suspected to be as a result of the elimination of red meat which is apparently a major culprit in funky tasting ejaculate.
No need to become a vegetarian for this purpose (or any other) though, but if you’re the kind of alpha male who eats BBQ for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you might want to ease off a tad. Bear in mind that foods such as asparagus, garlic and onions while healthy, may negatively impact taste aswell.

Along with a reduction of the above, the main idea to improve taste is to increase the sweetness. Making jizz sweeter is said to be achieved by increasing your intake of fruits and their juices, such as apple, berries, plums, with pineapple most often mentioned.

Seems pretty simple, right? – eating healthy foods with an emphasis on sweet fruits while cutting out the ‘junk’ food might go a long way to making your semen taste much better.

Want to improve your juice? Drink more juice
Want someone on your junk? Cut out the junk

More Tug Bro rules to live by! As a bonus, if you suddenly find yourself lost in the jungle for a few days, you’ve got a sweet tasting snack at the tip of your … well, you get the drift.